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Xiao Zhuo suddenly received a message from Qin Yize in the middle of the night: “Send me a few of those yellow pieces that you treasure.” Xiao Zhuo, who was drinking milk and preparing to sleep, sprayed milk all over the table in one breath. He took a tissue and wiped his mouth, and then sent a message back to Qin Yize: “Do you know the meaning of the word yellow?”

Qin Yize nodded: “Yes.”

Xiao Zhuo was very curious: “I gave them to you before, but you said you were not interested in watching it, why do you suddenly want to watch it now?”

Qin Yize said, “I’m bored.”

Xiao Zhuo smiled lightly, turned on his light brain and sent Qin Yize a few videos, with a sentence: “Okay. Study.”

It was already more than one o’clock in the morning when he received the email, and Luo Ning was still sleeping soundly in his arms.

Qin Yize wrapped his arms around Luo Ning’s waist and held him gently in his arms, but he couldn’t help thinking, if one day he could really mark Luo Ning, how would it feel? Would it feel like going to heaven, as the teacher in the physiology class had said?

Thinking about it, his body couldn’t help but react.

Qin Yize immediately moved his lower body away by a few centimeters stiffly, lest he would be noticed by Luo Ning.


This sleep was very restless. The next morning, Qin Yize was woken up by the alarm clock at 7 o’clock on time. When he got up to wash his face, he found a small tooth mark on his neck. It was obviously Luo Ning’s masterpiece.

The strange thing was that Qin Yize’s heart not only did not have the initial shock and disgust, but was rather light, as sweet as if he had eaten honey.

Reaching out and touching the traces left by Luo Ning, Qin Yize’s cheeks couldn’t help but get hot.

This guy, he couldn’t sleep well without taking a bite, right? It seemed that Luo Ning’s stinky sleeping habits were really difficult to correct. Fortunately, he hugged him to sleep, if it was anyone else, they would definitely not be able to tolerate his bad habits.

Qin Yize didn’t intend to care about this tooth mark, and simply kept it. Anyway, for today’s scenes he had to wear military uniforms, and high-necked shirts could cover all traces.

Luo Ning also woke up at this time, he rubbed his eyes in a daze, looked up to see the red marks on Qin Yize’s neck, and immediately apologized sincerely: “I’m sorry, I bit you again last night, didn’t I?”

Qin Yize looked away uncomfortably and said, “It’s alright, let’s have breakfast after you wash your face.”

There was a sound of the door opening, it was his manager Li Xin who had brought in the breakfast. The crew’s breakfast was served uniformly, but the variety was very rich. Li Xin took milk and sugar-free bread according to Qin Yize’s taste and brought Luo Ning some desserts and fried eggs.

This nagging agent was actually very gentle, and he took care of Qin Yize like a brother. Luo Ning also respected him very much and said with a smile: “Thank you Li-ge for bringing me breakfast, I would have had to go downstairs to get it myself later.”

Li Xin smiled and waved his hand: “You’re welcome, take it as you please. Hurry up then we can go to the studio together.”

After he left, Luo Ning smiled and said, “You and Li-ge have a good relationship.”

Qin Yize immediately explained: “Don’t think too much, Li Xin was my university senior, and has been following me since my debut. He is a Beta, from an average family background, but has a very good personality. Although he is a bit long-winded, he thinks of everything for me, and our relationship is more like brothers.”

Luo Ning said: “I know, you don’t need to explain.”

Qin Yize wondered: “How did you know?”

Luo Ning said seriously: “After I met you at the premiere, I admired your acting very much, so I asked Cang Luan to check your detailed information, except your family background that I couldn’t find online, I know everything. For example, Li Xin was your senior at the university, and Xiao Zhuo was your classmate. At the beginning, you and Xiao Zhuo were both under the banner of Xingyao Media, and his agent was also Li Xin.”

Luo Ning paused, took a sip of milk, and then said, “Then you and Xiao Zhuo sued Xingyao Media in court because of contract issues. After the termination of the contract, you each set up your own artist studio, and the two of you became more and more popular. You both have now become the most expensive male stars in the entertainment industry. Although you two seem to be competing on the surface, your relationship should be very good. At the awards ceremony last year, both of you were nominated for Best Actor at the same time. And when you won, you went to hug him.” Having said this, Luo Ning couldn’t help but curl his eyes and smile slightly, saying, “Am I right?”

Qin Yize stared at Luo Ning in a daze. When His Highness the Second Prince, who went by the pseudonym “Lin Xiaoluo”, didn’t know anything about him, he checked his background thoroughly. He thought that Luo Ning didn’t pay attention to his past, but as a result, Luo Ning knew everything in his heart like a mirror.

His royal uncle Xi Wei was the best director in the entertainment industry today, and his Omega father Ling Yuan was the only owner of a double S-class combat armor in the entire empire… Omegas in his family were more powerful than the others, and since he had grown up in such an environment, how could Luo Ning be a pure and kind little white rabbit?

Qin Yize suddenly realized that perhaps he subconsciously thought of Luo Ning too simply.

Luo Ning found that Qin Yize was in a daze, so he smiled and asked: “Why are you so fascinated? Could it be that you’re angry that I investigated you privately?”

Qin Yize came back to his senses and calmly said: “It’s nothing, you can check it as you like. Anyway, I have been upright since my debut.”

Luo Ning explained: “I had no malicious intentions. I was really your fan at the beginning, so I really wanted to know more about your past. I have always been curious, such a good person with good acting skills, how did you get to this day step by step? After checking, I found that your process of becoming famous was really quite inspiring.”

