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Qiao Xi didn’t know how Jing Yan was injected with chicken blood outside.

In the bathroom, after applying the shower gel, he smelled the same smell in the air as Jing Yan’s body, making him feel a little embarrassed and a little excited.

…it’s almost as if the two of them had become one!

Hey, there seemed to be some colorful thoughts in his head!

After taking a bath, Qiao Xi was not as angry at Jing Yan, so he put on his bathrobe and came out.

And Jing Yan, who seemed to be lying on the bed seriously, had also put on a black bathrobe, with it left slightly open showing his chest, very deliberately.

Seeing Qiao Xi coming out, he coughed lightly and said reservedly, “Washed up so soon?”

Qiao Xi responded with a small response, while drying his hair.

Jing Yan patted his side and said calmly, “Come on, sit here.”

Qiao Xi glanced at him, moved over without saying a word, and sat down.

Qiao Xiaoxi was so fragrant! It was similar to his own smell!

Jing Yan howled in his heart.

In the days since the two had been dating, apart from sticking together when they found an opportunity, there was no closer intimacy, and kissing the face and the forehead was really their limit! In the final analysis, it was also because Jing Yan himself was a rookie, no, boy wolf, and inexperienced, every time he wanted to move further, he was bloodied by his various YY thoughts, so he had not even tried to kiss the Qiao Xiaoxi in his arms yet!

Jing Yan felt that it was very inappropriate, it seemed that he was too cowardly, and he should be a little more aggressive.

He raised his hand little by little, but just as he was about to take the first step and hug the person, and just as he had raised his hand, a… soft and fragrant Qiao Xiaoxi rolled into his arms!

Jing Yan lowered his head in surprise, and Qiao Xi had just raised his eyes, then the two looked at each other at close range.

Qiao Xi’s peach blossom eyes reflected the man’s appearance very clearly.

It was the first time that Qiao Xi had taken the initiative. He looked at Jing Yan embarrassedly and lowered his eyes, but his hands were more courageous and were hugging Jing Yan’s waist.

Jing Yan unconsciously tightened his body, took a breath, and instantly felt that his life had reached its peak!

The movie had already started, but the duo’s attention was clearly fixed on each other.

Jing Yan’s Adam’s apple rolled, and he couldn’t help raising the corner of his lips as he asked, “…Why are you so active today?”

Qiao Xi moved his lips and said quickly, “Is it bad?”

Jing Yan smiled peacefully. When he got up, he was about to say, “Of course it’s good”, but then he heard Qiao Xi whispering: “Otherwise, if we continue at the same pace as before, we will only hold hands until the Chinese New Year!”

Jing Yan: “…” It seemed that he was being questioned about taking the initiative. When, it was Qiao Xiaoxi who was so shy that he was even embarrassed to sleep in the same room with him!

Qiao Xi just wanted to find an excuse to ease his shyness, but he didn’t expect to hit his boyfriend’s fragile little heart, so just as he was feeling relieved, thinking that he could rest peacefully in Jing Yan’s arms, he was suddenly overwhelmed on the bed, and there was no time even for an exclamation!

Jing Yan pressed his hands down, supported himself above him, and boldly said, “Then, do you want to make the progress faster?”

He could not be more cowardly than Qiao Xiaoxi, he had to take the initiative to attack!

Qiao Xi stammered: “What, what?”

“Just, just…” Jing Yan took a deep breath, held it, and slowly lowered his head.

Qiao Xi’s eyes widened, and his heart began to beat wildly.

Suddenly! Want to kiss?

It was finally their first kiss after such a long time of dating!!

He swallowed, closed his eyes quickly, his cheeks were hot, and his head felt dizzy as the breaths of both sides blended together.

Jing Yan lowered his head a little bit, his lips gradually approached his, and when they were about to touch, he stopped and stared deeply at the person below him.

… He was also suddenly bold and did it without thinking, but Qiao Xiaoxi didn’t even move!

Very nice.

The little chicken looked very nervous, his brows were furrowed together, and his whole face was wrinkled, but he was calmly waiting for his kiss.

So cute, so nice.

His Qiao Xiaoxi.

Jing Yan couldn’t help but tighten his hand, clench Qiao Xi even tighter, and mutter, “Qiao Xi…”

Qiao Xi’s eyelashes trembled, he opened his eyes slightly, and was stunned when he met the man’s deep eyes.

The next second, Jing Yan let go of his hand, then he wrapped his arms around Jing Yan’s neck and raised his head, while Jing Yan stroked his cheek while kissing him deeply.

The music playing in the movie was constant and the protagonists were talking fiercely, while the rest of the house was very quiet, but not peaceful.

Qiao Xi had never imagined what it would feel like to kiss someone he liked.

It should be said that before meeting Jing Yan, he hadn’t even thought about loving someone.

But at this moment, he fully realized it.

Jing Yan was very hot and full of power.

Qiao Xi felt that he could even melt into his arms.

Everything was gentle and deep, but also hot and intense.

As their lips parted, the breath of the two staggered and they stared at each other.

“Qiao Xiaoxi,” Jing Yan’s voice had become very hoarse, “you seem to be… different from usual…”

“There is no difference,” Qiao Xi hugged the man tightly, “If you really want to say it is different, it’s just that I just like you more than I did yesterday!”

“…” Jing Yan said seriously, “Is this from a legendary love story?”

“…” Qiao Xi kicked him, blushing, “I’m serious!”

Maybe because they had just kissed, but Qiao Xi’s heart was very soft, so he held Jing Yan’s face unconsciously, and said gently: “Jing Yan, I like you, you said today that you want me to live as I want, then I just hope you can be happy every day. Whenever you feel sad, you have to think of me and everyone by your side.”

Jing Yan was stunned.

Qiao Xi hugged Jing Yan and said softly: “Whenever you want to talk to me, you can tell me anything, I will listen.”

Jing Yan was silent for a moment, and suddenly asked: “Did my brother tell you today??”

Qiao Xi was taken aback by Jing Yan’s sharpness, and then he pursed his lips and had to sacrifice the cousin: “Well…”

He was a little worried that Jing Yan would be unhappy, but the man had become silent again. After counting his breaths, he stroked his hair back, sat up, and said in a low voice, “I’m sorry, I should have told you earlier, mainly…”

“It’s okay, I don’t care about that,” Qiao Xi followed and turned over to kneel in front of Jing Yan, then he said nervously, “Cousin hopes that I can accompany you more, I, I’m just afraid that you will feel uncomfortable these two days.”

Jing Yan raised his eyes to look at him with a complicated expression.

Qiao Xi was a little nervous.

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