TBLF Ch. 20

Ji Rang wore a pair of black sports pants today.

This pair of pants has no pockets.

The atmosphere was awkward for a while. The boy who was still fierce just a minute ago was suddenly a little at a loss. He hesitated, seeing Qi Ying’s expectant gaze and asked, “Can I give it tomorrow?”

She also saw that he didn’t bring any candy today, so she nodded obediently.

The bus arrived at the stop, and the surrounding students crowded up around it. Qi Ying waved at him and turned to enter into the bus. Ji Rang couldn’t get used to the smell of the bus, and took two steps back, holding his nose.

Seeing that, Qi Ying swiped her card and staggered to reach the handholds.

One second before the bus door closed, he suddenly boarded the bus with a leap.

The originally crowded carriage became even more crowded, because everyone was swept back, and the door was closed instantly. Qi Ying was also crowded into the middle.

He frowned more tightly and was about to walk towards the back. The driver said, “Swipe the card.”

Ji Rang halted, looked over the crowd and his eyes fell on Qi Ying’s face, and said without a smile: “Who will help me swipe the card?”

The students in the car looked at each other, the boss spoke, and they did not dare to ignore it. Several students in the front row held out the bus card silently.

Ji Rang didn’t answer, just looking at Qi Ying.

She finally saw him through the gap, her small face that had been wrinkled because of the crowd suddenly became bright, and she squeezed out from the crowd with difficulty, swaying to him with the bus card.

Beep, card swiped.

As the bus turned and her body started tilting, she hurriedly pulled at the handrails. Ji Rang let his arms cross her back and held the support, almost wrapping her in his arms. (A/N: Couldn’t find an appropriate picture, but I guess you got the idea)

Her body shook against his arm and finally stood firm.

After thinking about it, she used his sleeve as an armrest and held it tightly with both hands.

Ji Rang’s t-shirt was almost torn apart by her.

He looked out of the window and raised his mouth.

The students in the car silently watched this scene: “…”

Didn’t you just come to woo girls? Why did you ask for the bus card from us?

Qi Ying had to take the bus for half an hour, and Ji Rang’s face paled further at every stop.

The rich little master who had never taken a bus had motion sickness.

The classmate next to him didn’t know the truth, but seeing that the boss’s face was becoming uglier, and his brows became more and more furrowed, he thought he was dissatisfied that he did not have a seat. He stood up with his schoolbag and stammered, “Classmate Ji…Ji, Give it; give up the seat for you…”

Ji Rang gritted his teeth, tried to suppress the sourness in his stomach, and pressed Qi Ying, who was swaying in his arms, onto the seat.

He felt like he was about to vomit.

He didn’t want Qi Ying to see it.

Just as the bus stopped at the next stop, he rushed straight down from the front door.

Qi Ying didn’t respond to his abrupt departure, she just nodded slightly, and her little hand grabbed the bus window and looked out. Ji Rang stood squeezed among the crowd, waving at her sullenly.

Qi Ying also waved back.

The bus gradually drove away, he waited until he was sure that Qi Ying could not see him, then he turned around and rushed to the trash can not far away, and holding on to the bin he started vomiting.


Almost vomited in front of her.

Two passing girls, wearing red school uniforms from No. 4 Middle School, whispered and looked at him for a long time. When he finished vomiting, one of the beautiful girls walked forward, handed a tissue and a bottle of water, and asked softly: “Classmate, are you okay?”

Ji Rang leaned over, brushed the hair away from his face, then raising his hand scraped the corner of his mouth with the back of his hand and said, “Scram.”

The girl was taken aback, flushed with embarrassment, turned angrily and ran back to her companion.

Ji Rang straightened up and walked towards the convenience store nearby. Walking a little far, he could still hear the girl and her companion complaining: “Who is he! So fierce!”

During the two days of the weekend, Qi Ying did not go out and reviewed all the new knowledge. Although she couldn’t hear the teacher’s lecture, a study committee member was sitting behind her and Yue Li, her desk mate was also a diligent person. Every time after class got over, she would compare the knowledge points with their notes, and the course is basically understood.

Qi Ying was working hard, but Yu Zhuo didn’t put a small monthly exam in his eyes, and started playing games after finishing the weekend homework. Wu Yinghua scolded him as soon as she saw this. Yu Zhuo was so annoyed that he hid in Qi Ying’s room and lay down on his sister’s bed to play games.

When he took the pillow to cushion his head, he saw a strawberry candy under the pillow.

He grabbed it and ate it.

It was not until dinner that Qi Ying, who had finished reading the book, saw the pink candy wrapper in the trash can.

She hurried to the bed and took a look under the pillow.


She almost cried.

The next day Yu Zhuo wanted to hide in her room again, but Qi Ying didn’t open the door.

Classes started on Monday, probably because the exams will start at the end of early self-study, students are more sluggish than they are on Mondays usually. Qi Ying was so nervous that her palms were sweating. When she arrived in the classroom, she saw a candy on her desk.

The surrounding students looked the same as usual.

He must have placed it on her seat before everyone arrived in the classroom.

 She was nervous because the candy had disappeared earlier. So Qi Ying seriously put the strawberry candy in her stationery box. After the early self-study was over, she carried the stationery box to her examination room.

