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When Luo Ning followed Qin Yize back to the hotel, he couldn’t help but sigh, the rich crew was surely willful, the bedroom of the luxury suite was no worse than that in their villa. He walked around the suite with a smile, like performing a “leader’s inspection”, and then commented: “This suite is really good, the crew attaches great importance to Yize.”

Li Xin followed behind him diligently and explained: “Our Yize’s worth is there, so the food and lodging will definitely not be bad. However, Yize himself is actually very humble and doesn’t play big names at all. This time, because the entire crew is relatively rich, the treatment of the actors is better than before.”

Luo Ning nodded understandingly and asked with a smile, “Brother Li, which is your bedroom? Let the hotel add a bed and I’ll stay with you.

“Your Highness, don’t make fun of me, won’t you be living with Yize?”

Luo Ning smiled innocently and said, “It was Yize who asked me to live with you.”

Qin Yize: “…”

Seeing this guy’s face as if nothing had happened, Qin Yize’s temple suddenly burst into pain, and he immediately said with a sullen face: “That’s just an external statement, of course you’ll live with me.”

Luo Ning wondered: “Why do you want me to live with you?”

Qin Yize frowned and said: “After all, we are married by agreement. If uncle finds out that you and my manager are sleeping in the same room, what will he think?”

Luo Ning said: “If you don’t say it, I won’t say it. And if Brother Li doesn’t tell, how could my uncle know?”

Qin Yize frowned even more: “You should sleep in my room, Li Xin sleeps very lightly and is not used to someone next to him, you will disturb him.”

Li Xin: “…” I sleep like a dead pig that can’t even be woken up from thunder. Thank you.

Luo Ning stroked his chin thoughtfully, looked up at Qin Yize’s eyes, and asked seriously, “So, you offered to let me live with you today, did you do it to deliberately show to my uncle?”

Qin Yize looked away uncomfortably, and said: “After all, you have no place to live, if I sit back and ignore it, your uncle will definitely have a bad impression of me, and if he reports to His majesty, maybe he will call me back and lecture me.”

Luo Ning nodded: “Yes.”

Li Xin heard Qin Yize say a lot of nonsense, helplessly sighed in his heart, and said, “You guys rest early, I’ll go to work first.”

Saying this he left with oil smeared on the soles of his feet[1].

Qin Yize took Luo Ning to his bedroom and said, “Leave the luggage here, I’ll take a shower first.”

Luo Ning smiled, “Didn’t you shower in the afternoon?”

He realized that he was talking about that scene. Thinking of the shower scene, Qin Yize’s ears started to get hot again, and he said with a sullen face, “That’s acting, not really washing!”

Luo Ning smiled and said, “That scene really opened my eyes, I didn’t expect you to be so well-built. Well, do you usually work out?”

Qin Yi said calmly: “Occasionally.”

Luo Ning gave a thumbs up in admiration: “You look so handsome and have a good figure, my vision is really right.”

Qin Yize was stunned: “What?”

Luo Ning smiled and said: “It’s nothing, I mean, although we have a fake marriage, your appearance is very pleasing to the eye.”

Qin Yize was silent for a moment, feeling a little embarrassed. He looked away and asked calmly, “Do you really think I’m handsome?”

Luo Ning didn’t hesitate: “Of course, isn’t your handsomeness recognized by the entire entertainment industry?”

Qin Yize said seriously: ” I mean you, do you think my appearance is very handsome?”

Luo Ning thought for a while, and said, “Well, from a full score of 10, you can score 9.5.”

Although Qin Yize didn’t value appearances very much, but Luo Ning felt that this skin bag given by his parents was very handsome, so he was suddenly very happy. That kind of joy was like getting his favorite candy when he was a child, and it was sweet.

Qin Yize, who was feeling very sweet in his heart, had a softer expression on his face, then he coughed lightly, and explained, “By the way, the kiss scene in the afternoon… was filmed with angles. I didn’t kiss her, your uncle told you. Didn’t he?”

