TBLF Ch. 19

When collecting history homework the next morning, Yue Li accompanied Qi Ying.

In fact, she was also afraid of Long Hai, but when she thought that Yingying was crying with anger yesterday, her anger immediately defeated fear and prevailed. She knew why Long Hai troubled Yingying.

Long Hai has a crush on Zhao Dunan.

It’s not even a secret anway, except for the head teacher, everyone in the class knows and Zhao Dunan is even clearer about it. But she looks down on Long Hai, so she doesn’t talk to him much. Only when she is on cleaning duty, she smiles and shouts: “The sports committee member, can you help lift the bucket? It’s heavy.”

Even though you look down on him, it doesn’t affect your enjoyment of being crushed upon.

It’s just the vanity of adolescent girls.

Yue Li felt that Long Hai’s behavior to embarrass Qi Ying in order to give Zhao Dunan an opportunity was simply low and shameful. She pulled Qi Ying to a stop in the back aisle, mustered up the courage and said loudly, “Long Hai, hand in your history homework!”

She thought it would be a fierce battle, but she didn’t expect that the big guy with muscles would hurriedly hand over the workbook on the top, “Here, here.”

His actions are too co-operative; Yue Li wondered whether he had hidden a weapon in the homework book! (A/N: I love Yue Li’s imagination)

They carefully took it over and opened it. Although the writing was ugly, it was really finished.

She glanced suspiciously at the fearful Long Hai, and took Qi Ying back. It wasn’t until early morning self-study that she learned from the classmates in the front row that Ji Rang let someone block Long Hai yesterday afternoon and forced him to do his homework.

Yue Li’s sense of gossip is very sensitive. She connected the things this morning and she was so excited that she hugged Qi Ying, who was silently reading classical Chinese, and screamed: “Yingying!! Ah! The boss actually took the initiative for you personally! J It was such a trivial matter to hand in homework! Ah, ah, when will I meet such a boss!”

Qi Ying, who didn’t know what she was talking about: “…”

Yu He, the deskmate of the study committee member Huang Botong in the back row, had a good relationship with the two of them. Seeing that Yue Li was cheering over there, she poked her with a pen: “Have you become an idiot? How terrible is Ji Rang? Ah, he’s so fierce, it’s better not to get involved with him.”

Yue Li: “No, he’s not terrible! My dream since I was a kid is to be a big boss’ woman!”

Yu He: “…”

Yue Li, who was immersed in a love fantasy, was very happy all morning until after the math class bell, the math teacher did not take away the lesson plans, but stood on the podium and said: “We will continue this class in the next physical education period also, as we have a monthly exam next week. There are still a few knowledge points that I haven’t mentioned.”

Yue Li suddenly wilted.

Yu He was still complaining to the classmates around her, when she heard Yue Li cry out, crying and saying, “I blame myself…”

Qi Ying handed the tissue to Yue Li helplessly, while Yu He hurried over to comfort her: “What’s wrong, Lili?”

Yue Li sobbed: “I blame myself for having a cup of milk tea two days ago. So God took away the gym class, and I blame myself…” (I didn’t get her logic, if any of you do, please tell me)

What’s all this, Yu He couldn’t laugh or cry, but at the same time said: “How can I blame you! I blame the school schedule! The physical education class is arranged after the math class, isn’t it just for the math teacher to take it over! “

It’s so insidious!

The first monthly exam after school started, approaching silently.

Qi Ying was more nervous than the first in the grade.

This is her first exam in the truest sense. In the past, only men could participate in the imperial examination, but she did not expect that one day she could also hold the pen to give an examination.

The last class on Friday was the class teacher Liu Qinghua’s. After the bell rang, she started to talk about the monthly test: “Tests start on Monday. If you go back home on the weekend, you must review it. The knowledge points discussed in class should be consolidated. Teachers of all subjects are in the WeChat group, you can call and send messages to ask, don’t wait until you are in the exam room to catch our eyes! Show some energy for the first monthly exam!”

After finishing talking, she arranged for the class committee members to move the tables to paste the exam numbers. Qi Ying was among them as the representative of the history class. Yue Li was not relieved and volunteered to stay and help.

Boys moved tables, and girls put exam numbers.

But there were only three male class committee members, and the others were all girls. It was obvious that there was not enough staff to move the table. The monitor Chen Mengjie arranged for girls to help. In the end, only Qi Ying and Zhao Dunan and Yue Li were left to post exam numbers.

Putting the test number is not only done by sticking a piece of paper on the upper left corner, but also by opening the gap between tables. The desks in the back row of the classroom were all moved out, leaving a large area empty.

Zhao Dunan didn’t move after pasting the paper, standing in the back row, she took out a small mirror and started wiping her face. Yue Li helped Qi Ying drag two rows of desks, but was annoyed, and shouted at her: “Why are you being so lazy?”

Zhao Dunan said giving them a weird look: “Those who are uglier should do more work.”

When Yue Li got up fiercely, she poked her heart by saying: “What’s good about your photos, no matter how you take them, it’s not enough to be the school flower!”

Zhao Dunan’s face immediately changed from her anger, stared at them for a few times, and then sneered: “Even if I want to fight, I’ll only fight with normal people, not with the disabled, do I look crazy?”

Yue Li almost smashed the glue bottle in her hand, still cursing, and Qi Ying pulled her sleeve. The corners of her mouth were curved and her eyes were soft, she shook her head at her.

Yue Li was angry and distressed, “Do you know what she said about you?”

Qi Ying still laughed, as if saying: It doesn’t matter.

