FESM Ch. 46.2

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After a long four-hour voyage, Benjamin finally sent Li Xin to the space station of the Capital Star. Li Xin said gratefully, “I’m really sorry for the inconvenience, General. You don’t need to send me home. I can just call a car and go myself.”

Benjamin smiled and said: “We are friends, how can I leave you behind while halfway through the way.”

Li Xin said with a bitter face: “But… aren’t you busy?”

Benjamin said: “It’s okay, everything has been arranged for the crew. Where do you live? I’ll take you to your door.”

Li Xin couldn’t push it any longer, so he had to give him an address.

After a while, Benjamin sent him to Qin Yize’s villa. He knew at a glance that this was Qin Yize’s residence. It was a three-storey luxury villa and one of the top five most expensive villas in the capital. It was not something Li Xin, a broker, could afford.

Benjamin was displeased, and asked in a low voice, “Are you living with Qin Yize?”

Li Xin said, “Well, Yize arranged a room for me in his villa.”

Benjamin frowned slightly: “You are his manager, not a nanny, so there is no need to live with him, right? Besides, he is married, do you really think it would be convenient to live with him?”

Li Xin smiled and said, “It’s okay. Yize treats me very well, and Luo Ning doesn’t have much airs. They live on the third floor, and I live on the second floor.”

Benjamin sighed lightly, put his arms around Li Xin’s shoulders, and said in a helpless tone: “Are you stupid??”

Li Xin was at a loss: “Ah?”

Benjamin leaned into his ear and whispered, “Qin Yize and Luo Ning are already married, and you also know that Omegas will have a special period when their pheromones go out of control. Sometimes, they want to mark each other, you, as a big light bulb, live downstairs, can it be convenient for them? Besides, the two are newlyweds, and at night they would do some… things that are not suitable for children. Would they still remember that you live downstairs. No way.”

Li Xin was taken aback, thinking that the general’s words were quite reasonable.

Benjamin sighed softly: “You should move out, no matter how good your relation is with Qin Yize, he is married now, and it will be really inconvenient for them if you live in their home.”

Li Xin said “Oh” and nodded: “That’s right. However, if I look for another place to live, I won’t be able to find a suitable one for a while…”

Benjamin thought for a while, and said: “My cousin has a house near this community. He went to live in Lyra, and this house has been vacant for some time. He entrusted me with the house and asked me to help rent it out. How about…I’ll  just rent it to you.”

Li Xin was stunned: “Really?”

Benjamin nodded with a smile: “Who would I lie to? I’ll take you to see it right away.”

Li Xin followed Benjamin to another nearby community, although this community was not as luxurious as the villa area where Qin Yize lived, but the environment was beautiful, the community was lined with trees and flowers, and walking through the community was like walking in a park, which made people feel good.

Benjamin swiped his card at the door of a building with the best light and entered the elevator and went up till the twenty-sixth floor before stopping.

After opening the door, Li Xin walked into the room, and saw that the room was spacious and bright, with a simple and neat decoration style. The layout had three bedrooms and two halls, one was a large bedroom, and the rest contained a study and gym. The layout of the whole apartment was very reasonable, and it was really comfortable for one person to live in.

Seeing Li Xin looking around the room, Benjamin smiled and asked: “How is it? Do you like it?”

Li Xin nodded immediately: “The house is so big! The decoration is also beautiful, but it would be too wasteful for me to live alone …”

Benjamin said: “It doesn’t matter. Anyway, this house has been vacant till now. You can live in it first. I will give you the key card.”

Li Xin hesitated: “But the rent… Did your cousin say how much rent he wanted for a month?”

The Beta man began to calculate carefully, such a big house with such beautiful decoration must be very expensive.

Benjamin smiled: “I’ll call him and ask.”

After that, he walked to the balcony, looked at the fountain downstairs outside the window, and made a call with a smile.

Cousin Iman’s excited voice soon came to his ears: “Hello? Brother? Why do you, who hasn’t called me for more than ten years, suddenly…”

Before he could finish speaking, Benjamin interrupted him lightly: “Little brother? That’s right. The house you asked me to rent out to me has a suitable tenant. He is a friend of mine. The rent should be cheaper. How about 2000? Okay, I’ll collect it for you, no problem.”

Iman: “????”

What house and what tenant? Cousin, was this a typo?

Iman’s face was full of confusion: “What are you talking about?”

Benjamin lowered his voice: “Then it’s settled, hang up, bye.”

Iman: “…”

Benjamin hung up the phone and walked up to Li Xin with a smile: “My cousin said that the rent is 2,000 yuan.”

Li Xin was flattered: “Well, isn’t that too cheap?”

Benjamin said: “It doesn’t matter, this house has been vacant for a long time, if you don’t live here, it can only continue to be vacant. We are friends, if you are too polite to me in terms of rent, it would be too alienating, wouldn’t it?”

Facing the gentle smile of the general, Li Xin felt warm and said, “Thank you, General.”

Benjamin’s eyes were gentle: “You’re welcome. You should move out from Qin Yize’s house soon. I heard that Qin Yize will be back after filming this movie. It will be very inconvenient for you to live with them husband and wife at that time.”

Li Xin nodded immediately: “The general is thoughtful, anyway, I will go to the studio tomorrow, so I might as well move my things here tonight.”

Benjamin said: “I’ll move it for you.”

Li Xin quickly waved his hand: “That’s so embarrassing!”

Benjamin said softly, “Anyway, I’m free, and I’ll return to Lyra tomorrow, so it’s just a matter of helping you.”

So, Benjamin, the major general vigorously helped Li Xin move his luggage out of Qin Yize’s.

Of course, this new residence was not some “cousin’s empty house”, but a house that Benjamin himself bought in Capital Star.

It was just right for Li Xin to live in.

Poor Li Xin didn’t even know that he moved out of Qin Yize’s house but moved into the wolf’s den.

The big bad wolf who smiled while saying “We are friends” was happily calculating how to eat up his Beta step by step.

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