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While Fifth Master Lu said that he was unhappy, he rubbed Siyu round and flattened her. The expression on his face even seemed to be a little cheerful, but he was still a bit “unhappy”.

Siyu had long expected that Fifth Master Lu would make a fuss about this matter, so it was rare that she stayed quiet and let this person kiss her endlessly. In the end, she couldn’t bear it, so she gave him a little push and said: “Don’t make trouble, tell me why did you come?”

Fifth Master Lu looked down at her, and felt that this little rabbit had become really courageous, but he was a little satisfied just now, so he caressed Siyu’s long hair and motioned her to continue.

Siyu frowned and said: “A Lin accidently said it on the program, Shen Yue told me that the internet has blown up. Someone kept asking me what was going on. I didn’t know what to say.

Speaking of this, she glanced at Fifth Master Lu’s face, and promptly added: “Of course, I didn’t mean that I don’t want to make our relationship public. I just think it’s very troublesome. I will definitely have to hold an official press conference at that time. Everyone will ask. Besides this kind of publicity is not suitable for you, right?”

Siyu plunged into Fifth Master Lu’s arms, slammed her forehead against his chest being depressed, grabbed his clothes, and sighed.

Although the Lu family was powerful, it had always been low-key, and Fifth Master Lu was more like a shadow in the dark. Siyu was now a member of the entertainment industry, so she knew how much the audience would be provoked, if a celebrity announced his/her love affair. She could hardly imagine the result of someone like Fifth Master Lu being exposed to the spotlight.

It was not that she is worried about him, but Siyu felt faintly awkward, and did’t want her boyfriend to attract so much attention for no reason.

However, Siyu was really embarrassed to say this kind of careful thinking, and could only turn around: “Being a star is too troublesome, and people are always staring at us or… wait a minute?”

Fifth Master Lu pinched her chin, urged her to raise her head to look at him, and asked with a smile, “Wait a minute? Why do you want to wait?”

Siyu actually decided to leave the circle after filming this series. Anyway, she didn’t rely on this business to eat, so she could go back to drawing her little cartoons, and she didn’t have to worry about others staring at her private life all day long.

“Wait for me to retreat?” Siyu blinked and said tentatively, and immediately found that Fifth Master Lu had raised his eyebrows, and the corners of his mouth were drawn into a straight line-this was his expression when he was not in a good mood, being with him for so long Siyu was already able to figure out his temper, so she hurriedly changed the conversation, as her desire to survive was very strong, “That’s impossible! I’ll go back tonight and think about how to say it, and I’ll show it to you tomorrow, how about that? “

Based on Fifth Master Lu’s experience, how could he not tell that Siyu’s words were not right? Of course he knew that Siyu was inclined to conceal it. If it hadn’t been for Ji Lin’s accidental explosion today, he would have had to force Siyu. Now, she could only face it directly. Otherwise, Fifth Master Lu guessed that she might have been an ostrich to the end. As she said, she would only admit it openly after leaving the entertainment circle.

In the past, Fifth Master Lu would not ask her specifically. After listening to Siyu’s words, he just said lightly: “Forget it, you don’t have to force it, just do it your own way, I don’t care.”

Fifth Master Lu really didn’t care. If she could do what she wants, how could he be recognized in the world? What’s more, Siyu had to come to the Lu family to pass the road-even though she did not know it, it was the Lu family that would have to recognize her as his wife, how others thought or recognizes him was dispensable to Fifth Master Lu.

He just looked at Siyu in a hurry and wanted to tease her on a whim.

Siyu was stunned. While estimating the credibility of Fifth Master Lu’s words, she couldn’t help being surprised: “Really? You wouldn’t mind if I didn’t confess?” Fifth Master Lu smiled.

The hand holding Siyu’s chin was released, and the fingertips went around the smooth and soft side face, and dropped to the back of her neck. Finally, he gently pinched the back of her neck, just like biting the most fragile area of a herbivore. There seemed to be a hint of danger hidden in his gentleness.

He whispered: “As long as you don’t let other people guess, especially if they guessed wrong…I don’t mind.”

Siyu: “…” Sure enough, he was still very upset about the random speculations of netizens, pulling a lot of male stars to analyse the possibility of them being her boyfriend, and all of them were pretty popular.

This night, it was not just Siyu who was busy comforting her boyfriend who had insomnia. When Ji Lin returned home, he was still in a state of despair. He smashed himself into the bed, and after a while, he bounced again and got up to find out that the tablet had loaded his trumpet account.

