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In the next second, Jing Yan asked aggrievedly: “So you were so enthusiastic today to comfort me?”

…Huh? Should this be his reaction??

“…” Qiao Xi quickly expressed his sincerity, “Of course it’s more than that!”

“But you don’t usually take the initiative.” Jing Yan continued to complain pitifully.

Qiao Xi held Jing Yan’s face and kissed him again.

And Jing Yan immediately kissed him back.

Qiao Xi originally wanted to kiss Jing Yan again to soothe his glass heart, but he didn’t expect the man to be much more intense this time than the last time, in fact he was deep and ruthless. Realizing something, he lay down obediently again, responded to Jing Yan, and kept stroking the man’s head and back, over and over again.

Jing Yan’s heart… as expected, it was still sad.

Perhaps before this, despite having so many friends around, Jing Yan still chose to spend the night alone. But from now on, he would always be by Jing Yan’s side.

Whether this man refused the comfort of others and chose to digest everything by himself because he didn’t want his sadness to infect others, he just wanted to show that he would stand here firmly wit him, forever.

Late at night.

It was raining outside, and the cold was invading from all directions.

No lights were turned on in the room, only faint light diffused in from the window, passed through the gaps in the curtains, and fell on the corner of the bed.

The man sat on the head of the bed, while the slightly thin young man lay on his side, huddled under the quilt, and nestled beside him.

Jing Yan looked out the window with a calm expression.

Another year was almost over.

After a moment, he turned his head and looked at the person who was snuggling next to him.

He leaned over, stroked the other’s cheek, and gently hugged him into his arms.

Just by simply hugging each other, the chill quickly dissipated, and the temperature returned to his body.

Qiao Xiaoxi…

It rained heavily all night, everyone woke up the next morning shivering as they walked out of the wooden house.

“It’s so cold, I feel like winter has officially come.” White Rabbit crouched under the eaves and said, looking at the gloomy sky.

There were footsteps behind him, so he turned around and asked, “How is it?”

Jiao Yue said: “Let’s call a doctor to take a look, the temperature is a bit high.”

A Xue’s eyes widened when he looked behind Jiao Yue.

He saw that the little leopard was lying on the bed, and the little black wolf was lying peacefully beside him.

When he woke up this morning, Jing Yi found that Chris had a fever and had not woken up until now.

The four-winged butterfly circled around the bed, flew over and said, “Don’t worry too much, it should be that he got a fever because of the transformation, see even his coat color has changed a bit. This guy is finally showing signs of transformation.”

Everyone laughed.

Chris had been hiding with Jing Yan for so long because he hadn’t transformed even after a long time. Now he was finally going to “grow up”. He should be happy when he woke up to know this news.

But in this way, Chris may not be able to go with them to visit Jing Yan’s mother’s grave tomorrow.

Jiao Yue didn’t have time to tell Jing Yan about this. He originally wanted to see Jing Yan, and he wanted to talk to Chris and Qiao Xi again tonight – just as he was thinking about it, Jiao Yue saw Jing Yan come over and say: “Qiao Xiaoxi is in my room, still sleeping, let him sleep a little longer, and you can wake him up when it is time to eat. I have to go to the palace, you two don’t have to follow me. Ok, I’ll be back soon.”

He glanced at the room and said strangely: “What’s wrong? Is Chris sick?”

“Well, he seems to have caught a fever, I’ll ask the doctor to come and take a look.” Jiao Yue said.

Jing Yan was surprised for a moment, and after reacting, he said: “Okay, then I’ll trouble you, this guy would surely be happy when he wakes up.”

The last half of the muttering made everyone laugh.

After a brief explanation, Jing Yan turned around to leave, and got into the flying car that had come to pick him up.

After a while, the doctor came in a hurry, checked the sleeping Chris, and then turned around and talked to the few people who were guarding the bed. Everyone smiled feeling reassured when they heard the doctor’s words.

Jiao Yue glanced at the time, it was almost noon, so he went to Jing Yan’s house with an umbrella.

He knocked on the door, but got no answer, so he opened the door and walked in.

Qiao Xi had turned into his beast form, was shrunk into a small ball, and sleeping soundly.

Jiao Yue smiled.

Putting the umbrella at the door, he walked to the bed and whispered, “Qiao Xi, wake up, it’s lunch time.”

Qiao Xi continued to sleep soundly and didn’t move.

Jiao Yue stretched out his hand to pat the chick awake, but when he touched Qiao Xi, he paused.

Afterwards, he pushed Qiao Xi’s fur away, put his hand on his skin, and was stunned—a little hot?

Qiao Xi also had a fever?

He subconsciously glanced at Qiao Xi’s hair color, and immediately shook his head to shake off the thoughts in his head. It was all because of the fact that Chris had just seen a doctor. He had forgotten that the only races that could undergo transformation now were the Leopard and Butterfly race.

It must have been because of the sudden drop in temperature, Jiao Yue thought, and sent a message to call over the doctor who was about to leave and called Jing Yan at the same time.

When Jing Yan received the call, he frowned when he heard that Qiao Xi was sick: “Fever? It was normal when I woke up in the morning, at that time he was still a humanoid… Is the temperature high? Is the doctor still around? Okay, I’m coming back soon. My work is almost over.”

After hanging up the phone, he had just turned to leave when the man sitting behind the desk stopped him: “Wait.”

His complexion was also gray and pale, and in just a few months, he seemed to have aged a lot.

Jing Yan stopped and said coldly, “Is there anything else?”

The attendant on the side lowered his head.

Every time the eldest prince came to the main hall, he would leave soon after finishing his work. The father and son hadn’t talked about anything other than business for many years, and what the wolf king wanted to say next would probably make the air pressure here even lower.

The man coughed, looked up from the document, and said slowly: “That bird prince has been with you for more than three months, but after all, the wolf clan is not his home, so isn’t it almost time to send him back.”

Jing Yan was stunned for a moment, then pulled the corner of his lips, and said coldly: “Oh? Is the bird clan pressuring you to send someone back?”

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