IHSB Ch. 37: Big Brother is Coming Back

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Nuan Nuan grabbed Gu An’s fingers and opened her eyes ignorantly. The little girl who just woke up had messy hair, her eyes were misty and looked a little dazed, she looked very cute and easy to bully at this time.

Gu An imitated Gu Mingli’s example and pinched her cheeks on both sides. Even though her cheeks didn’t look fleshy, they were soft when pinched.

It’s no wonder that guy always liked to pinch Nuan Nuan’s face.

“Brother, your grades are up.”

The little girl, who was still too obedient even after being pinched, gradually came to her senses, opened her big watery eyes and asked milkily.

Gu An glanced at the electronic watch on his wrist, “It’s almost six o’clock, it’s time to get up and eat.”

Nuan Nuan yawned a little, her furry head flicked, “Oh, Nuan Nuan got it.”

Then she slowly got up from the bed, and started to tidy the bed with bare feet, then she folded the slightly messy quilt neatly without much effort under Gu An’s staring gaze.

Thinking of the mess usually left on his bed, Gu An was speechless.

No wonder mom and dad hated him so much.

Nuan Nuan clapped her hands and climbed down from the bed, put on her fluffy slippers, walked to Gu An’s side, and took his hand actively.

“Let’s go, brother.”

The little hand grasping his palm was limp, obviously looking skinny, then why was her body so soft?

The corner of Gu An’s mouth turned up, and he quietly clenched the hungry Nuan Nuan’s little hand and walked slowly in front.

Really, children were troublesome, and they had to be led by him when going downstairs.

But my sister can only be treated like this.

While walking happily, Gu An was still muttering all kinds of things in his heart.

“Nuan Nuan woke up?”

When Mother Gu saw Nuan Nuan, she quickly stepped forward, picked her up and kissed her little cheek.

“Have you slept well?”

The little girl nodded softly, “Well, I’ve slept well.”

After speaking, she kissed her mother’s face.

Gu An was depressed, why didn’t his sister even kiss him when she woke up?

Dinner was ready and the whole family was well fed, so now the whole family was out for a walk, accompanied by a cat and a dog.

Dad Gu suddenly said, “Your elder brother is coming back tomorrow, does Nuan Nuan want to pick up her elder brother?”

Hearing this news, Nuan Nuan’s eyes widened for a moment, “Is my elder brother coming back?”

She was a little nervous, would her big brother like her?

Gu Linmo nodded, “The flight is arriving tomorrow morning.”

“Then…then, are you going, Mom and Dad?”

Mother Gu gently rubbed her little head, “Mom won’t go, but your father will accompany you.”

It’s good that someone she knows would be with her. Nuan Nuan really wanted to pick up her big brother, so she nodded seriously with a small face.

“Well, Nuan Nuan is going to pick up big brother.”

Gu An rolled his eyes, “Why don’t I ask for leave tomorrow and go with my sister?”

The thought of him taking a leave from school was killed in the crib.

He curled his lips, “If you don’t go, you won’t go!”

Nuan Nuan hugged Briquettes, and her fingers ran from its head to its tail. The thick and soft cat fur felt like a blessing to fluff lovers, and it was also super healing for the mood.

She would see her big brother tomorrow. She had only seen her big brother in the photos. He looked cold and didn’t seem to like to talk. How would she express her closeness to him when she saw him tomorrow?

What if her big brother didn’t like her?

Thinking about it in her heart, when Nuan Nuan went to sleep, she couldn’t fall asleep for a long time and kept moving around on the bed.

“Is Nuan Nuan worried about seeing her big brother tomorrow?”

Mother Gu’s gentle voice sounded from above her head, and a hand ran along her small back as if to comfort her.

The little girl was a little embarrassed, and half of her furry head was exposed from under the quilt. She pushed her delicate face in her mother’s arms, and looked at her with clear and clean eyes.

“Mom, did Nuan Nuan bother you?”

There was obviously a little guilt in her milky voice, and her movements were actually controlled, but in the quiet night, these small movements seemed to be magnified.

“What are you thinking about?”

Mother Gu’s voice came with a smile, and she gently pinched her small and delicate nose with two fingers.

“Mom didn’t fall asleep either. I guess you must be thinking about your big brother.”

Nuan Nuan buried her red face on her body and did not speak.

Mother Gu smiled and said, “Are you worried that your brother will not like you?”

The shy Nuan Nuan nodded her head slightly, and hummed lightly like a milk cat.

Mother Gu stroked her hair, “Don’t worry, Nuan Nuan, big brother will definitely like you, but I’m afraid that he and your father will fight to snatch you.”

Such things were really easy to happen, when Nuan Nuan was just born, during that time, whenever her two older brothers and her father got together, they kept fighting over who could hug Nuan Nuan more.

Nuan Nuan herself couldn’t imagine it, she thought it was impossible, why would father and brother fight to snatch her?

“Nuan Nuan is the baby of our family, why are you so unconfident in yourself?”

She touched Nuan Nuan’s little face distressedly, if she was raised by them since childhood, she would never have such concerns.

Nuan Nuan rubbed her head in her mother’s arms, keenly aware of her mother’s sad emotions, she was smart not to discuss this with her mother, as she didn’t want her to be sad. “Then should Nuan Nuan prepare a gift for brother?”

Mother Gu said, “It depends on Nuan Nuan.”

“Let Dad take you to the mall tomorrow. It’s bedtime now, so you should go to bed obediently, Nuan Nuan.”

“Okay, Nuan Nuan understands, good night, mom~”

“Good night, baby.”

The next day Nuan Nuan got up very early, washed her face and brushed her teeth, and happily went downstairs wearing a beautiful little skirt. She was going to see her big brother today.

After her mother’s enlightenment last night, Nuan Nuan now felt less uneasy, and more happy and looking forward to it.

“Father.” Dad Gu had also woken up very early. Today, in order to take his younger daughter to pick up his eldest son, he directly asked for leave and was not going to go to the company.

Hearing the warm and soft voice calling him, Gu Linmo put down the newspaper in his hand, called the obedient and beautiful little girl to come over, and gently hugged the little girl up and put her on his lap to sit down. He tapped the little girl’s nose lightly and smiled.

“You woke up so early, do you want to see big brother so much?”

Nuan Nuan pursed her lips and smiled slightly, her eyes sparkled, and a blush appeared on her delicate little face, she blinked her eyes a little shyly, and her curly eyelashes fluttered like butterfly wings. Gu Linmo just listened to his sweet daughter’s soft voice, as she said, “I’m going to go early, Nuan Nuan wants to buy a gift for her big brother.”

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