Zhao Dunan was still giggling at the back, adding fuel to the fire: “How can she know, she can’t hear it. It’s so pathetic.”

Yue Li was furious, and pointed at her and shouted: “Do you believe it or not that I can call Ji Rang to beat you?!”

The name Ji Rang exploded like a bomb in the class. The smile on Zhao Dunan’s face faded, but she was not frightened by it. How wild is Ji Rang, what qualifications does this girl have to know the big guy?

She leaned against the wall and watched her joke clearly: “You call him.”

Yue Li gritted her teeth and took out her cell phone angrily. She seemed to be looking for Ji Rang, but she was actually sending a message to Qi Ying: Ah Yingying, do you have the contact information of the boss? Ask him to come to the rescue!

Qi Ying: No.

Yue Li:…

She couldn’t help but start to doubt her inference in the morning. Did he really like Yingying? He has reached the level of compelling people to do homework for her, but she doesn’t even have his contact information?!

Zhao Dunan saw her embarrassment and smiled more happily, and asked sarcastically, “Where is Ji Rang? You were asking him to come.”

As soon as the words fell, the back door of the classroom was slammed open, and both of them were startled, turning their heads together.

Ji Rang stood at the door carrying a schoolbag, his school uniform was sloppy, and he looked at Zhao Dunan blankly and asked, “You are looking for me?”

Zhao Dunan: “………………”

Yue Li: “!!!”

Is the boss a dragon?! Appears as soon as you call???

He walked in, pulled down the corner of his mouth, and took a chair to sit forward, “I was outside just now, and I heard you say the word disabled?”

He had a somber tone which scared Zhao Dunan so much that she denied it: “No! I didn’t say it!”

Yue Li was next to her: “She said! I will testify!”

Ji Rang smiled maliciously. He was smiling, but his tone was chilling: “You all think I don’t beat women, do you?”

Zhao Dunan’s face turned pale, and she couldn’t hold the small mirror anymore.

She was really afraid that Ji Rang would beat her. She saw Ji Rang beating people. In an alley outside the school, he stomped on the man’s face with his foot. There was a lot of blood on the ground, if it weren’t for the people behind him; she felt that Ji Rang would have crushed the man’s brain.

Later, that person was admitted to ICU and she heard that he was only a senior in high school, but in the end Ji Rang only received a warning.

She had a crush on Ji Rang before this incident, but after that, only fear was left.

Zhao Dunan was about to cry.

She glanced at someone at the door, looking over as if asking for help, and saw the tall and strong Long Hai standing there, who met her gaze and turned away with a guilty conscience.

Zhao Dunan: “!!!”

All men are pig trotters!

Although Yue Li was fierce, she was afraid that Ji Rang would really hit someone. Just about to say something, Qi Ying put down the tools in her hand and ran to Ji Rang happily.

He was sitting, she finally didn’t have to look up at him, with her small hands behind her, tilting her head and smiling sweetly at him.

Ji Rang’s arrogant sitting posture suddenly changed, and a little uncomfortably retracted his legs placed on the chair. It was not enough. He stood up, looked around, and asked Yue Li, “Do you want help?”

Yue Li: “Yes!”

Then Ji Rang began to pull the tables to open gaps.

He moved fast and with great strength, pulled two by two, so quickly arranged the seats.

When Long Hai hurriedly called the teacher to the classroom, he saw Ji Rang, a bad student from Class 9, helping three girls move the table.

The teacher glared at the stunned Long Hai with dissatisfaction: “Although Ji Rang and some of his classmates’ behavior is really excessive, you can’t slander him! The act of framing is the worst! Come here on the weekend and write a thousand words as a reflection!”

Long Hai: “…”

Longlong is wronged, Longlong feels bitter.

After setting up the classroom, Ji Rang took Qi Ying’s schoolbag and walked out. Yue Li held Qi Ying and followed behind him with excitement. She got close to the boss and felt that the boss was so tall and handsome!

Although she can’t be the boss’s woman, but her girlfriend is the boss’s woman, isn’t it a dream come true?

When he walked to the door, Ji Rang remembered something and looked back at Zhao Dunan who was still standing behind in a daze.

Seeing the obvious warning in his eyes, Zhao Dunan’s body started shaking and she lowered her head.

Recently, the psychiatrist suggested that the care and supervision of Qi Ying should be appropriately relaxed so that she can become independent more quickly. Therefore, Yu Zhuo did not wait for her after school, and ran off to play billiards with classmates.

Ji Rang’s mountain bike was parked at the school gate.

He carried his schoolbag and walked to the motorcycle. Qi Ying hesitated for a moment, pulled at the corner of his clothes, and pointed at the bus stop.

Ji Rang’s face sank.

She didn’t want to ride on his bike.

Qi Ying remembered that the last time he sent her home, he almost bumped into her uncle, and the next time when it was raining, he was met by her younger brother. It was really thrilling every time, so she didn’t dare to take any risks.

Ji Rang stared at her, with s slightly opened neckline, showing his collarbone, and lowered his head and asked in a vicious voice: “Why, dislike Laozi’s bike?”

She blinked, her long eyelashes fluttered.

After a little while, he surrendered.

Turning around irritably, he strode towards the bus stop. Qi Ying ran to follow. She knew that he was not taking the bus, and after passing by, she reached for her schoolbag.

Ji Rang was so angry that his cheeks went red: “You just hate Laozi.”

He let go, turned around throwing a tantrum and was leaving.

Qi Ying grabbed the corner of his clothes anxiously.

Ji Rang gritted his teeth and looked impatient: “What else?!”

She stretched out her hand to him, palm up, with shallow fine lines.

She was asking him for candy.

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