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When she heard that Tang Tang was back, the leader’s wife hurried over just after lunch. She had a lot to say to Tang Tang, now that she was back.

However, the moment Tang Tang opened the door for her, she forgot to spit out the phrase “you are back” that she held back in her mouth and stared at Tang Tang in a daze.

Tang Tang waved her hand in front of her eyes, “Sister-in-law, what’s wrong with you? Come in quickly.”

“Tang Tang?” The leader’s wife called out uncertainly.

Again! Tang Tang sighed helplessly in her heart, took the hand of the leader’s wife and pulled her in, deliberately joking, “Sister-in-law, why are you doing this, I have only been away for two months and you don’t recognize me anymore!”

After making sure that the person pulling her was really Tang Tang, the leader’s wife took a breath, looked at her face and figure carefully for a while, then slapped her thigh and said in surprise, “Oh my God, it’s really you, Tang Tang, you’ve only been away for two months, how come it looks like you’ve had plastic surgery?”

Tang Tang, another person who said she had plastic surgery, was her change really that exaggerated?

“Sister-in-law, I just gained a little weight, why can’t you all recognize me?”

“How can we recognize you?” The wife of the group leader pinched her arms and face, and clicked twice, “How can you gain weight like this? You have gained weight several times. Didn’t you go to the hospital to take care of your family’s Ji Yan? Why are you still taking care of raising the fat? I even expected you to have lost weight, so I really couldn’t see it at that time, but I didn’t expect you to gain weight as if you were inflated.”

Tang Tang blushed a little when she mentioned this, generally speaking, people who take care of patients because of being tired, they would lose weight, but she was the opposite of others. Not only did she not lose weight, but she also gained more than 20 catties of flesh, which was simply unbelievable.

Tang Tang explained with an embarrassing face, “Ji Yan said that I was too thin, and urged me to eat every day. I had nothing to do in the hospital, and I ate it all day long. I ate three or four meals a day, including various snacks and supplements. Can you not get fat when you do it like that?”

The wife of the group leader laughed out loud after hearing this, and joked, “Ji Yan is raising you as a pig.”

Tang Tang scratched her head embarrassingly, wasn’t it raised as a pig, or how could she grow so fast.

“But you are well raised. Look at how beautiful you are now. I almost didn’t recognize you. It’s really like plastic surgery. Your sister-in-law really didn’t expect you to look so good after gaining weight.” The wife of the leader was sincerely happy for Tang Tang, she used to worry about Tang Tang in her heart, as she had no family background, no beauty and no job. If Ji Yan left her in the future, she didn’t know if he would dislike Tang Tang. Now that Tang Tang was so beautiful, plus how she could open a shop and make money, her worries were completely gone.

Being praised for being beautiful again, Tang Tang pursed her lips and smiled happily and shyly. She pulled the wife of the leader to sit on the sofa, first introduced her to Grandpa Ji, and then asked her about the business, “Sister-in-law, I was not here. How’s the business in the shop been for a while?”

“I was going to tell you about it today.” The wife of the leader handed Tang Tang the note she brought in her hand, “The collection of our shop has increased a lot during this period of time. Didn’t two people place an order before you left? They were very satisfied with the clothes you made, and they all gave us good reviews. They also shared pictures. In the evaluation, the renderings taken by the two girls are really very beautiful, probably because of this reason, many people placed orders in our store later, but I told them about your situation, saying that the delivery is temporarily unavailable and needs to be delayed, and then a few people canceled the order, but there are still a few who expressed their willingness to wait.”

Tang Tang took over the data and looked at it, very surprised, “There are still three people who want me to make clothes now?”

“Yeah, these three people are not in a hurry, you can take your time while doing it.”

“That’s great.” Tang Tang was very happy in her heart, she didn’t expect that there were three people who would be willing to wait for the delivery after such a long time, which showed that they really like the clothes she made, just for their liking, she also wanted to make clothes for these three girls.

“Sister-in-law, I don’t have anything to do during the day when I’m back. I can make these three clothes soon, and I can make one in about three days. You can reply to the customers, and we will ship them soon.”

“Okay, no problem.” The leader’s wife was also happy. She was afraid that these three people would also cancel the order. Fortunately, Tang Tang came back, and the shop’s business could continue.

Before Tang Tang came back, she ordered a lot of fabrics on the Internet. This time she came back and planned to run the store well. Before that, the store only had time to put two sets of clothes on the shelf, which was too few, so she planned to make the three pieces of clothes for the customers before preparing two sets of children’s clothes that she planned to make, she thought they would also attract customers.

“What are you doing?” Grandpa Ji heard their conversation from the side, and the old man who had never shopped online didn’t quite understand what they meant.

Tang Tang immediately explained to the old man, “Grandpa, it’s like this. I don’t have a job. So, I’m a little bored at home. It just so happens that the leader’s wife was also bored. The two of us came up with an idea together and opened an online store to customize ancient costumes for others.”

“Open an online store? Make ancient costumes?” Although Grandpa Ji didn’t shop online, he still knew about online stores, but he was a little surprised when he heard this at first.

“Yeah, Grandpa, apart from doing housework, I do sewing at home every day. I have nothing to do at other times. Opening this shop, I can not only do sewing as usual, but also have my own work, and it will not delay taking care of Ji Yan and Xiaoying, so I decided to open this shop, and the leader’s wife just happened to be willing to do customer service for me, so we both have things to do!” Tang Tang said with a smile in her eyes.

It could be seen that Tang Tang was very happy. Speaking of her store, her whole person was full of spirit. This kind of expression made Grandpa Ji unable to help but be happy for her. In his mind, it didn’t matter whether the girl had a job or not, the important thing was not to be impoverished in thinking, and her life must be meaningful. Since opening an online store could make her happy, it was meaningful. So the old man nodded to show his support, “Yes, but you have to work hard, you can’t give up halfway, if you need financial support, you just tell grandpa.”

Hearing that grandpa supported her so much, Tang Tang was very happy, “Grandpa, I will definitely do a good job, but there is no need for the money, that’s enough.”

Grandpa Ji nodded, his dislike towards Tang Tang in his heart had disappeared after getting along with her during this period of time, only he knew how much he liked this little girl now.

His grandson had also received a blessing in disguise. Fortunately, the two of them did not divorce before, maybe all of this was fated.

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