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This was indeed the most intuitive method, and the manager continued to apply to the superior for replaying the surveillance, and the superior hurriedly agreed after learning of Shen Yu’s identity.

As a result, it was seen in the surveillance that night that a waiter indeed entered the box that Shen Yu had reserved.

The waiter had a tall and straight figure, but because the light was relatively dim, they couldn’t see his face clearly, but they could tell from his figure that he was not someone from the shop. He also did wear a uniform and carried the tray, so no one else noticed at the time.

And since he went in, he didn’t show up in the video until closing time or even until the next day, as if he had evaporated from the world. As for how he appeared in the first place, because the selling point of the store was “relaxation, concealment, and privacy”, so the number of cameras was not large, and there were many dead spots. After scanning all the clips of the day, it was impossible to see when and how he entered and exited the store.

Shen Yu entered the box again, examined the small layout, and finally set his eyes on the window. If there was no other explanation, it could only be proved that he escaped from the window. But this window… the waiter was about the same size as him, Shen Yu took a visual inspection, and felt that his shoulders couldn’t pass at all, could it be that the body was so soft that he could shrink?!

Seeing that the investigation did not yield any results, Xu Maomao felt that there was nothing serious about his body at the moment, and lightly bit Shen Yu’s trousers in a peaceful mind: “Meow~~” It’s okay, I’m fine anyway.

So well-behaved and sensible, it made people feel distressed and grit their teeth with anger. Shen Yu picked him up and stroked his hair and said to the manager with a wooden face: “You need to strengthen the security here! There are too few cameras!”

“Yes yes yes, what if we provide free food to you for the next week.” The manager said while apologizing repeatedly.

When Xu Maomao heard this, he immediately burst into smiles, a week’s worth of takeaways too~~

That greedy look in Xu Maomao’s eyes made Shen Yu wonder if he was starving him, or was Xu Maomao actually a foodie?

When leaving, Qiao Lingfeng ran over to rub against Shen Yu’s car. He came here this time to get some fish packed and take it home for himself and his cats to enjoy. It so happened that his home was not far away, so Shen Yu agreed to give him a ride.

On the way, Qiao Lingfeng repeated the old saying: “Ah Yu, you see that the little baby is frightened, do you want to let it come to my house for a few days ~ Oscar, do you think it is okay? There are many delicious and fun things in Father Qiao’s house. A very powerful shit shoveling officer is also there to take care of you!”

Shen Yu snorted coldly: “Oscar, shake your head and show him.”

Xu Maomao: Male God, why are you so naive!

But Xu Maomao still saved him some face and shook his head decisively. Qiao Lingfeng continued to recommend: “There is really a new shit shoveling officer. My cat likes him. He seems to be able to speak cat language, hahahahaha, my Da and Xiao Mi are so attached to him that he almost wants me away!”

Shen Yu: “Who? Your partner?”

“It’s a new part-time worker I hired. He can’t do anything. The more he cleans the mess, but since he came, my cats were very active and very clingy to him. When I was about to fire him, Da Mi and Xiao Mi still hugged his legs to prevent me from firing him!” Qiao Lingfeng sighed, “I had no choice but to let him stay, he has no place to live, and now he has become a full-time shit shoveling officer for the several cat masters of my family.”

“That’s a good thing, you are busy with work.” Shen Yu replied absent-mindedly.

“Why don’t you come to my place and let Oscar play with Da Mi and Xiao Mi?” Qiao Lingfeng said, and actually made a phone call.

“Hello? Leo? Hee hee, I’m bringing a friend and his cat back, can you play with him~” Qiao Lingfeng smiled, as if he was complaining about something, he hurriedly said, “It’s not a cat party, it’s just a cat, I know that the cat party activities two days ago made your life hard~ What friend? It’s Shen Yu, I told you…”

Before Qiao Lingfeng could finish speaking, there was an impatient reply: “No! I’m too tired today! I’m going to resign!”

The voice was so loud that even Xu Maomao and Shen Yu could hear it. This voice…how was it familiar? Where had he heard it?

—It seems to be, cat immortal!

Qiao Lingfeng was dumbfounded: “Hey, don’t! Well, I won’t bother you with them today, I know you have worked hard these few days.”

After hanging up the phone, Qiao Lingfeng said distressedly: “Forget it, next time, it’s really troublesome for him these few days, I just sent away my manager’s Gugu yesterday, and he took care of Gugu’s diarrhea…”

Qiao Lingfeng was nagging, and Xu Maomao suddenly jumped to reach for the phone in his arms.

“Little baby, what are you doing?”

“Meow meow!” I want to hear that person’s voice again.

Qiao Lingfeng didn’t understand what he meant, so he coaxed the anxious-looking cat with a smile: “Oscar, be good~ Do you miss my big and little ones? Let me show you them.” Then Xu Maomao saw the photo of the part-time worker holding Da Mi and Xiao Mi.

The person in the photo looked cute, but it was not the face that Xu Maomao imagined. Then he swiped the next photo and found that it was a close-up headshot of that person. The different appearance also eliminated the suspicion. So he turned his head with a lack of interest, and didn’t bother to care about others.

After bidding farewell to Qiao Lingfeng, who was still excited, the two went home. Shen Yu was worried that his “remaining poison had not disappeared”, so he let him have a good rest, and made him a light pilaf meal before going to work.

Xu Maomao was idle and bored, so he told the friends in the red envelope group about this matter.

[Oscar]: Let me tell you a terrible thing

[Rice]: Tell me!

[Oscar]: The last time I went out with the shit shoveling officer, I was tricked into eating something bad by a stranger

[Rice]: Could it be that he tricked you into eating the canned food? Shameless human beings!

[Oscar]: No = = He lied to me by disguising a piece of something unknown as an arctic shellfish. When I ate it, it was still an arctic shellfish, but it turned into hard lumps in my mouth!

[Fat Mimi]: Don’t be poisoned, some human beings are very bad, and they will give us tributes of small dried fish mixed with drugs!

[Migu]: Brother Fat Mimi, is this true? Scared!

[Fat Mimi]: It’s true, I had it in the school I stayed at before, and then I left that hot chicken school

[Migu]: Why did they do this

[Fat Mimi]: Maybe they want to seek power and usurp the throne?

[Rice]: With all due respect, it is our noble blood that determines our status, and human beings are still too clumsy!

The cat group echoed one after another, and the topic became distorted.

After the turmoil of the bloodline passed, [Alalei] instructed: Everyone, be careful about eating food from strangers, especially Oscar, you may be targeted by some evil force!

Xu Maomao felt both funny and touched, and quickly replied: Thank you for your concern, but I got my body checked, and nothing happened?

Only his mouth dryness was exacerbated, but dry and itchy throat was common, so he temporarily left the chat group and ran to drink water.

All the cats in the chat group were discussing how to avoid poisoning, but there was only one cat.



[Heimang]: …!!!

Why did things get misunderstood to this extent?! It felt necessary to clarify!

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