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Was it really Shen Xigou?

Seeing the figure that seemed to be familiar, Fu Yuanzhou tried his best to see more clearly, but now it was dark and under the street lights, those few people just flashed by and entered the venue, such that he didn’t have time to confirm the identity of the opponent.

But if it was Shen Xigou, why did he come here, did he come to see him? But Shen Xigou probably didn’t know that he would come to watch the game, and if he really wanted to see him, he just had to wait at the school gate, but Shen Xigou had never done anything like this, that is, he went to the school to look for him at first but after that he never came again.

“What’s wrong?” Xie Lin asked Fu Yuanzhou when he saw the doubt on his face.

“It’s nothing.”

Fu Yuanzhou shook his head. At this time, the entrance opened, and the audience entered the venue one after another. The two of them also entered with the other students.

The venue was very large, the stage was surrounded by three layers of seating, and on the other side was a huge screen. In order to allow the audience to see the screen clearly during the game, the lighting of the venue was generally dim, and colorful and brilliant lights were being projected. The majestic theme song of the game reverberated in the air, warming up the atmosphere in advance.

This year, this new game was very popular, and the company had done a lot of publicity for the finals in advance. There were many spectators who came to watch the game, and the seats were almost full. Of course, the positions of Fu Yuanzhou and his party were very good, since Yuan Ye had reserved it for them in advance.

Fu Yuanzhou found his place, with Xie Lin on his left. After sitting down, he couldn’t help but think of the person he saw just now, could that be Shen Xigou? Would they meet in the arena?

His mood was contradictory, wishing it was not Shen Xigou, but also wishing it was him. He wanted to avoid meeting Shen Xigou, but if that person was Shen Xigou, it would prove that the current state of Shen Xigou was not bad, at least he was in the mood to watch the game instead of doing some self-harm.

But those few people should not be ordinary spectators, they had entered the venue in advance…

Thinking like this, Fu Yuanzhou looked around subconsciously, but he didn’t know what he was looking for, so it was impossible to find that person.

He did not find the person who was suspected to be Shen Xigou but found another audience member who made him feel surprised.

It was a handsome middle-aged man who was sitting not far from them. His face was stern and unsmiling. Even though the audience around him was screaming wildly, he did not seem to be affected in any way. He looked out of place and thus attracted the attention of others.

He was Yuan Ye’s father!

Fu Yuanzhou recognized the other party at once. When he was chatting with the man before, he mentioned today’s final, but the man didn’t say anything at that time. He didn’t expect him to come to watch the game.

His mood, which was still a little low just now, suddenly became brighter, and he wondered if Yuan Ye knew about this. When the game was about to start, the host finally stepped on the platform, and the finals finally kicked off.

The commentator and the members of the two teams also boarded the platform. The host began to introduce them one by one. The first to be introduced were the captains of both sides. When the spotlight hit Yuan Ye, the audience began to scream and shout, frantically bursting out in applause with enthusiasm.

Yuan Ye waved his hand to the audience under the stage. He was tall and handsome, and his level was also top-notch. He had a funny personality and liked to laugh. Naturally, he had the most fans and was most liked by other audiences.

Fu Yuanzhou kept clapping his hands. He had always thought that Yuan Ye was suitable for displaying such radiance. He still remembered Yuan Ye’s sad departure in his previous life. At this moment, he once again saw Yuan Ye standing on the field of the finals and felt excited and moved.

Now Yuan Ye’s father had come to watch the game, which was a very gratifying change. There was another thing, that was, Yuan Ye’s hand won’t be hurt anymore. In his previous life, Yuan Ye never said why he was injured. This time he must stop this tragedy.

After introducing the captains of the two teams, the spotlight hit the two vice-captains. The vice-captain on Yuan Ye’s side, Fu Yuanzhou still remembered that he was Yuan Ye’s partner for several years, his real name was Qian Ziheng, and the three of them had even eaten a meal together.

Fu Yuanzhou played the game by himself, and also followed the events. Qian Ziheng’s level was not among the top players, but he entered the first-class Starlight Club. He joined together with Yuan Ye at the beginning.

According to Fu Yuanzhou’s understanding, it was very difficult to get in at Qian Ziheng’s level, but it was only after Yuan Ye’s strong recommendation that he got this opportunity. Later, Qian Ziheng became prosperous in the club, but Yuan Ye had to go abroad because of a hand injury.

The camera was aimed at Qian Ziheng. On the big screen, he smiled very gently, giving people the feeling of a spring breeze, but when the spotlight moved to the next team member, Qian Ziheng’s smile disappeared quickly, his expression was even a little gloomy, as he glanced towards Yuan Ye lightly.

Fu Yuanzhou was in a good position, very close to the platform. Even if the light was dim, he could see the expression on Qian Ziheng’s face, and immediately frowned.

He felt that Qian Ziheng had bad feelings towards Yuan Ye, probably because the applause he received was far less enthusiastic than Yuan Ye’s. It was no wonder since he was not skilled enough, and he was still playing an auxiliary profession. Naturally, his popularity was far from Yuan Ye’s.