Haiyi’s exam room numbers are ranked according to grades. The lower the exam room number, the worse the results. Because Qi Ying is a transfer student, she did not have a score before, so she was ranked last in the school.

The examination room was in the old teaching building at the far north. Last Friday, Yue Li had accompanied her to see the examination room. When she went in, there were four or five people sitting in the examination room, lying on their backs, as if they were not here for the exam.

Qi Ying’s location was in the last row near the garbage can.

She found a seat, put away the admission ticket and pencil case, and turned over the language books she had brought over.

People came in one after another.

The worst students in the grade are concentrated in this classroom. It’s noisy, and it doesn’t look like they came for an exam.

The boy across the aisle from Qi Ying raised his feet wearing sneakers kicked her chair, and said with a smile: “Hey, transfer student, hold up the paper in a while, and allow me to copy the multiple choice questions.”

Qi Ying’s chair was kicked crooked by him, so she had to stand up and straighten it.

Just as she was sitting down, the boy kicked again, “Hey, don’t ignore people.”

The girl in front of him couldn’t stand it: “That’s a special classmate from Class 2, and she can’t hear. Why are you shouting!”

The boy suddenly realized: “Oh, that deaf and dumb girl.” He pulled out a discarded draft paper from his desk, and passed a note to Qi Ying: Classmates, let me copy the paper later.

Qi Ying glanced at the note, pursed the corners of her lips, and shook her head seriously at him.

The boy laughed angrily at her solemn rejection, and kicked her chair again: “She’s so damn high and mighty.”

Qi Ying’s chair was kicked crooked three times by him, and she couldn’t stand it anymore. But she couldn’t speak and couldn’t scold him. So she stood up angrily and kicked his chair.

The boy was not angry. He was amused by her actions: “You kicked me?” He patted his thigh, “Come here, kick here.”

As soon as the voice fell, a figure flashed through the aisle, flew and kicked his thigh. This immediately pushed the boy over.

Just after kicking, he stepped on his knee.

The boy screamed like a pig, and watched in horror as Ji Rang stood in front of him, still exerting force on his feet.

He felt that his knee was about to break, and he repeatedly begged for mercy: “Brother Ji Rang, I was wrong, Brother, Brother…”

The invigilator walked in and shouted: “What are you doing! Sit down! The exam will begin soon!”

Qi Ying was also taken aback by the sudden appearance of Ji Rang. She felt that his eyes were fierce, and she timidly reached out to pull at the corner of his clothes.

Ji Rang glanced at her, then retracted his foot, walked over to help her arrange the chair, and walked back to his seat. He was actually sitting in the position in front of her.

He just lazily walked to the door and saw her at the first glance, but did not dare to enter.

After being seen by her fighting and smoking, she would also know that he was the last one in the school.

Ji Rang stood at the door and thought, if he didn’t take the exam at all, she wouldn’t see him showing up in this rubbish exam room.

In the end, he saw that person bullying her.

She looks so angry too.

Stupid, even kicked someone’s chair.

The test bell rang, and the pre-test rules began to be broadcast on the radio. The invigilator opened the sealed test paper bag on the stage, sent it out in a row, and then asked them to pass it on.

Ji Rang took the last two test papers from the front, turned and handed them to Qi Ying.

And saw a candy on her admission ticket.

It was the one he had slipped into the second class room and put on her desk very early in the morning.

Fool, why didn’t she eat it?

What the fuck?

He kind of wanted to laugh.

Qi Ying took the paper, smiled sweetly at him, and then immersed himself in the question, using a blue whale pen.

He turned around, took out the pink whale pen from his trouser pocket, unscrewed the cap, and wrote his name on the test paper carefully for the first time.

Grade 2 Class 9, Ji Rang.

After writing the class and name, there is nothing more to write.

What the fuck.

“See Wanshan red all over, the forests are all dyed”What’s next? He knows that there is a piece known as “Qinyuanchun[1]·Snow”, why the hell there is a “Qinyuanchun·Changsha”? Are there “Qinyuanchun·Shanghai” and “Qinyuanchun·Beijing” as well?

The fishing boat sings late, what is it about the shore of Pengli?What does the last word mean?

Forget it, let’s take a look at the multiple-choice questions.

Read the classical Chinese fragments below to complete the options.

Ji Rang:…

Forget it, choose c for all.

In the past, what he found long and boring exams, this time the time seemed to pass so fast. Before he started writing essays, the invigilator announced that there were only twenty minutes before the end of the test.

The countdown to the examination in the school was going on, and you could not copy as the invigilator had read the newspaper on the stage a long time ago.

Qu Dazhuang threw a small ball of paper to Liu Haiyang. Liu Haiyang thought it was the answer, and opened it excitedly. A small scared expression was drawn on it, and it said: Did you see Brother? He actually answered a two-hour exam seriously! Is he studying behind our backs?

Liu Haiyang: Probably not. I guess he is writing a composition scolding the teacher.

Twenty minutes later, the bell rang and the exam was over. Ji Rang smiled satisfied as he watched his composition filled the entire grid.

Qu Dazhuang ran over and asked enthusiastically: “Brother Ji, what did you write in your composition?”

Ji Rang: “My dream.”

Luo Bing turned around blankly: “What, your dream? Isn’t the theme of this essay the Chinese Space Dream?”

Ji Rang: “???”

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[1] Refers to being written by Chairman Mao.

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