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Seeing that Shen Xigou appeared here and became the new resident of the villa opposite his, Fu Yuanzhou stood still for a while before he regained his senses, and a thin layer of sweat broke out on his forehead.

In less than a day, Shen Xigou contacted the original owner and bought the villa. Fu Yuanzhou never dreamed that Shen Xigou’s actions would be so fast. Originally, he planned to contact the guard to put Shen Xigou on the blacklist, which would have made him unable to enter the community again in the future, but before it could be implemented, Shen Xigou became a resident here just like him.

Without thinking about it, he knew that Shen Xigou was coming for him. When he thought that he would meet with Shen Xigou every day in the future, Fu Yuanzhou felt terrified at the thought of going anywhere.

His face changed obviously, Shen Xigou looked in his eyes, his smile faded a little, and he asked softly.

“Can you tell me, why are you afraid of me? What have you been through?”

“Are you afraid of something related to me, or me?”

Fu Yuanzhou kept his mouth shut, glanced at Shen Xigou, and inadvertently saw the scratch on his palm and suddenly stopped moving.

Yesterday, he originally invited Dr. Sun to treat Shen Xigou’s wound, but before he could arrive, Shen Xigou left first, and the night passed, and the wound still remained untreated.

After the blood had been washed away, Fu Yuanzhou was able to see the wound clearly. It seemed that it was scratched by a sharp tool. The wound was deep, and even the flesh inside was slightly turned out. It looked a bit terrifying, but Shen Xigou didn’t seem to care at all.

He didn’t even mention the reason for the injury. Fu Yuanzhou thought that it might have been scratched by the robber, so his heart trembled, and some complicated emotions emerged.

No matter with what purpose Shen Xigou saved Xinyi, the fact could not be changed that he did save her, and he even encountered certain dangers for it.

Fu Yuanzhou discovered a long time ago that Shen Xigou didn’t cherish his body. When he was imprisoned, he almost strangled Shen Xigou, but Shen Xigou was still smiling. Later, in order to punish him, he started to self-harm. It didn’t matter to him if his own wound was cracked. Fu Yuanzhou suspected that the reason why Shen Xigou even bandaged his wounds was more to not scare him.

The current Shen Xigou was still the same, he acted as if the injury was not on him, and the person who hurt was not him.

Looking at the wound, Fu Yuanzhou thought a lot. He found that he was worried about Shen Xigou. After realizing this, he not only spurned himself, but also hoped that Shen Xigou would quickly bandage the wound.

His feelings for Shen Xigou were extremely contradictory. He feared him, rejected him, wanted to avoid him, and was full of negative emotions towards him, but he didn’t hate him. Even if he did, what he hated was his past self.

In the past few years, the person he liked the most was Shen Xigou – without any ambiguous feelings, it was out of appreciation for a confidant, they got along so well, as long as he was with Shen Xigou, he would be able to forget all his troubles, Shen Xigou perfectly fit all his preferences and seemed to be born for him.

A lot of things happened later, which cast blood and darkness on their friendship. He hated Shen Xigou. He felt painful, regretful and fearful. It was also because the past was too beautiful, so when the dream was broken, he was hurt deeper.

After his rebirth, Fu Yuanzhou didn’t want to repeat the tragedy of his previous life. He just wanted to set himself free from Shen Xigou. From then on, they were strangers. He thought that he was only afraid of Shen Xigou, but now, he found out that he still had other feelings for Shen Xigou.

This couldn’t be… He had to avoid Shen Xigou.

Fu Yuanzhou couldn’t say what he cared about, so he didn’t say it. He pretended to be indifferent and looked away. Shen Xigou noticed the change in his eyes, put his injured hand behind him, and said, “Sorry, did it make you scared? I was busy buying the house yesterday, and I didn’t have time to deal with the wound. I’ll go in a while.”

Hearing this, Fu Yuanzhou felt unhappy, he hurriedly turned around and walked back. Across the door, Shen Xigou looked at his back and called him from behind: “Seven.”

“Don’t call me that.” Fu Yuanzhou didn’t want to hear that name again.

“Okay, then I’ll call you Yuanzhou, okay?”