Qian Ziheng looked at Yuan Ye expressionlessly, but when Yuan Ye spoke to him, he immediately changed his expression and raised a smile.

His expression changed so quickly that only Fu Yuanzhou might have noticed it. The more he acted like this, the more he gave Fu Yuanzhou a very bad feeling.

He remembered that he had dinner with Qian Ziheng in his previous life. At that time, he didn’t like this person very much. He felt that he was absent-minded throughout the whole process, but when the club manager called, Qian Ziheng immediately answered in good spirits, sounding quite enthusiastic.

Yuan Ye didn’t care, but Fu Yuanzhou kept it in his heart. Now that he saw Qian Ziheng’s familiar two-faced style, he felt even more disgusted.

He obviously received such a great favor. If it weren’t for Yuan Ye, how could he have reached the finals and signed a contract with the Starlight Club in the future, but Qian Ziheng not only did not know how to be grateful, he was even jealous of Yuan Ye…


His heart jumped in his chest, he suddenly thought about how Yuan Ye had always kept silent about his hand injury, then Qian Ziheng’s attitude towards Yuan Ye became more and more frightening in his mind, and he had a terrible conjecture.

Fu Yuanzhou knew that Yuan Ye attached great importance to friendship but did not have many friends. He was very protective of his friends. Even if Fu Yuanzhou in his previous life became more and more absurd, Yuan Ye never despised him.

Yuan Ye also took good care of this partner. Originally, the Starlight Club only wanted to sign him. Qian Ziheng was the kind of person who they could take or leave, it didn’t matter. But they accepted Qian Ziheng for his own sake.

Could it be that this Qian Ziheng…

Fu Yuanzhou felt a chill in his heart, and then looked at Qian Ziheng on the stage, obviously with a peaceful and gentle appearance, but now he seemed to have a sinister temperament no matter how he looked at him.

He couldn’t sit still, excusing himself to go to the bathroom, he left his seat temporarily and went outside, then he used his mobile phone to search for Qian Ziheng’s real name and his pseudonym, and was even more shocked after seeing what he found.

In his last life, he also searched for Qian Ziheng’s name, but at that time Qian Ziheng was already the vice-captain of the team, and a lot of things about him were deleted. At this moment, he was still a freshman, and he was also a high school student according to his age. What? Before he could move his hands and feet, Fu Yuanzhou found all kinds of clues.

Qian Ziheng’s school forum broke out that he stepped on two boats and said that he owed people money and did not pay it back. There were many big and small things. Although it was not very serious, his character was still quite evident.

Fu Yuanzhou continued his search following the social media account exposed in the post, and found Qian Ziheng’s trumpet along the way, and saw many blog posts where he vented his emotions.

“It’s him again, fuck, why is it always him? Where am I worse than him?”

“I lost the game today. There was a problem with the tactics he arranged. And I had to comfort him? How did they accuse me last time of my game, did they forget? Damn, a bunch of idiots!”

There were many blog posts like this. Fu Yuanzhou frowned. Of course, he could see that the person Qian Ziheng was scolding was Yuan Ye. The blogging date could be traced back to two years ago. It turned out that Qian Ziheng became dissatisfied with Yuan Ye since then. His hatred showed a tendency of having become become stronger and stronger over time.

This man was dangerous!

Fu Yuanzhou’s heart was full of alarm bells. The reason why Yuan Ye’s hand was injured was probably closely related to Qian Ziheng, but because of his partner’s affection, Yuan Ye was unwilling to pursue it. He carried everything by himself and silently went abroad to get his injuries treated, but Qian Ziheng came to power by his own means. On various occasions after that, Qian Ziheng never mentioned Yuan Ye, even when he mentioned the current team, he never said a word about Yuan Ye, and he also never saw him interact with Yuan Ye on any social platform. There had been exchanges, and so had Yuan Ye. Qian Ziheng had never mentioned going to a foreign country in the past few years.

All the signs matched, if it was the truth… Fu Yuanzhou trembled with anger, but he was not fully sure, Qian Ziheng was disgusting, an ungrateful white-eyed wolf, but the nature of this matter was extremely bad, maybe he didn’t have the guts to do such a thing.

In any case, knowing that Qian Ziheng was this kind of garbage, Fu Yuanzhou definitely didn’t want Yuan Ye to stay in the same team as him. Even if Qian Ziheng didn’t dare to do it but his character was so bad, he would be hunted for revenge sooner or later. Then Yuan Ye would inevitably be implicated.

Fu Yuanzhou kept everything he found and planned to show it to Yuan Ye after the game. No matter what, he had to stop Qian Ziheng from joining the Starlight Club. Even if Yuan Ye’s hand injury had nothing to do with him, he couldn’t leave such a scourge behind.

He saved the screenshots and links one by one. Suddenly, his phone vibrated a few times. It was a message sent by Xie Lin asking why he hadn’t gone back.

He had been out for a long time, and the finals had already started. Fu Yuanzhou hurriedly replied to him and went back. He walked inside, but when he turned a corner, he saw a figure, paused for a moment, and then hid so that the other party could not see him.

It was Shen Xigou.

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