TBVSR Ch. 23: Showdown

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Seeing that Xie Yuan took the initiative to call Jiang Manyi by name and said that he came here because of her name.

To be honest, as the manager, even he was a little jealous.

There was no way, since Xie Yuan called her by name, he could only obey his wishes.

“Manyi, get ready.” The manager contacted Jiang Manyi on the walkie-talkie: “Entertain President Xie.”

“That…Mister Zheng, I’m not feeling well.” On the walkie-talkie, Jiang Manyi refused: “Change to someone else.” The technicians felt incredible when they heard Jiang Manyi’s refusal.

This was a good opportunity that couldn’t even be asked for. If the service was good, even if you don’t catch a big golden customer, how many points would you have added to your performance! She actually refused!

Tang Qianqian, who was left out beside her, was so jealous that her eyes were red.

The manager said solemnly: “Manyi, don’t give me the chain at such a critical time. If the service makes Mr. Xie satisfied, this year’s year-end bonus will be doubled for you!”

Jiang Manyi hesitated but thinking of Jiang Yu’s tuition and the life of the mother and daughter, she finally gritted her teeth and agreed.

Anyway, he didn’t know her, so what was she afraid of!

Soon, only Jiang Manyi and Xie Yuan were left in the room.

Because of Jiang Yu, Jiang Manyi had a natural hostility towards Xie Yuan, and she didn’t have a good face when dealing with him.

“Change into this dress.”

She threw a loose dress over coldly.

Xie Yuan lay on the bed and said lightly, “I don’t need to change clothes, just press it for me.”

“Whatever you say, then I’ll press it casually.”

Jiang Manyi just wanted to end it quickly, so she pressed it like that only.

Xie Yuan felt the perfunctory force on his back, and said, “I heard that you are the best technician here, is that the level?”

Jiang Manyi: “You said to press it casually.”

Xie Yuan saw Jiang Manyi was dissatisfied with him and asked, “Do you know me?”

“The famous President Xie, who does not know you in the whole Beicheng.”

“It seems that you hate me very much.”

Jiang Manyi noticed that her emotional management had failed. So, she took a deep breath and began to massage him seriously.

“I am a poor woman, you should treat me as an enemy of the rich.”

Jiang Manyi tried to use this sentence to dispel Xie Yuan’s doubts.

However, Xie Yuan said in the next sentence: “I have seen your daughter.”

Jiang Manyi’s hand suddenly stopped: “Wh…what!”

“Last time I visited the Science and Technology Museum of Yuxi Middle School, your daughter Jiang Yu gave me a tour and I was very impressed with her.”

Jiang Manyi’s hands began to tremble: “You… what do you mean?”

“It may be a bit presumptuous to ask, but I still want to know, is she your biological daughter?”

Jiang Manyi took two steps back and panicked: “Of course she is my biological daughter! Otherwise! What do you mean by that!”

Xie Yuan sat up and said calmly, “Since I ask you this way, naturally I’m sure.”

Jiang Manyi leaned against the wall, her whole body was not well, and a thin layer of cold sweat hung on her back.

After all, Jiang Yu was not her biological daughter. There was no birth record. Since she was registered as the adoptive mother, she could not hide it.

With Xie Yuan’s current status and the means of reaching the sky, if he really wanted to check, there was nothing he couldn’t check.

Since he came to find her, he was naturally confident.

Jiang Manyi sat staggering on the sofa, unable to calm down for a long time.

Xie Yuan calmly handed her a cup of jujube tea: “I found out that you and A Tan were friends back then, and your attitude towards me today also proved that you must know me.”

What a smart man Xie Yuan was!

Back then, Bu Tanyan had filled her ears with all kinds of praises for him, saying how high IQ this man was and how miserable his life was, and it took half his life…

Now, he could have such a position, so if it came from Bu Tanyan’s mouth, it definitely couldn’t be exaggerated.

Jiang Manyi said in a trembling voice, “Since you’ve already found it, why didn’t you go to Xiao Yu directly, instead of coming to me.”

