CREG Ch. 37: Mysterious Waiter 3

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After Shen Yu went back to work, he felt uneasy for some reason, so he brazenly skipped work again, because he was worried that that strange person would come to trouble Xu Maomao again. Before returning home, he also specially told the property owner to beware of suspicious people entering the community in the near future.

Xu Maomao was puzzled about his going and returning, but he was still very happy.

One person and one cat played together till evening, then Shen Yu made an appointment for the restaurant to deliver food – because of the “suspected poisoning” incident, the restaurant had promised to provide free fish delivery for a week after all.

Then he started setting the table and so on. It was a pity they were interrupted on Christmas Eve, but the gift still had to be given out. By the way, he wanted to talk to Xu Maomao about the future, and he wanted to let the little guy know that even if he was in his current form, it didn’t matter, he would work with him to help him regain his human form.

Not long after the takeaway call was made, the doorbell rang.

Shen Yu’s hands were full of milk froth, so Xu Maomao meowed loudly when he saw this: “Meow!” It’s okay, I’ll open the door.

He saw him rushing to the entrance in a hurry, kicking his powerful hind legs, then his chubby but very sensitive body jumped to the doorknob, his four claws were firmly placed in the gaps in the dark lines on the door, and he bit his mouth open to hold the doorknob and open the door skillfully.

This was a skill he had practiced secretly. Compared with the first time he had done this, he had already mastered it. As for the purpose of the practice, he thought it was a very necessary skill. In case he had to run out to play with the shit shoveling officer on his back in the future…

But when he opened the door, there was no one outside, only an exquisite takeaway lunch box was placed on the ground, but Xu Maomao’s sensitive cat nose could still smell the delicious fishy smell coming from inside!

“Meow?” Xu Maomao lowered his head in doubt and pulled with his paw.

The cat’s instinct made him salivate when he smelled the fishy smell, but Xu Maomao, who was deeply surprised, gradually became alert since that time, hesitating whether to take this box of raw fish into the house, who knew if there was a confusion. Then he heard the sound of a cat growling like a beast.


The voice said: Oscar.

It was an extremely clear expression, and Xu Maomao could understand it instantly, and there was no need to distinguish it twice like the cat meowing he heard before.

He raised his head in surprise and looked around, only to see a strange cat lying on the ceiling above his head.

It was a black cat with bright round eyes, looking very energetic, with pointed ears with gold rims, and four paws made of white fur gloves. What was strange and powerful was that it just squatted against the ceiling, completely ignoring the impact of gravity.

There was an obvious golden bell hanging around its neck, its color was brighter and more eye-catching than the one on Xu Maomao’s neck, and Xu Maomao instantly thought of seeing this bell in a certain picture – that waiter!

“Meow?!” You, are you him? The waiter who tricked me into eating hard lumps that day?

The black cat jumped down from the ceiling and landed steadily on the ground. The thick pads of its flesh made this movement soundless.

“Meow.” Yes, Oscar. The black cat took a step forward, “My name is Black Lightning, I’m glad we met again.”

Xu Maomao was so surprised that his mouth grew into a circle, the name was so familiar! Where had he heard it? Why couldn’t he remember?

“Meow?!” You, you, you, stop, don’t come over, I don’t know who you are yet! And why are you trying to trick me into eating weird things?

The black cat seemed distressed: “I didn’t poison you.”

Xu Maomao was still very vigilant, and the cat in front of him instinctively lowered his voice.

The black cat was helpless and said: “I am the Hei Mang in the group.”

Xu Maomao: “Meow… Meow?!” He was Hei Mang?

Probably because they meowed too frequently, Shen Yu walked over strangely without hearing a human voice, and asked as he walked, “The food delivery person hasn’t arrived yet? Xu Maomao, come back first and don’t stand outside… This, where did this cat come from?!”

He didn’t see anyone, but he saw a dark, slender and vigorous cat squatting at the door, carrying on a conversation with his own cat!

