TBVSR Ch. 22: Clubhouse

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After school, Jiang Yu came to the foot bath and sauna club where Jiang Manyi worked.

This clubhouse catered to the mid-to-high-end class. The entrance was a retro Chinese-style gate. The ceiling in the hall was more than six meters high, and the atmosphere was magnificent.

The lady at the front desk saw Jiang Yu and said, “Xiao Yu is here, you must be looking for your mother. She has just finished. You can find her there in the Yujing private room.”

“Thank you sister.”

The lady at the front desk showed her the direction and she came to the Yujing private room.

Jiang Manyi and another aunt had ended the guest’s massage at the same time, and were sitting on the sofa in the private room to rest and eat fruit.

Seeing Jiang Yu standing at the door, Jiang Manyi was slightly surprised: “Honey, why are you here?”

Jiang Yu put the insulated lunch box on the coffee table, and said with a smile, “Mom, I brought you dinner.”

Jiang Manyi was overwhelmed, and quickly pulled her to sit down and said, “What are you doing bringing dinner? You are still a child. You are so busy with your studies. Mom has a working meal here, so you don’t need to bring meals.”

“I went to buy some food.”

Jiang Yu was thinking about dance practice, so she always left early and returned late. When she came back, she fell asleep immediately and her mother got off work very late. There was too little time for the mother and daughter to see each other, so she took the initiative to visit Jiang Manyi today.

Jiang Manyi felt very relieved, and smiled and scratched her nose: “So sensible, it seems that with my bonus at the year-end assessment, I must buy something for my good daughter.”

Jiang Yu hugged her arm and said coquettishly: “Then buy me a pair of ballet shoes!”

“Anything is fine except dancing shoes.”

“Hey, forget it, I just want ballet shoes.”

Another female massage technician, Tang Qianqian, listened to the mother and daughter, and felt a bit sour.

Her massage therapy technique was not as good as that of Jiang Manyi, so she would also seek some “crazy ways”, such as adding “other benefits” to those male clients who didn’t seem serious during the massage.

However, even so, in the annual year-end assessment, Jiang Manyi still scored the highest points.

Tang Qianqian disliked Jiang Manyi, not only because Jiang Manyi could get the assessment bonus every year, but also because she never provided “extra services” to customers.

This made Tang Qianqian feel extremely unbalanced.

Why did she make such a big sacrifice, but she didn’t get as much money as Jiang Manyi who only provided serious massage.

Wasn’t it just because of her beauty that male guests loved her when they came.

They were all selling their colours, what was the use of pretending to be reserved.

“Manyi, this is your fault. Your daughter likes to dance ballet, so you should support it.”

Tang Qianqian touched her new manicure and turned yin into yang, “Unlike my daughter, who is all focused on learning. Our work is so hard, we poor families should recognize our own identity and status, what kind of art can we study, studying hard is the right way. She will graduate next year, and she will not rest until she is admitted to Tsinghua or Peking University, so I really can’t do anything about her.”

Jiang Manyi hearing Tang Qianqian’s seemingly praiseworthy remarks, felt a little embarrassed and said with a sullen face: “Everyone has their own aspirations, my daughter only likes to dance ballet, and maybe she will become an artist in the future.”

Jiang Yu knew in her heart that her mother said such a thing, not because she supported her dancing, but because she just didn’t want to lose out in front of her colleagues.

Tang Qianqian smiled and said, “Study ballet? That tuition is not cheap. Parents like us who work to support their family, should also consider whether they have the strength or not?”

Jiang Yu made a calm face and no longer responded.

Jiang Yu smiled and said, “Auntie Tang, what you said is wrong. My mother has already prepared the tuition for ballet, and she supports me very much.”

“Jiang Yu, auntie knows you are sensible, but you can’t open your eyes and talk nonsense. Although auntie is not literate, she also knows that studying art will cost you more money. It’s strange that your mother can afford it.”

Although Tang Qianqian had a smile on her face, but the words pierced people like a knife.

She understood Jiang Yu’s temperament. She had always looked down on Jiang Manyi’s work. She must feel greatly humiliated after hearing this.

However, Jiang Yu acted as if nothing was wrong, and said lightly: “Aunt Tang, my mother is not like you. She relies on her own craftsmanship to eat. Although she doesn’t earn much, she has a long history… There are also many repeat customers. You are different, your ‘craft’, my mother can’t easily learn it. After all, you are eating youth food.”


Tang Qianqian blushed when she heard Jiang Yu say this.

They were all mothers, and these “shameful” things she did caused many jokes in the clubhouse.

Now, even the little girl Jiang Yu dared to laugh at her!

Tang Qianqian was furious, so she got up and slammed the door on her way out.