Xie Yuan was silent for a moment and said, “I can’t go to her directly.”

On the afternoon of the day he found out the truth, he rushed to the school gate impulsively, wanted to see her, and even hug her with tears in his eyes, wanting to tell her: “Don’t be afraid of anything, Dad is back.”

He wanted to give her the whole world with pride.

However, when he saw the little girl walking out of the school with her schoolbag on her back, chatting with her classmates, while having a sunny smile on her face.

Xie Yuan backed away.

Every time after that, he only dared to watch from a distance and dared not disturb her life easily.

After all, he felt ashamed, to her, to Bu Tanyan…

“You are her mother, I shouldn’t speak about this matter.”

Xie Yuan kept his attitude low and politely asked Jiang Manyi: “You are the one who raised her, I hope you can tell her the truth…”

Jiang Manyi’s heart froze when she heard this, and her hands trembled uncontrollably: “You want to take my daughter.”

“She is my daughter.” Xie Yuan said firmly: “I want her back with me.”

“Then tell her, Mr. Xie, tell her!”

Jiang Manyi’s eyes were emotionally filled with tears: “Tell her, you left her mother alone and went to Shenzhen to work hard, go say it!”

“I can’t bear to lose again. Likewise, I don’t want to hurt her feelings.” Xie Yuan looked at Jiang Manyi and said calmly, “So, I have to get your forgiveness first.”

“Then I want to tell you that it will never be possible. Xiao Yu is my daughter. I raised her. When she was sick, when she encountered setbacks, I was always by her side. For her, I gave up my feelings.”


Jiang Manyi looked at him with absurd eyes: “Now, you are killing me by saying that you want to take my daughter! Xie Yuan, do you still want my forgiveness?”

Xie Yuan knew that they couldn’t talk anymore, so he stood up and put on his suit jacket: “I’m not in a hurry, but no matter what, I won’t give up. At all costs, I will let Xiao Yu recognize me as her father…”

Jiang Manyi sat beside the bed in a daze, wiping the tears on her face forcibly.

Xie Yuan walked out of the room, when the manager outside the door heard the noise, he hurried over to apologize to Xie Yuan: “Mr. Xie, you… don’t be angry, this woman is illiterate and ignorant. I will deduct her salary when I go back, so you can calm down.”

Thinking of Jiang Yu, Xie Yuan also felt that his actions today were too rash.

He just came up to her, and it was impossible for any mother to understand.

But… whenever he thought of getting along with Jiang Yu that day, Xie Yuan found it hard to control his emotions.

It was so tender, it came from his heart.

“No, don’t punish her.” Xie Yuan said, “I will come often, please give her the best treatment.”

As soon as these words came out, the manager and the surrounding technicians, were stunned.

Jiang Manyi had some luck, she offended the guest, but was defended by the guest like this.

When Tang Qianqian, who was leaning against the wall wanting to eat melons and watch a good show, heard that Xie Yuan didn’t care at all, and instead asked the foreman to give Jiang Manyi the best treatment, she was so jealous that her mouth was bitten.

Jiang Yu was walking halfway, and remembered the Bentley parked in front of the clubhouse, which was a bit like the one that Xie Yuan saw at school that day.

Because a luxury car of that level, it was difficult to see a second car in the city.

Jiang Yu was startled, and hurriedly turned back to the clubhouse, only to see Jiang Manyi changing into her daily clothes after get off work, carrying a bag, and walking out of the staff passage by the side door.

Her face was very ugly.

Jiang Yu hurried up to meet him: “Mom, you’re off work?”

“Why haven’t you gone back yet?”

Jiang Manyi looked around defensively, then dragged Jiang Yu away in a hurry.

“Mom, I know the person who just went in. That’s Xie Yuan, the big boss of Yuefang Technology Group.”

Jiang Manyi asked with a serious expression, “Why, you know this Xie Yuan very well?”