Qin Yize’s face sank, and he said, “It’s all in the past, and it was thanks to Li Xin these past few years.”

Luo Ning asked casually, “Since you and Xiao Zhuo are best friends, have you told him about our marriage?”

Qin Yize felt a little guilty: “No.” After all, it was agreed that the marriage was an agreement. If Xiao Zhuo knew about it, he would definitely laugh at Qin Yize every day for falling into the pit of marriage. Xiao Zhuo was a millionaire. An unmarried person who lived in the flowers but still left his body untouched.

Luo Ning smiled and didn’t ask any more questions. After eating, he also took the initiative to remind him: “Yize, put on a high-necked shirt in advance, and don’t let outsiders see the teeth marks on your neck, so as not to be misunderstood.”

Qin Yize’s ears were hot, and he turned around immediately to change clothes.

But Li Xin clearly noticed that compared to the serious and cold days when he first joined the group, Qin Yize’s face was full of spring breeze today, and he was in a good mood at first glance. He always insisted that he didn’t like Luo Ning, but no, when Luo Ning came, his whole person became warmer.

The next few days would still be the scenes between Qin Yize and Lin Su. Since the most difficult kiss scene had already been filmed with angles, there were not many intimate actions in other daily plots, furthermore since Qin Yize’s mood was very good and Lin Su also cooperated very well, so the filming of each scene went very smoothly.

What made Qin Yize feel both sweet and distressed was that every night, Luo Ning would sleep in his arms.

Xiao Zhuo sent him all the yellow films that he had collected over many years, and Qin Yize watched two of them at random. The result was that every time Luo Ning rubbed into his arms, he couldn’t help but think wildly, and his body reacted extremely strongly. It was only at this time that he clearly realized that he was a young man with strong blood and energy, and he actually also had physical needs.

But Luo Ning was the second prince and had a distinguished status, so Qin Yize could not easily mark Luo Ning. What’s more, Luo Ning was his beloved. He respected Luo Ning’s thoughts and feelings very much. He hoped that they unite in body and mind only when Luo Ning started liking him and the two were in harmony.

Therefore, Qin Yize was forcibly enduring every night, and he had almost become a ninja magic.

In the middle of March, Luo Ning’s new drama “Digital Code” would soon have its final auditions.

That night, the young director named Yu Cheng called again and said with a smile, “Xiao Luo, tomorrow morning at nine o’clock sharp, all the actors will be auditioning in the conference center on the thirty-third floor of the Capital Xing Dihua Hotel. You remember to come and see in person!”

Luo Ning immediately agreed with a smile: “Of course, Director Yu, don’t worry, I have set up a memo in advance, and I will return to the capital tonight.”

When Qin Yize heard this, he suddenly felt a little bit reluctant in his heart.

It’s only been a few days since he had come to the crew and now he was leaving?

After Luo Ning hung up the phone, Qin Yize pretended to be calm and asked: “Are you leaving tonight?”

Luo Ning nodded: “Well, if I leave in the early morning, I can directly ask Cang Luan to take me back, so as not to be noticed.”

Qin Yize gave a faint “Oh”, and after a while, pretended to be very calm and asked: “Are you still coming back?”

Luo Ning smiled and looked at him: “Do you want me to come back?”

Qin Yize felt awkward. He turned his head and said, “That’s your business. You can come back if you want. It doesn’t matter to me if you don’t want to.”

Luo Ning joked: “Then I won’t come back.”

Qin Yize: “…”

Wait a minute, that’s not what he meant! He was clearly looking forward to Luo Ning’s return as soon as possible.

Seeing Qin Yize’s stiff expression, Luo Ning held back a smile and said, “Just kidding. Our actor interviews are divided into audition and re-examination. The audition is checked by the director, and it is over. There are hundreds of people, so it will take at least three days to audition separately. I will be back in three days.”

Qin Yize raised his eyebrows: “The investment in your play is not high, but there are so many actors coming to audition?”

Luo Ning sighed softly and said, “The entertainment industry has deep waters. Of course, a popular star like you will receive countless good scripts at your door for you to choose from. But there are also a large number of actors who need to take the initiative to find opportunities, and they also need to support themselves, you can’t make money if you don’t film, so even if we only invest a few million in a small crew, there are still a lot of unknown actors who are rushing to compete for roles.”

“You are quite aware of the situation at the bottom of the entertainment industry.” Qin Yize touched his nose in a complicated mood, and said, “When Xiao Zhuo and I first debuted, Li Xin also took us to various production crews to audition, but at that time, I didn’t consider the issue of remuneration at all, and I played whatever role I could get. After all, there were only a few people who became instant hits, and most of the actors came up this way.”

Luo Ning nodded seriously: “So I value this audition very much, maybe I can become Bo Le[1] and discover one or two future movie stars and actresses.”

Seeing that he was in such a good mood, Qin Yize didn’t want to attack him, so he encouraged him: “Then I wish you a good actor who suits your heart.” After a pause, he warned again, “Also, come back early after the audition, don’t let… your uncle worry.”

Luo Ning smiled: “Oh, I see!”

In the early morning hours the next day, Luo Ning drove Cang Luan away from the Lyra star.

Qin Yize couldn’t sleep alone, and always felt that his arms were empty. In the end, Qin Yize couldn’t bear it any longer, so he took a pillow in his arms and fell asleep with a frown on his face.

It was strange to say earlier Luo Ning liked to use him as a pillow, but now he was also infected – could he not fall asleep without holding something in his arms?

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[1] In China today, a Bo Le has come to be associated with an individual who recognizes special talent in people and provides opportunities for them to excel.

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