IHSB Ch. 38

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To be honest, Gu Linmo now had such a sour feeling towards his eldest son. He didn’t even get a gift from his daughter when he first met her.

Gu An also got up early today. When he went downstairs, he found that his father was combing his sister’s hair!!!

Nuan Nuan’s hair was a bit messy, but because it was short, it was quite easy to comb.

Gu Linmo held the comb a little clumsily, as if he was afraid of hurting the fragile little girl’s hair, and his movements were extra careful and gentle.

The soft little girl sat obediently on her father’s lap, with a clean smile in her eyes.

Nuan Nuan’s big black and white eyes saw the person coming down from the upstairs and immediately called out.

“Good morning, brother~”

Gu An instantly felt the sweet smell of milk in the air and felt that his sister’s voice was really soft and waxy like glutinous rice dumplings, and it still smelled like milk.

“Dad, let me do it!”

Gu An excitedly walked over, feeling that he could comb his sister’s hair better than his father, and he had long coveted her short, fluffy and soft hair.

Since her hair was cut and maintained regularly, Nuan Nuan’s hair had become softer and softer to the touch. A child’s hair was already very soft, now that it was black and thick, it was even as comfortable as a kitten’s soft fur.

Dad Gu glanced at his son and told him to get away with a smile. Of course, it was more tactful to say it from his mouth.

“It’s time for you to eat, your sister doesn’t need you here.”

Gu An felt that his sister really needed him!

But he didn’t dare to resist his father’s authority, so he could only leave in despair.

He quickly combed the upturned hair on Nuan Nuan’s head. Gu Linmo still felt a little regretful that her hair too short to braid, but now he could practice it, and when his daughter’s hair grew out, he would be almost ready to get started.

He should turn back and ask the assistant to buy a few more wigs with thick hair, so that he could practice as soon as he had time.

“Is Dad okay?”

Nuan Nuan raised her head slightly and asked her father in a childish voice.

Gu Linmo hummed, “I’m okay.”

Then he reluctantly put the soft little girl on the ground.

Nuan Nuan touched her head, then raising herself on tiptoe with curved eyebrows, she raised her head and kissed her father’s face.

“Thank you, Dad.”

The tender and childish voice almost melted the heart of Gu Linmo, an old father.

Satisfied with breakfast, Nuan Nuan happily squinted her eyes while drinking a cup of hot milk, her cheeks bulged, and she was sitting on a high chair with her short legs dangling in the air. It was obvious that she was in a very good mood.

Gu An, who usually didn’t like to drink milk, watched her drink a big glass, also managed to hold on.

Why did it look like everything his sister ate was super delicious!

“Brother, Dad and I will take you to school.”

Then Nuan Nuan took the initiative to hold her brother’s hand after drinking the milk. After yesterday’s mentality change, the voice of his sister was really soft in Gu An’s ears. It sounded so good, he wished she could call him brother a few more times.

“Let’s go.”

Gu An raised his chin, and the corners of his mouth turned up as if he wanted to stand shoulder to shoulder with the sun. If there was a tail behind him, it would probably be wagging by now.

Nuan Nuan held her father’s hand in one hand and her elder brother’s hand in the other. She smiled and showed her neat white teeth. Her eyes were like a spring full of scattered sunlight. It was clean and thorough as if one could see to the bottom at a glance. Warm colours appeared on the surface of the clear spring at the time of dawn, it was very beautiful.

When they arrived at school, Nuan Nuan lied on the window and bid farewell to her elder brother softly.

“Goodbye, brother, Nuan Nuan and Dad will be here to pick you up after school.”

Gu An looked around, damn it! Why was none of his younger brothers here? If they were here, they would be able to see Nuan Nuan call him brother now, and he could…

Well, he admitted that he felt sour when he saw Gu Mingli showing off Nuan Nuan to his roommates, obviously he was the real brother, but no one knew it.

“Well, I’ll remember what you said.”

Gu An left with his schoolbag on his back, and decided that he had to bring his little brothers with him in the afternoon.

Gu Linmo rubbed Nuan Nuan’s little head, “Let’s go to the Century Mall.”

The driver obediently activated the car when he heard the words, and quickly left the school.

The mall had opened recently, and there were only scattered customers, so it looked relatively deserted now.

The manager of the shopping mall was explaining something to the employees, when he suddenly saw a person out of the corner of his eye, he thought he was hallucinating at first.

Look at it later, oh!

It really was their Mr. Gu, and the most important thing was that Mr. Gu was holding a delicate and beautiful little doll by his side.

Instantly remembering the rumours flying in the company the day before yesterday and that photo, my God, Mr. Gu accompanied his daughter to the shopping mall, and that too still so early!

“You guys sort out a plan for the rest and give it to me as soon as possible.”

After speaking, he left the few people in front of him and walked quickly to Gu Linmo’s side.

“Mr. Gu, why are you here?”

The man who was still serious just now burst into laughter when facing his immediate boss.

“Who is that person?”

“You don’t know this person, didn’t you hear what the general manager called just now? Mr. Gu, the Mr. Gu of our group!!!”

“My God, Mr. Gu is here, is he here to inspect the work?”

“No, don’t you see that he is holding the hand of a child? He should be here to buy things.”

Gu Linmo briefly greeted the general manager, and then took his daughter to continue shopping in the mall.

“What does Nuan Nuan want to buy for her brother?”

Nuan Nuan herself was so entangled, she had never bought a gift for anyone, so she didn’t know what to buy.

“Father, what does big brother like?”

Gu Linmo rubbed her little head, “Your big brother doesn’t like many things. If you say, his biggest hobby is making money.”

Then how could Nuan Nuan buy anything.

Nuan Nuan’s little eyebrows were tangled together.

Gu Linmo smiled and suggested, “Your elder brother likes very few things, but he always carries a pen with him because he has to work. Maybe Nuan Nuan could choose this.”

The little girl raised her face and smiled sweetly.

“Thank you, Dad.”

Soon she fell in love with a black gold-edged fountain pen with a super-quality texture. It looked very luxurious, and the little girl liked it immediately.

Walking out with the pen in a gift box, Nuan Nuan followed her father step by step.

“Father, what do you like?”

The little girl asked after struggling for a while, she really couldn’t think of what to buy for her father with her little head.

Gu Linmo lowered his eyes and looked at Nuan Nuan, his eyes flashing with surprise. The sourness in his heart from seeing Nuan Nuan so serious about choosing a gift for his eldest son just now disappeared completely.

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