“I’m familiar with him. He came to the school to visit the Science and Technology Museum. I served as a tour guide for him. He is not bad. Although he is in his forties, there is no generation gap in communication.”

Jiang Manyi felt very uncomfortable, with a sullen face, she solemnly told Jiang Yu: “You stay away from him in the future, don’t get in touch with him again, and if he asks you to meet alone, and you definitely shouldn’t agree.”


“Why are you still asking.” Jiang Manyi held Jiang Yu’s shoulders: “What’s the reason? He’s a middle-aged man and he’s not married. You little girl, of course you shouldn’t have too many close contacts with him.”

Jiang Yu relaxed and she smiled: “Mom, your logic, could it be if he is married, I could date him?”

“What are you talking about.” Jiang Manyi poked Jiang Yu’s forehead: “Anyway, you shouldn’t have contact with him.”

Jiang Yu thought about when she went to see Xie Yuan and was repeatedly turned away: “I can’t see him even if I want to.”

“Anyway, just remember what your mother said, you are only seventeen or eighteen years old, don’t let people gossip.”

Jiang Yu asked curiously, “Then why did he come to the club today, didn’t he come to see you?”

“He came for a massage, and he said he was recommended.”

Jiang Manyi didn’t reveal the unpleasant chat she had tonight to Jiang Yu: “All in all, he and we are not the same.”

Jiang Yu held her mother’s hand and walked on the street in winter. On a whim, she asked: “Mom, what kind of person is my father?”

“Why are you asking this?”

“I heard that Xie Yuan seemed to be looking for his daughter, so I was curious and wanted to know what kind of person my father was. Before, you only said that he went south to work, and you didn’t know his whereabouts. Does he know me then?”

“He’s a scumbag, and he doesn’t know that you exist.” Jiang Manyi dodged her eyes and said with a guilty conscience, “Maybe he already has his own family.”

“Oh, okay.”

Jiang Manyi felt a little sad in her heart, and asked, “Do you miss your father?”

“No, I don’t even know who he is after all.”

The fluffy snowflakes fell on Jiang Yu’s shoulders, and Jiang Manyi gently brushed it off, raised the little girl’s oval face, and said, “My dear, mother will always love you, more than anyone in this world.”

She broke away from Jiang Manyi and stepped forward: “What love or not, if you really love me, can you let me dance ballet?”

Jiang Manyi finally showed a relaxed smile, looking at her back, she fell in a trance, this picture seemed to be overlapping with Bu Tanyan’s from many years ago.

I will protect her for you and let her live a happy and simple life.

As the time for the promotion competition was getting closer and closer, Jiang Yu put all her energy into training.

At first, Fan Danxi didn’t take Jiang Yu seriously, but since she was smashed by her during the rehearsal that day, Fan Danxi had to re-examine this “competitor”.

As long as there was Jiang Yu for comparison, the chances of her wanting to enter the Esmera Art Center were very slim.

She had to figure out a way to keep her out of the competition.

“I don’t care, no matter what, you have to bring me a pair of VCI shoes from Hong Kong. What happened last time is so humiliating! You have to make it up for me!”

Fan Danxi turned around the stairs and saw Wu Silin talking on the phone, talking about the VCI dance shoes.

She had heard of the “high imitation dancing shoes” scandal, and Wu Silin and Jiang Yu were now at the level of incompatibility.

Maybe… she could take advantage of that.

“No matter, I must have a pair of VCI dancing shoes anyway! You can decide for yourself!”

Wu Silin hung up the phone angrily, turned around, and saw Fan Danxi smilingly looking at her.

“Danxi, you…have heard it?”

Fan Danxi said with a smile, “Even if you bought VCI’s dancing shoes, the same shoes as her a poor person is wearing, won’t you feel disgusted.”

Wu Silin lowered her head and bit her lip “But I’m just not reconciled, why should she…wear VCI!”

“I have a way.”


“Since she deliberately bought the same shoes as you, she must have wanted to provoke you.”

Fan Danxi approached her, and whispered in her ear: “If you can’t let her wear it, it will be fine.”

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