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Jiang Lan: “I also heard that this Ying Long… has a particularly bad temper and has a lot of troubles. He is a hand-scraper…”

He swallowed the rest of the words after seeing Ying Qiao’s gradually darkening face.

He actually heard this from his fourth elder brother Yazi.

It was said that one year there was a major event in Pengcheng near the sea. Two evil flood dragons deceived the heavens and successfully turned into real dragons and caused hurricanes and tsunamis in the coastal waters. As Ying Long and Yazi were both dragons, they went to Pengcheng together to capture these two dragons and quell the chaos.

The two dragons formed a team on the way to Pengcheng to perform the mission.

The original words of his fourth brother were, “Ying Long is a genius, and the banshee who loves to pay attention to himself is not as good as he is. He can live until now without being beaten to death after being covered by a sack, he really should thank the fear of reincarnation. Otherwise, the people he has offended could line up to give him wreaths and dance at his grave.”

The fourth brother didn’t say exactly what happened, but since that time, whenever he thought about it, he would insult him.

Jiang Lan was fascinated by his eyes. So, in his heart, Ying Long’s image was naturally less stalwart and tall.

Now that Ying Qiao seemed to admire Ying Long, he was unavoidably worried. It was not that he was afraid that he would learn badly, but that the filter would break one day and his soul would be frustrated in the future.

He had read the hot searches on Weibo before, and many star-chasing humans often suffered from the collapse of the image of their idols. He felt that he had to deal with it earlier.

Although the snake tribe had always worshipped the dragon tribe, the dragon tribe did not only have Ying Long, but there were many other dragons.

For example, the dragons in their Dragon Palace were all excellent!

However, Ying Qiao seemed to have a bad face. Jiang Lan did not say what he was brewing in his belly, fearing that the boat of friendship would be overturned.

He tried to open his eyes and comforted Ying Qiao dryly with a very hard but exaggerated and false tone: “Actually… what I have heard may not be true, just like you heard before. The rumors about Taotie are not true…”

Ying Qiao:…

The little monster’s eyes were erratic, his eyelashes blinked, and he looked guilty of saying something against his will.

Ying Qiao suddenly became more depressed.

He ground his molars, thinking that when he went back, he must find out who was the one speaking badly about him behind his back. But he forced a smile on his face: “You’re right… After all, we have never seen these monsters face to face. Hearing is false, seeing is believing. Whether the rumors are true or not, we still have a chance to verify it in the future.”

Jiang Lan breathed a sigh of relief with his naked eyes, and nodded quickly: “Yeah, you are right.”

The two of them did not mention this subject tacitly in the next journey, and Ying Qiao sent Jiang Lan back to the community and watched him get on the elevator before leaving.

Coming out of Jiahe Jingyuan, Ying Qiao suffocated his breath and called Chen Hua.

“Did someone spread rumors about me behind my back?”

Chen Hua:?

“What rumors?”

Ying Qiao gritted his teeth and repeated Jiang Lan’s words.

“They said that I have a bad temper and involved in a lot of things. I’m also a hand scraper.”

Chen Hua:…

This is all true, how can it be called a rumor?

Don’t you have a clear view of yourself?

But he didn’t have the guts to say this. After a moment of silence, Chen Hua pretended to be stupid: “Really? I haven’t heard of it? Where did you hear it.”

“Jiang Lan heard it from others.”

Oh, no wonder you are so angry.

Chen Hua thought gloatingly, who told you not to be a human being, now the retribution is coming.

“You’re not renminbi[1], no one likes the truth. This kind of bad talk behind the scenes, if they are too caressing, they are the ones who will look out of breath, anyway, they dare not say it in person. When did you start caring about this?”

Ying Qiao thought annoyed that they didn’t dare to speak in person, but they dared to speak in the ear of the little monster.

Wasn’t this discrediting his image?

How could he set a good example for the little monster? A parent who could not lead by example was a poor educator!

Chen Hua didn’t take it seriously, but Ying Qiao felt that this was an issue that needed to be taken seriously.

He had to find a way to spread his glorious image and convince the little monster to bow down under his suit pants.

“Pay attention to any difficult cases in the bureau recently. I will deal with them myself.”

Ying Qiao squinted his eyes, and he didn’t believe it anymore. When the little monster was curious, and he suddenly heard that Ying Long had solved some big case again. Then he would know that Ying Long was the one who really deserved to be admired and liked by him.

Taotie could only be regarded as a younger brother in front of him.


The differences between this day and night did not leave much ripples in Jiang Lan’s heart. Tomorrow was the weekend, and he cared more about how to spend the weekend.

Because it was the last working day, the atmosphere in the office was also very relaxed. Normally, there would not be too much work on Fridays. Everyone just needed to write a work report. And since Jiang Lan had just arrived for four days, he didn’t even need to write a work report. So, he was dangling his jerky pieces to scan the news.

The mobile APP often pushed some local news. When he was bored, he liked to read these news.

Hanyang District was an old city with an average location and not a prosperous economy. So, local news was mostly trivial matters. Jiang Lan saw these as a decompression pleasure.

But today’s front page news was not a trivial matter.

He clicked in and read it, then his brows frowned again, and he asked the others: “Someone in Hong Jingyuan has died, did you know?”

It may be that because Tai Sui killed four people one after another, it made him a little sensitive to the news of the dead now.

“I heard that it happened last night, right?” Xue Meng said, “My grandfather lives in Hong Jingyuan. He said that it was a young girl who was less than thirty years old. The manhole cover on the roadside was stolen, and the street light in the old community was broken. She didn’t notice it when she was walking at night. She bumped her head and fainted. Several aunts in the same community got her up and sent her to the hospital.”

Xiao Xiaoyu tweeted: “The one who stole the manhole cover is too wicked. Shouldn’t we put roadblocks and prompts?”

Xue Meng shrugged: “It shouldn’t be too late, right?”

Hearing what Xue Meng said, Jiang Lan knew that he was too sensitive, and when he saw a dead person, he thought of a monster causing chaos. He patted his forehead, reported one by one the foul language comments on the deceased under the news, and then withdrew from the news APP.

The author has something to say:

#Answer What can’t you do, pull the first place in hatred·Dragon#

Mr. Ying: ?? I have a bad temper? Do I have a lot of business? Am I a hand scraper?

Chen Hua: Ha

Everybody: Heh


At the beginning of the game, he offended his fourth brother-in-law, and we must pray for Longlong.

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[1] Renminbi is the currency of China. This is a reference to the phrase, “you’re not RMB that everyone will like you”.

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