KHSW Ch. 131: Infected

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Hearing Ling Xi’s words, Yao Ru subconsciously shivered, but she remained calm, “Yes, you’re right, I still have something to do, so I can’t be late.”

“Senior, walk slowly.”

Ling Xi looked at her back. Although she was walking steadily, in her opinion, she was a little more at a loss.

This was what she wanted. As long as it could deter her, she would not dare to make any more small moves in the short term.

In Pei Shan’s office.

“I forgot to tell you last time that there was a call from Haihu Bay, and the shooting time may be delayed for about half a year.”

Pei Shan was a little puzzled. Director Wei Lifu should be the one who was most eager to start the shooting, so how could it be delayed for so long?

“Did they say why?” Ling Xi’s eyes also revealed doubts.

“No, I guess it may be a problem with the acting side. I hope there won’t be any further changes. In that case, I’ll take the notice for you first, and you can pick it up when the time comes.”

Ling Xi fluttered her eyelashes, “Sister Pei, I haven’t had a vacation for three years when I was in Xingmei, can we take it slow?”

Pei Shan was still soft-hearted in the end, “That’s alright, just one month, no more.” The star must also maintain her spirit.

“Sister Pei, you are the best agent I have ever met. You are really superb.”

“Don’t be pompous, I hate people who beat horses the most[1].”

“How can this be a horse? Sister Pei is Yiling’s ace agent, so she must be the best, ah.”

Ling Xi rubbed her nose uncomfortably.

“Your cold isn’t healed yet?” Pei Shan’s eyes showed a faint look of worry.

“It’s basically okay, then I’ll go first.” Saying this, she hurriedly left the office.

Just at that moment, she thought, that yesterday she kissed Yizhi, so the cold shouldn’t have been transferred to him, right?

Xu Group.

“Mr. Xu, are you feeling unwell, why don’t you take a rest?” Secretary Yang brought in a stack of documents. Seeing that the CEO’s mental state was not very good, he asked.

Xu Yizhi rubbed his forehead, “It’s okay, you go out first.”

“Okay, Mr. Xu.”

Xu Yizhi opened the document but started feeling more and more dizzy.

“Brother, why don’t you lend me a house?” Chi Jingyu pushed open the door and entered. But he saw Xu Yizhi lying on the table.

“Brother” He called him several times in a row, but he didn’t answer.

Touching his forehead, it was hot, was he sick?

Ever since they met, he had never seen Xu Yizhi get sick. What happened this time?

When Ling Xi received the call, she hurried home, “Why didn’t you take Yizhi directly to the hospital?”

Ling Xi touched his forehead, her face full of distress and worry.

“No, sister-in-law, brother hates going to the hospital the most. He said that the hospital will remind him of some bad things, so he has been exercising. Anyway, I have never seen him sick.”

“Why did you bring him here?”

“Isn’t that because my sister-in-law is here?” Chi Jingyu felt that he seemed to be talking too much, “Sister-in-law, can you take care of him alone, or should I stay?”

“Well, I’ll ask Mama Zhang to arrange a room for you in a while.”

Chi Jingyu was secretly moved, it felt good to have a sister-in-law.

Ling Xi looked at the man lying on the bed and felt a little sour in her heart. This man really made her unable to live without him.

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[1] Flattering people.

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