Shen Xigou, seeing that Fu Yuanzhou was silent, continued: “I hope we can reconcile and go back to the way we were in the past. If you were hurt because of me, please you tell me, I’ll make it up to you, as long as I can, I’ll do my best for you, but…”

He lowered his voice, full of pleading, sounding even a little humble.

“Please don’t hide from me, don’t tell me any reason, and don’t drive me away again. I’m very sad to be alienated by you for no reason. Yuanzhou, you don’t know, for me, life without you is really boring…”

Fu Yuanzhou’s heart seemed to be pinched by an invisible hand, and his heart ached for a while.

In fact, he knew very well, because he had a similar feeling in his previous life, that it would be boring to play without Shen Xigou playing with him. And this was not the first time he had heard Shen Xigou say this. After graduating from high school in his last life, he went abroad to find Shen Xigou. It was the first time the two met. Then also, Shen Xigou also said similar things.

At that time, Shen Xigou took him to play around. Shen Xigou had traveled a lot, had rich experience, and knew many people. He took him to a yacht party hosted by a friend.

The luxurious yacht was parked on the sea. Under the night, the lights on the distant coast were dazzling and blurred. The people on the boat were the children of the rich, invited models and Internet celebrities. They were playing like crazy. However, Shen Xigou pulled him away from the center of the party and brought him to the stern to enjoy the night wind.

“Lorenzo, why don’t you come? Everyone is looking for you.”

The blond and blue-eyed exotic beauty invited Shen Xigou to play with them. Shen Xigou declined with a smile. Fu Yuanzhou was drinking a cocktail and saw the beauty leave. He poked Shen Xigou’s arm and said loudly in the loud music: “Don’t worry about me, go and play!”

Shen Xigou shook his head, as if he was worried that Fu Yuanzhou couldn’t hear what he was saying. He put his arms around Fu Yuanzhou’s shoulders and leaned close to him. He spoke with a scorching breath that sprayed on his ears.

“It’s okay, I’ll accompany you.”

The distance between the two of them was so close that if Fu Yuanzhou moved a little, Shen Xigou would kiss him on the ear, so he smiled and moved in the opposite direction: “I can see, you don’t have to get so close.”

Shen Xigou smiled, didn’t let go, took a sip from the glass in Fu Yuanzhou’s hand, while not even avoiding the edge of the glass that Fu Yuanzhou’s lips had touched just now.

“Isn’t it boring to just stay here with me like this?” Fu Yuanzhou asked him.

“I brought you here because I thought you would like it.” Shen Xigou said, “I don’t want to join them, so I might as well take a look at you.”

Fu Yuanzhou said, “I’m not so good-looking as them.”

He recognized many people on the yacht. There were several people here who were well-known beauty and Internet celebrities on instagram. The real people were indeed very beautiful and sexy. Sometimes he also saw them leaving messages on Shen Xigou’s instagram, but Shen Xigou had never replied to them, just now also his attitude was lukewarm.

“Don’t compare yourself to them, they don’t deserve it.”

Shen Xigou pinched the tip of his nose lightly, and said indulgently, “Since you don’t like it, we’ll leave.

“Let’s go ashore.”

“It’s okay.”

Shen Xigou shook his head and smiled, and went to say hello to his friend, but the friend didn’t stop them and sent the two of them ashore. They were hanging out on the shore, when Shen Xigou said again: “With others, everything is boring, only being with you is interesting.”

“Then how did you spend the past twenty years?” Fu Yuanzhou looked at him sideways, sounding like he didn’t believe it, “Could it be that you have been bored for more than twenty years? “

“You guessed it right.” Shen Xigou took his hand, “It was really boring, but I didn’t feel it at that time. I didn’t feel the joy of living until I met you.”

“So I don’t feel it anymore. I don’t want to go back to my past life, Seven, don’t leave me behind.”

Fu Yuanzhou still remembered every word Shen Xigou said at that time, but at first, he thought it was Shen Xigou saying things to make him happy. Later he realized that he was serious, even if both of them were hurt bloody, Shen Xigou would not let go of his hand.

Perhaps Shen Xigou was not born for him but lived for him.

Fu Yuanzhou’s heart was aching. Across the iron fence gate of the courtyard, he finally looked back at Shen Xigou. Shen Xigou was also looking at him, his blue eyes were full of broken light, he was really sad.

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