TBLF Ch. 18

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The disappearance of the school flower selection post made Yu Zhuo extremely angry.

He wasted the entire night voting through fake IDs, all for nothing! With blood in his eyes, Yu Zhuo was holding a language book and thinking hard, Xue Manqing must have done it! If you can’t win through votes, just use your means to make the Lord to delete posts, rubbish!!!

However, although the post is gone, because it was Qi Ying who was the first before the deletion, the title of school flower finally fell on Qi Ying only.

This made Yue Li very excited.

It was not in vain that she borrowed a circle of phone numbers from her parents, cousins, uncles and aunts last night to register for a Baidu account to vote for Yingying!

Looking at Zhao Dunan, who had a bad face all morning, she was almost exasperated. What about wearing a designer dress and a beautiful watch? It’s not as good as the school uniform worn by Yingying!

When Yingying’s disease is cured and returns to normal, what else can you say about those pink eyed people[1]!

In the next class, Qi Ying was going to the infirmary again. Yue Li secretly passed her a small note by hiding it behind her opened physics book: I heard them say that the psychiatrist is an expert in the city hospital, and very powerful. Ying Ying, are you feeling better? Will you be able to talk soon?

Qi Ying’s eyes blinked.

These days, the psychiatrist has been trying to guide her to speak, but she hasn’t been able to.

She tried to make a sound, but this body did not cooperate with her.

Just like, when the psychiatrist asked about her parents who sacrificed for the people, she could still feel the tingling and resistance in her heart.

But in the pain she felt, she thought of the general.

Throughout his life, he rode on the battlefield, guarding his family and the country, and protecting the people in all directions.

Generals are heroes.

So is the great father who sacrificed for the people.

So she resisted the discomfort and resistance, and answered the doctor seriously: Yes, she is proud of her father.

Perhaps, when the body no longer rejects the memory of the parents, she will be able to overcome the obstacles and speak.

After class, Qi Ying went to the toilet with Yue Li and walked towards the infirmary. From a distance, she saw the principal standing at the door of the infirmary, with a serious expression talking to the psychiatrist.

Qi Ying didn’t want to interrupt the teachers discussing serious affairs, so she stood still, intending to wait until they finished talking.

On the other end, the psychiatrist sighed: “His attitude is very cold and he’s not cooperative at all. When he comes, he sleeps. He hasn’t said a word to me so far.”

The principal though that it was only expected, and he felt even more helpless.

The principal asked: “Is there no other way?”

The doctor mused: “This child’s psychological defence is too heavy, and he is very vigilant and alert to the outside world. Generally speaking, he doesn’t trust anyone, and even more seriously, he may feel that everyone around him wants to harm him. Mental health activities, after all, are just for the stress and anxiety of ordinary students…”

Before he finished speaking, the principal already understood what he meant, and sighed: “I watched this kid grow up. I originally wanted to take advantage of this school activity to enlighten him. Hey, in this case, just forget it if he doesn’t want to come in the future.”

The psychiatrist nodded and said: “Principal Zhou, I don’t know what the knot in the child’s heart is, but the person who tied the knot must be the one to untie it. The main problem may still require more guidance from the parents.”

The principal gave a wry smile, said nothing, and waved him away.

Qi Ying in the distance finally approached after seeing the serious talks are over. In fact, the psychiatrist saw her early in the morning and praised the little girl’s upbringing and her for being polite.

As a PTSD patient, she is no different from ordinary people except for aphasia. She is warm and well-behaved, which is a rare miracle.

And that young man with eyes full of thorns, what has he gone through to be more troublesome than a PTSD patient?

The psychologist shook his head and sighed.

Probably the principal had explained it to Liu Yao. So, Liu Yao didn’t come to supervise Ji Rang to go to the infirmary on time. It didn’t matter. Anyway, it was just a different place to sleep, and there was little difference between sleeping here and there.

Putting his forehead on the desk and playing with his mobile phone, Luo Bing rushed in through the back door of the classroom.

“Big news! The school flower is transferring!”

Ji Rang stayed unmoved, pressed his fingers quickly, playing a single person game.

On the contrary, Qu Dazhuang, who has always been keen on gossip, said excitedly: “Really? Why did Xue Manqing suddenly transfer to another school? Where did she transfer? Is it a private school?”

Luo Bing exaggerated: “Do you really live in the same time and space as us? The school flower has changed a long time ago to our special classmate, Qi Ying!”

Qu Dazhuang’s mouth was wide open: “Huh?”

Ji Rang, who had been silent next to him, seemed to be pierced by a needle, so he stood up and grabbed Luo Bing’s collar: “Who did you say is transferring?”

Luo Bing was almost strangled to death. He rolled his eyes and said, “Special…Special classmate, Qi Ying, just went to the bathroom and I heard some Class 2 guys talking…”

Ji Rang slammed him aside and rushed out.

When he rushed to the Class 2 classroom, the class bell rang.

The students in the corridor talked and laughed and returned to the classroom to sit down. Class 2 was noisy, but then the front door was suddenly knocked open with a bang.

The entire class was frightened by the sudden intruder.

Ji Rang was standing at the door with an ugly face, the back of his hands bursting with blue veins, and his eyes under his short hair were cold and wild.

After scanning, Qi Ying was not found.

Two seats were empty.

He could hardly control the hostility in his eyes, and kicked on the nearest desk.

There were two girls sitting in the first row, and they were immediately scared enough to cry.

The corner of his clothes was suddenly grabbed.

With gentle force, like the wind of summer night, wrapped in the fragrance of flowers.

Ji Rang stiffened, but his hands clenched into fists suddenly loosened, turning back slowly.