Luo Ning nodded: “Well, but you turned your back to me, I didn’t see it clearly, how exactly did you take the shot?”

Qin Yize’s heartbeat was ridiculously fast, but he pretended to be calm on the surface: “I think I’ll have to show you, do you want to try it? I’ll show you a demonstration.”

Luo Ning’s eyes brightened with excitement: “Okay!”

Qin Yize: “…”

Why was he so excited?!

Seeing his eyes showing an anticipating look, Qin Yize had to bite the bullet and approach him.

The distance between the lips of the two was less than five centimeters, then Qin Yize stopped, changed the angle, and made a gesture of kissing him.

Luo Ning stood there quietly, keeping his eyes on Qin Yize.

Qin Yize felt guilty under his gaze, so he had to take a step back and then say: “It’s almost like this, if you look at the angle from the side, it will seem as if I’m kissing you, but I didn’t actually touch you. This is just a way of taking advantage of the position, there is another way, that is the male protagonist puts his hand between the two people’s mouths, and then kiss the back of his own hand.”

Luo Ning smiled and said: “Oh, I understand, is that so?”

He lightly covered Qin Yize’s lips, and then kissed him firmly.

He was also very good at drawing inferences from others and applying what he had learned!

Qin Yize’s whole heart was about to stop beating, this guy was really sultry, he almost couldn’t control himself from hugging Luo Ning and kissing him back fiercely.

However, after meeting Luo Ning’s smiling eyes, Qin Yize immediately came to his senses – Luo Ning was just curious to learn how to shoot a kiss scene, and he just kissed the back of his hand, but his heart was beating like a drum, it was crazy!

Thinking of this, Qin Yize was a little angry thinking that he was useless, so he immediately dropped a sentence: “You can think about it slowly, I’ll go take a shower.”

Then he turned around and went to the bathroom.

When the cold water rushed down, Qin Yize finally regained his composure. God knows, the moment Luo Ning stood on tiptoe and tried to kiss him, he was a little nervous and expectant. In the end, this guy only kissed the back of his hand! Really annoying.


After a whole day of filming, Qin Yize was not tired, but Luo Ning, who had been watching the shooting, felt tired, so he took a shower and fell asleep at ten o’clock in the evening. He consciously only took up half of the bed, moved his body to the edge of the bed, turned back to Qin Yize with a slight smile, and said, “I’ll try not to disturb you.”

Qin Yi glanced at him and said lightly: “How many times have you apologized before? If you haven’t changed your mind, you just say it nicely. Don’t fall asleep tonight and bite two teeth marks on my neck, or I won’t be able to film tomorrow.”

Luo Ning blinked: “Don’t you wear military uniforms these days? Who can see under such a high collar!”

Qin Yize frowned: “So, you mean to keep biting me?”

Luo Ning waved his hand: “Of course I will try to control it. However, I don’t know what I would do after I fell asleep. It is said that when I was very young, I slept with the Emperor[2] in a crib and kicked him directly, the Emperor fell, his nose turned blue and his face was swollen, and his cry alarmed the entire palace.”

Qin Yize: “…”

Then you are also very powerful.

Hearing him talk about his childhood, the corners of Qin Yize’s lips couldn’t help but lift slightly, but he pretended to be serious on the surface, and said, “You have to correct these bad sleeping habits in the future. I will keep an eye on it. And see that you don’t move.”

Luo Ning smiled and rolled his eyes: “Oh, then I’ll go to sleep first.”

He fell asleep quickly, closed his eyes while breathing evenly, with a smile on the corner of his mouth, as if he was in a good mood.

It was strange that Qin Yize was not used to him sleeping next to him at first and felt a little disgusted in his heart. But now? He wished he could sleep next to him every night. When he thought that he would be arranged to live with others, he felt uncomfortable and found a bad reason for him to come and live with him.

If you look closely, Luo Ning was really good-looking. His facial features were not as angular and tough as Qin Yize’s, but instead they were soft and handsome. When he smiled, he looked very friendly, and his demeanor was very gentle. No wonder he had only been in the crew for a day and was surrounded by a lot of girls.