The two cats looked over at the same time, the black cat narrowed its eyes, and its eyes were sharp and a bit hostile. This cat had a long body and thick paws. It was not so much a black cat as a panther. Its breed was difficult to define. According to Shen Yu’s intuitive judgment, it was very likely to be a genetically mutated leopard cat, that was, a leopard cat with a mutated coat color.

Its wildness was far more than that of domestic pets and even stray cats, and it looked fierce.

Shen Yu rushed over with a stride, reaching out to block Xu Maomao.

As a result, Xu Maomao turned around and raised his paw to signal him not to be nervous and gave a soft “meow” in his mouth.

The male god stop, it may be my friend.

Shen Yu stared at the two cats suspiciously: “What do you want to say?”

Xu Maomao patted his feet, turned his face to the black cat outside the door again, and raised his small head: “Meow meow meow.”

That, Brother Hei Mang, if you can prove that you are Hei Mang first, and then I will tell my shit-shoveling officer that you are my friend. My shit-shoveling officer is very good, and he will definitely let you in to keep warm.

Hei Mang heard him meowing, while Shen Yu was staring at him with a displeased face. Probably due to some kind of mysterious sixth sense, this person and the cat felt an unusual threat, Shen Yu squinted his eyes, but he, who had always loved cats like his life, couldn’t love this majestic black cat, and was full of emotions of resistance.

Of course, Hei Mang could also sense Shen Yu’s hostility, so he interrupted Xu Maomao: “Meow.” This place is not suitable for us to speak.

Xu Maomao tilted his head in confusion.

Hei Mang narrowed his eyes, made a grunting sound, and then bared his teeth at Shen Yu, who was much taller than him.

Shen Yu sneered from the bottom of her heart, a cat also wanted to do something wrong to him? So there was no intention of backing down.

However, in the next second, thin sparks of lightning rose from the black cat’s body!

The lighting equipment in the corridor and in the room flickered violently at this moment, flickering on and off.

This scene was fantastic and a little scary. He didn’t know why but he suddenly thought of a ghost movie, it maybe because black cats usually represented unknown things.

Shen Yu’s eyes froze, and he subconsciously wanted to stand in front of Xu Maomao, but when he had just taken half a step, the electric current from the black cat suddenly increased, and instantly gathered into a small lightning, shooting towards Shen Yu’s head and chopping all the way!

Xu Maomao was startled: “Meow!”

The speed of the lightning was so fast that Shen Yu, a mere human being, could not have avoided it, but he never expected that when the terrifying lightning beam was ten centimeters away from his face, suddenly, like water meeting a sponge, everything was absorbed by an invisible barrier, leaving only tiny sparks flickering.

The black cat looked at the human in surprise, its spell! How could it disappear?

Suddenly, the two cats were stunned by the unbelievable scene in front of them. Xu Maomao was so frightened that his hair exploded all over, and he meowed tremblingly.

The black cat was woken up by his cry. Seeing that Shen Yu had also recovered, he bent down and wanted to hug Xu Maomao away while reaching out to it. It was heartbroken, and suddenly rushed towards Xu Maomao quickly.

It was not unreasonable for it to be called Black Lightning. It was as fast as a cheetah. Before they could react, the black cat had already bit the fleshy back of Xu Maomao’s neck, picked it up, and then rushed to the stairs without looking back!

Shen Yu was instantly stunned! What godly development was this? His cat was taken away?

“Xu Maomao!” When he came back to his senses, Shen Yu chased after him wearing thin house clothes and house shoes without even thinking about it.

The black cat turned around while running and tried to release those lightning bolts to scare Shen Yu away, but without exception, all the lightning strikes disappeared when they were ten centimeters away from Shen Yu. It was so surprised that it could only give up its magic attack and concentrate on holding Xu Maomao in its mouth, as he shuttled down the stairwell.

