IHSB Ch. 39: Big Brother

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Father Gu bent down and gently pinched his daughter’s little nose, “Buy a pair of cufflinks for Dad.”

He would wear them on the most important occasions in the future!

“Okay, then Dad will take Nuan Nuan to buy it.” Nuan Nuan took her Dad’s hand and followed him into another high-end luxury store with her short legs.

Finally, Nuan Nuan bought her father a pair of dark sapphire cufflinks, which were warm and luxurious, and also fit her father’s temperament very well.

Then, at the suggestion of her father, she bought flowers for her mother, a bouquet of elegantly packaged carnations, the gifts of the fourth brother and the younger brother were chosen by herself, a domineering black cat keychain and a figure of an anime little girl, because her father said that the cute figure looked exactly like her!

With the gifts bought for her family, Nuan Nuan happily took her father’s hand and left.

The plane landed at nine o’clock in the morning, it was eight forty when Nuan Nuan and her Dad arrived at the airport.

Twenty minutes later, Gu Linmo called his son, but he couldn’t get through, and the plane didn’t arrive as scheduled.

“Dad, isn’t brother here yet?” Nuan Nuan, who was holding a gift box, sat obediently next to her father, looking at her father with big black and white eyes eagerly.

Gu Linmo comforted, “Maybe the flight has been delayed, you will often encounter such problems when flying.”

Nuan Nuan’s eyes sparkled, “Dad, have you ever been on a plane before? Weren’t you be afraid to fly in the sky?”

Nuan Nuan just saw a plane in the sky of Xiaoxi Village once, she had seen it passing by high in the sky, but she couldn’t see it clearly, so she couldn’t imagine what it was like to sit in the plane.

Gu Linmo stretched out his arms to hug his little daughter, and the soft little girl leaned against her father, rubbing her furry head affectionately, as cute as a small animal.

“Our family has a private jet. Someday Dad will take you there. You can fly wherever you want, okay?”

The little girl’s eyes lit up in an instant, and her eyes curved into round and cute little crescents, soft and waxy.

“Dad, Nuan Nuan wants to go to the toilet.”

While waiting for her brother, Nuan Nuan wanted to go to the toilet.

“I’ll take you there, can you do it yourself?”

The little girl nodded obediently, indicating that she could do it. Gu Linmo took her to the toilet, and Nuan Nuan ran in by herself.

Mother Gu had taught her how to recognize the toilet outside, so she could still find it.

After coming out of the toilet, Nuan Nuan walked outside slowly, the place for washing hands inside was too high for her to wash, and there was also a place for washing hands outside, but after walking out…, this washing table was too unfriendly to little girls like her.

Even being on tiptoe Nuan Nuan couldn’t even wash her hands, and when Nuan Nuan was so anxious that her little face was almost red, a pair of big palms carried her up.

Suddenly suspended in the air, there was a pleasant smell of fir emanating from the person behind her, which was not a familiar smell for Nuan Nuan. The little girl was terrified at the time, and looked back while thumping her short legs and twisting her neck.

But due to the height distance, she could only see the well-defined chin of the man hugging her.

“Don’t you want to wash your hands?”

A cold, seemingly temperature less voice came from behind, but the voice was unexpectedly deep and pleasant.

Nuan Nuan blinked pitifully, and quickly washed her hands.

“Thank you…thank you big brother, you can keep me down.”

The little girl’s voice was soft and small like a cat, and it was a pleasure to listen to it.

The person behind her put her down slowly, and before Nuan Nuan could leave, he squatted down unhurriedly, took a dark grey handkerchief from his suit pocket, and held the little girl’s hands carefully with his long, bony fingers and wiped them slowly.

At this time, Nuan Nuan could fully see the appearance of this person, the cold and three-dimensional facial features, the clear contours on the face, the eyes that were as deep as an ancient well, and the temperament on his body which was like the snow in the severe winter, icy cold, with a sense of oppression that made people dare not approach him easily.

But… this person looked familiar!

Nuan Nuan stared at his face and looked again and again, until her little expression became tangled together.

At this moment, the special assistant and bodyguard who followed the man looked at the boss who had squatted down to wipe the child’s hands, and they were all stunned, with a dazed expression on their faces, as if they didn’t know what was going on.

Their master actually helped a little girl to wash her hands!

It was still okay to help her wash her hands, but after washing, he even squatted down and wiped her hands gently and seriously!

Was it wrong for them to return home? Or were they dreaming now?


A soft voice rang out, pulling those who were in a trance back to their senses, but their facial features became a little distorted.

This little girl was also daring, even if she was not scared to cry by their master, she still called him brother!

“Hmm.” A deep and cold voice sounded, it belonged to their master!

He also agreed!!!

Gu Nan wiped the little girl’s fingers clean one by one. When his fingertips slid over the scars on Nuan Nuan’s little hands, a bone-chilling coldness flashed in his deep phoenix eyes, even if the special assistant and his party were three meters away, all of them felt it.

But the little bit of tenderness he had was given to the little girl standing in front of him.

“You recognized me?”

Gu Nan raised his hand and gently pinched the back of the little girl’s neck.

The cold temperature of the fingers brushed across the skin of the back of the neck, and Nuan Nuan shrank her neck slightly, but her big black and white eyes looked energetically at the cold and handsome tall young man in front of her.

She smiled shyly and obediently, she was so cute, her big beautiful eyes were bent.

“I recognize you, you’re Nuan Nuan’s big brother.”

Nuan Nuan’s voice was unusually crisp and joyful, the little girl hesitated for a moment, and mustered up her courage to grab… Gu Nan’s index finger with both hands.

Gu Nan’s knuckle-boned fingers held by her curled up slightly, the little girl’s hands were warm.

The young man’s eyes drooped slightly, looking at the small and soft hand, which looked very fragile at first glance, he didn’t dare to move too much, fearing that if he didn’t let his mind down, he would take this little hand that was as fragile as a ceramic doll.

“Big brother.”

She looked at the young man in front of her with big moist eyes, and called again in a soft voice.


Hearing his answer, Nuan Nuan was even happier, the corners of her light pink soft lips were raised, and the starlight in her eyes was even more dazzling, as bright as a little sun, melting his cold heart.

His little sister had grown so big.

“Big Brother, Dad is still waiting for us outside.”


Still cherishing his words like gold, Gu Nan gave a hmm…, wrapped his arms around Nuan Nuan’s back, and easily picked up the little girl with one hand.

She was so light.

The young man exuding an icy temperament frowned slightly, and he had already thought about how to feed the little girl in his arms in the future.

The expressionless and stern young man held a cute and delicate child like a ceramic doll in one arm, and he looked strangely cute.

But it really shocked Gu Nan’s subordinates. With their elite heads, how could they not imagine their boss holding a child.

But today, they saw it with their own eyes.

When the tall and indifferent young man walked away with the little girl in his arms, the assistants and others quickly followed up. They tried their best to adjust their expressions, but they couldn’t calm down because of the turmoil in their hearts.

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