His trumpet account was much more convenient than his verified account. It had two main uses: first, to work with Siyu’s fans every day, and now he had successfully become her big fan; second, silently squatting down under Koi’s Weibo and peeking at the screen, and the day Koi posted a picture about him, he immediately jumped in with the hot comments. He was a very persistent black fan in the eyes of readers, because he insisted on asking Koi to take his image to draw better, in short, his combat effectiveness was also very strong.

Ji Lin read his previous comments on Koi’s Weibo one by one, and saw that he kept saying that Koi didn’t know him and had no love for him, so she couldn’t paint well, it was like hitting a wall.

What did he say…

Now that the comment was deleted, it seemed to be overwhelming. The only thing that Ji Lin felt fortunate about was that his sister still didn’t know that this black fan who was often commenting under her account was him.

Ji Lin hurriedly re-posted a bunch of good reviews. Although he knew it was useless, he had made an effort anyway. If asked by his sister in the future, he could still say that he was lost and knew how to return.

His abnormal behaviour of blogging praise soon attracted the attention of other readers. His trumpet became famous among the readers. Soon there was someone in the group, who asked: “Brother, what have you suffered today? It’s exciting, you actually started to give Koi a lot of praise? Is your account hacked?”

Ji Lin: “…”

He was wronged! Ji Lin comforted himself to live with a smile, and replied: “No, it’s me. The past goes with the wind. From now on, the first fan of the Koi is me. Thank you, no one will rob me!”

Other readers: “???” You were still humming and complaining yesterday that the Koi didn’t draw Ji Lin’s handsomeness well. What kind of style was this?

But Ji Lin stopped talking. He clicked likes and praised them all the way, and secretly saved all the pictures he had previously dismissed, and replaced his avatar and mobile phone screensaver with Koi paintings. This felt a little more comfortable.

Who said that the Koi paintings were not good… He thought that the Koi paintings were a little too real before, and it was a bit too real to match his cold appearance in public. Now thinking about it as it should be, Koi was her own sister, how could her sister be unfamiliar with her younger brother!

After putting on the new high-power filter, Ji Lin felt extremely satisfied no matter how he looked at Koi’s paintings. In fact, he had been hesitating whether to tell Siyu that he knew her vest.

But on second thoughts, if Siyu didn’t tell him, probably she also had a reason. If he went up to expose it so rashly, she would definitely be anxious, right? Young Master Ji thought he was a responsible man, so naturally he couldn’t do things that embarrassed his sister, so he decided to continue to pretend that nothing had happened.

However, just a second after he made up his mind, the assistant Xiao Ai called. Xiao Ai did not accompany him to the recording site today because she had something to do. Thus, it took so long for him to realize the popularity of the show was overwhelming. The reason was that Ji Lin broke out that Siyu had a boyfriend in a state of mental absence.

Xiao Ai’s voice sounded crazy: “Brother…Brother Ji! What are you doing? Have you discussed with Siyu privately? She also agreed with you to break the news? Did you ask her how to deal with it? My god…My cell phone is about to blow up, as those people couldn’t find Siyu, so they all called me!”

Ji Lin’s smile vanished, his feeling that he had forgotten something, gradually solidified. When his brain started working again, he finally remembered what he had said on the show. He was in a daze, his hands trembled slightly, and he thought, a good brother always tried to prevent his sister from being piggybacked. Did he take the initiative to send his sister into the pig’s arms?!

What did he do!

Young Master Ji couldn’t wait to go back in time, but there was no way, what was done was done. Now everyone on Weibo knew that Siyu was in love, and even if he clarified, no one would believe it. Ji Lin wanted to cry without tears. He sat until dawn with his eyes open. Suddenly his phone shook, and the special notification set on Weibo came to remind him. He picked it up and saw that it was Siyu who had posted something without warning.

This Weibo was very simple, the picture was a hand-painted cat eating fish Q layout, Ji Lin recognized at a glance this was the style of Koi, and then a short paragraph of text:

@Zhou Siyu: Thank you for your concern. Although I was caught off guard, Ji Lin did not make a mistake on the show yesterday. This braised fish has indeed been taken home by another wild cat! In addition, although this wild cat doesn’t play Weibo, he is jealous. Please don’t bother other seniors anymore. It really has nothing to do with them. Otherwise, I will be found later and killed!

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