The black cat was unbelievably agile, and its long, streamlined body shuttled through the corridor like a bamboo shoot. The bite force of its mandibles was really great, and its speed while carrying such a heavy puppet cat was not affected at all by it, and it was flying like lightning all the way, but Shen Yu was able to keep up with it.

Shen Yu had always been good at sports, but the slippers under his feet seriously slowed down his speed, and the narrow corridor was more conducive to smaller cats, so he simply kicked off the slippers instead of going directly to the stairs, and put his hands on the floor, jumping from one flight of stairs to the next with the railing just like in an action movie, and like this he actually kept up.

The black cat was secretly surprised, the speed of this human… Could it be the world champion Liu Xiang?! Seeing that he couldn’t get rid of him and seeing that there was a window in the stairwell, he just jumped high and “flyed” out of that window!

Shen Yu froze for a moment, and jumped to the window sill, and saw the black cat disappearing into the night with Xu Maomao in its mouth. Its mana lightened its own weight, and the thick paw pads were also full of cushioning power. After several high jumps, it disappeared in the night.

It was fine if he could just chase after it directly, but human beings couldn’t jump down from this height!

Shen Yu was panting heavily, his face was so dark that it was dripping water. After a while, he went back upstairs and opened a software.

It was a tracking app, and he saw a small dot on it moving quickly in city B…


The cold wind was whistling in his ears, and Xu Maomao felt that the hair on his body was about to be blown bald, he didn’t know how long the black cat ran with him in its mouth, and it made him feel concussed, but the black cat stopped only when he was feeling drowsy.

The surrounding scenery was a bit weird, this… Meow, they seemed to be in the Forbidden City?!

Xu Maomao woke up suddenly, and said in surprise, “Meow!”

The black cat’s voice was much hoarse compared to other cats: “Oscar, I’m sorry, I wanted to have a good chat with you alone. This was my method of inviting you to come as a guest.”

Xu Maomao raised his eyes tremblingly and looked at the black cat who was much bigger than himself, and he didn’t know whether it was an enemy or a friend: “Oh… a guest?”

Big brother, your invitation method is too fresh and refined, okay? And this scene… this was the well that a certain concubine jumped into in history!

“Let me introduce myself formally,” the black cat meowed!

“You said you are Hei Mang, then you prove it, prove it.” Xu Maomao was deceived by the hard lump and learned a lot, so he dared not believe it casually.

The black cat nodded, touched the bell to enter the chat interface, and sent him a line in the name of Heim Mang in front of him.

[Hei Mang (private chat)]: Can you trust me now?

Xu Maomao also entered the bell chat group and raised his head incredulously after seeing that line of words. Although his expression was still a little vigilant, his eyes had relaxed a lot: “Is it really you? Hei Mang? Or are you called Black Lightning?”

The cat nodded: “You can call me whatever you want.”

Xu Maomao tentatively said: “Then… Black Lightning? Black Lightning Black Lightning, your name is so cool.”

Xu Maomao not only called it by name, but also called it cool, while saying this happiness appeared in Xu Maomao’s star-like eyes.

The black cat was startled, and a strange look flashed in its eyes, but it seemed to be very happy for some reason.

“What do you want from me?” Xu Maomao shrank his head, it was really cold in this well.

“I saw in the group that you were worried about being poisoned,” Black Lightning considered, “That was not poison, it was a gift from me for the surprise night, and I was the waiter on the surprise night.”

Xu Maomao was puzzled and said, “Why did you appear to me in a human form?”

Black Lightning hesitated for a moment, and said lightly, “Because you rejected all the special red envelopes in the group, I could only appear in real body, as for the transformation… because you were also in human form that day, so I thought that was a better match.”

Better match? These words seemed strange, but Xu Maomao’s thoughts were all lost as ut replayed to the scene of that day, and he couldn’t help asking the most puzzling thing in his heart: “What did you feed me that day?

“Transformation Pill.” Black Lightning said quickly.

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