Qin Yize frowned, thinking about keeping Luo Ning away from those single girls who were like wolves and tigers in the future, but the next moment, Luo Ning suddenly wrinkled his nose in dissatisfaction and turned towards Qin Yize, then he rubbed into Qin Yize’s arms accurately, stretched out his arms and hugged him.

Qin Yize: “……”

In an instant, Qin Yize’s heart almost stopped beating.

This familiar action made Qin Yize lose his resistance in an instant, his heart softened immediately, and he immediately stretched out his hand and hugged him gently.

Looking down at the guy who was using himself as a pillow, Qin Yize was silent for a long time before gently rubbing his hair, his voice was so gentle that he couldn’t believe it: “You’re usually normal, why are you so clingy when you fall asleep??”

Of course Luo Ning would not respond.

But Qin Yize raised his lips slightly and hugged him tighter.

When he realized that he liked Luo Ning in the afternoon, Qin Yize was actually very repulsed in his heart, but when Luo Ning almost kissed him, Qin Yize knew that it would be useless for him to resist – because his heart had already fallen.

When holding Luo Ning, it was as if his empty heart was completely filled with a feeling called “happiness”.

With this hug, he no longer wanted to let go, and he couldn’t tolerate the thought of other men holding Luo Ning like this.

If you can’t bear to give him to someone else, why not keep him?

Qin Yize figured this out and immediately made up his mind.

Luo Ning was already married to him. As long as he didn’t make any big mistakes and asked Luo Ning to file for a divorce, Luo Ning would stay by his side in this life. Thinking about it this way, he felt that it was very wise for him to have agreed to the marriage agreement at the beginning!

However, Luo Ning didn’t seem to have any feelings for him. How could he make Luo Ning fall in love with him?

Qin Yize, who had zero love experience, fell into deep thought again.

After a long time, Qin Yize looked down at Luo Ning.

Luo Ning was lying on his chest, breathing evenly, and seemed to be sleeping soundly.

Thinking of the kiss with angles just now, the two had been so close, but they didn’t kiss each other, he was really unwilling. Qin Yize lowered his head abruptly, and approached Luo Ning inch by inch, until the distance between the lips of the two was less than two centimeters, and he suddenly stopped.

He heard his heart beating violently, thump, thump, completely out of rhythm.

Those soft lips were close at hand, and he still clearly remembered the feeling of being kissed by Luo Ning at the wedding, and really wanted to relive it.

Anyway, Luo Ning was already asleep, so secretly kissing, it shouldn’t matter, right?

Besides, Luo Ning not only stole his first kiss, but also bit him twice, but he never did anything to Luo Ning, which was so unfair.

Just kiss it and pay it off.

Qin Yize, who had found a justifiable reason for himself, leaned forward again and touched Luo Ning’s lips accurately.


Luo Ning sighed in his sleep, a vague voice overflowed from his lips.

Qin Yize deepened the kiss, thinking his lips were really soft and sweet…

He didn’t know how long they kissed, but by the end Luo Ning’s face was slightly red due to suffocation, Qin Yize then came back to his senses and left him like he had suffered an electric shock.

His heart beat uncontrollably, his face was flushed like a boiled shrimp, and his whole body had started to heat up.

Qin Yize took a few deep breaths to stabilize his stalled heartbeat.

It was just a simple kiss, but he was so excited as if he was in a daze at the beginning of his love affair, his face was so hot that he almost burned… After all, this was the first time he had kissed someone actively, and he was also nervous since the other party was asleep. This was also inevitable.

What if he was also this nervous when he marked him in the future? Would Luo Ning dislike his poor performance?

No, let’s borrow some movies from that emotional guy Xiao Zhuo some other day.

How did an Alpha mark an Omega? He had learned these physiological knowledge in middle school, but he didn’t study it by heart at the time, so he could only make up for it now!

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[1] Very fast.

[2] This means his elder brother.

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