Jiang Manyi poked Jiang Yu’s head: “Where did you hear the gossip, you are a little kid.”

Jiang Yu grabbed Jiang Manyi’s hand and asked, “Mom, you just said that you supported me in dancing, it’s true? Right?”

“I didn’t say that!”

Jiang Manyi immediately changed her mind: “My position has never changed, it’s better if you study hard for me.”

Manager Zhou hurried over and said to Jiang Manyi, “Everyone, pack up and gather in the hall. An important client is coming.”

Jiang Manyi was about to open the insulated lunch box, but when she heard this, she could only put it down, then she said to Jiang Yu: “My dear, you go home first, and mother will come back to eat later.”

“You’re so busy.”

Jiang Yu was a little dissatisfied: “I brought it for you specially.”

“Mom won’t work overtime tonight, she’ll be back soon, be obedient.”


Jiang Yu put the insulated lunch box into the insulated jacket, and left the sauna club with it.

But as soon as she walked out the door, a black Bentley drove over and stopped by the door of the clubhouse.

When Jiang Yu saw this Bentley, she felt that it was a little familiar, but she didn’t think too much about it.

Xie Yuan stepped out of the Bentley in a suit and leather shoes, loosened his tie, and walked into the clubhouse with sonorous steps.

In the clubhouse, all the staff, including the manager, were waiting for Xie Yuan in the hall.

In order to earn performance credit, Tang Qianqian deliberately bumped Jiang Manyi away, took her place, and squeezed her into the corner of the last row.

She deliberately put on bright lipstick and touched up her makeup, standing in the front row flamboyantly.

“Mr. Xie, for someone like you to come to our clubhouse, we are really proud.” The manager said with a full smile on his face, “We will definitely bring you the best massage experience and help you eliminate the fatigue of the day.”

Jiang Manyi opened her eyes wide and saw that the person who came was really Xie Yuan from Yue Fang Technology Group.

She did not feel well.

Xie Yuan was Bu Tanyan’s former secret boyfriend, and Bu Tanyan had even given birth to a child for him.

Thinking that Jiang Yu had just walked out of the club, and the father and daughter almost collided, Jiang Manyi was shocked.

She must never let the relationship between Jiang Yu and Xie Yuan be made public.

When Bu Tanyan left, she entrusted her daughter to her care, and told her not to let anyone in the Bu family know of the existence of this child.

According to the wishes of her best friend, Jiang Manyi concealed her from everyone and raised the little girl alone.

Stepping into the ordinary life that Tanyan yearned for, Jiang Manyi hoped that Jiang Yu would be fortunate enough to enjoy it.

Ordinary and happy.

Fortunately, even though Jiang Manyi knew about the relationship between Xie Yuan and Bu Tanyan, but Xie Yuan didn’t know about their relationship.

For Xie Yuan, she should be just a stranger.

He came to the club today, probably just by accident.

Jiang Manyi took a deep breath and hid at the end of the crowd to calm down her nerves.

Tang Qianqian saw that the person who came today…was really a super big customer, and she began to think carefully.

In Beicheng, who didn’t know the famous Xie Yuan, wasn’t the landmark office building in the financial center his home?

What’s more, he was still the fifth super diamond king!

Tang Qianqian didn’t want Jiang Manyi to steal her client, so she winked at the manager.

Of course, the manager also took advantage of Tang Qianqian during the festivals. Therefore, he immediately said to Jiang Manyi: “Manyi, go and help clean up the room. I heard that Mr. Xie is a cleanliness freak. Make sure that every corner of the room, as well as the bathroom, is cleaned again!”

Jiang Manyi was worried that she wouldn’t have a chance to run away, so when she heard the manager’s words, she turned around and walked towards the second floor as if she had suddenly been released.

The foreman said to Xie Yuan: “Mr. Xie, the best massage therapist here is Qianqian. Let her serve you today, Qianqian, come quickly.”

Tang Qianqian hurried over and said to Xie Yuan, “Mr. Xie, welcome to our club, what service do you want, we have everything here.”

Xie Yuan frowned slightly, took two steps back in disgust, and said mercilessly: “I don’t like the smell of inferior perfume, please change to someone else.”

Tang Qianqian gritted her teeth and retreated unwillingly.

Seeing that Xie Yuan didn’t like Tang Qianqian, the manager could only say, “Then I’ll make other arrangements for you.”

Xie Yuan was not interested in other people, and said, “I heard that the technician No. 47 here is very good. My business partner recommended her to me when I was coming here, so let’s use her.”

Hearing the number 47, all the technicians in the hall turned their heads at the same time, and looked at Jiang Manyi on the second floor.

Jiang Manyi felt bad when she heard this.

She didn’t want to serve her adopted daughter’s biological father!

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