Qi Ying was standing behind him, holding a stack of exercise books in her arms, a little curious, and a little afraid of him, her eyes softer than the moonlight seemed to ask him: What are you doing here?

Ji Rang’s chest finally felt free so that he could finally pant.

As soon as he grasped her wrist, he pulled her towards the corridor.

Qi Ying was stunned by him, and the exercise books in her arms almost spilled. He pulled her so hard, that her wrists hurt. Qi Ying struggled twice and couldn’t get rid of his hold, and the corners of her eyes were red as if she had been wronged.

After bringing her to the corner, Ji Rang finally stopped.

Qi Ying withdrew her hand from his palm, took two steps back still holding on to the exercise books. She tightened her lips, and her soft and fragile wet eyes looked at him accusingly.

Ji Rang’s tense face suddenly couldn’t be maintained.

He lowered his head, his black eyes were filled with the messy mass of emotions after a violent storm has cleared away, but his voice was low and soft, filled with annoyed feelings: “I was wrong, OK?”

Qi Ying didn’t know what he was talking about.

She just felt wronged.

He is the one who has been avoiding her, and he is also the one who is suddenly angry.

She turned her head away from him.

Ji Rang took a candy from the pocket of his school uniform and put it on the stack of history exercise books in her arms.

The pink strawberry fudge is the brand she gave him that time. He went to a lot of shops to find exactly the same one, put it in his school bag, and eats one every day.

Qi Ying looked down at the candy then looked up at the boy.

He was a little awkward and said dryly: “Give you candy.”

She sniffed the sweetness of the sugar and couldn’t help but curl her eyes in happiness.

Ji Rang said, “Is it okay if you don’t transfer?”

He spoke slowly, and Qi Ying, who was used to reading lips, understood what he meant. She was a little surprised why he asked her this way, she had just transferred to Haiyi, where else would she go?

But she nodded obediently.

Ji Rang, like the criminal that was pardoned, suddenly had a light in his gloomy black eyes.

There were rapid footsteps and Liu Qinghua’s voice: “Where is Qi Ying? What about other people? Who did you say took her away? Ji Rang from Class 9?”

Ji Rang pecked the corner of her lower lip, reached out and touched her head, then took three steps back and after went down one step before running happily down the stairs.

Qi Ying stared blankly at his disappearing back.

Liu Qinghua, monitor Chen Mengjie, and Yue Li hurried over, and they were finally relieved to see her standing at the entrance of the corridor safe and sound.

Yue Li screamed and rushed down. She withdrew her gaze and hurriedly hid the strawberry candy before they came.

At the end of class, Luo Bing rushed in through the back door again.

“Brother! I heard it wrong! It was not the special student who was going to transfer, but the history class representative of Class 2 who transferred, and then their history teacher made Qi Ying the new history class representative…”

The words were not finished, but he received a gloomy look from Ji Rang.

Ji Rang: “Come and get beaten.”

Luo Bing: “Oh, I donated you blood, you can’t do this to me.”

It was a suggestion made by a psychiatrist to make Qi Ying the representative of the history class. Qi Ying has a quiet personality. Because she can’t communicate normally, she doesn’t have much contact with classmates.

But she is patient and earnest, and finishes her homework very well every time. If she is given a responsibility, she will definitely be able to take it up. This is of great help to deepen the communication between her and her classmates and speak at an early date.

It happened that the history class representative of Class 2 transferred to another school because of his parents’ work, which happened to put Qi Ying out as the best choice.

A few classmates in Class 2 talked about this when they went to the bathroom, not knowing how it was misinterpreted as Qi Ying transferring out of school. Knowing the truth, Ji Rang recalled his performance, really wishing to kick Luo Bing to death.

For the whole day, the elder brother sat on his seat expressionlessly, his whole body exuding an icy murderous breath, and the younger brothers around shivered and dared not to disturb.

When school was about to end, Luo Bing came again.

Rushing all the way: “Brother! Brother Rang! I’ll make up for it! New news!”

Ji Rang twitched his lips: “You better do so.”

Luo Bing shuddered and immediately said, “Really! I saw it with my own eyes! Isn’t our last class a physical education class? I came back early. When I passed Class 2, I saw Qi Ying collecting history homework. The one who was made the sport committee representative did not hand in homework and also made Qi Ying cry!”

The surrounding air suddenly dropped a few degrees.

Qu Dazhuang said: “Long Hai! I used to be in the same class as that guy. That bastard is shameless. He cheated and entered Class 2, became a sports committee member and also the chairperson of the study club. “

Ji Rang got up with his schoolbag, with no expression on his face: “Where is this person?”

A group of people encircled Long Hai, the sports committee member of Class 2, at the back door of the school.

Although Long Hai is domineering, but he never dared to shout in front of Ji Rang, every time he saw him, he would lay low or make a small detour. Seeing the gloomy teenager in front of him, he immediately fell down on his knees.

He hurriedly took out all the money in his pocket, crying bitterly: “It’s all here, brother, it’s all here.”

Ji Rang didn’t answer, kicked his schoolbag, and said coldly, “Open it.”

Long Hai hurriedly opened the schoolbag, poured out all the textbooks, and showed it to Ji Rang, “It’s all here.”

Ji Rang said: “Find out the history homework.”

Long Hai honestly did so.

Ji Rang squatted down, picked up a pen, threw a pen on his face, and said in a dark voice: “Write well for Lao Tzu, finish writing everything, and hand in homework honestly tomorrow. One day without submitting history homework and Lao Tzu will beat you so that you won’t even be able to lift a finger.”

After that day, this news went viral in Haiyi.

The school bully began to force people to do homework again.

Upon hearing this, the whole school cried.

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[1] jealous people.

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