TBVSR Ch. 24: VCI Dancing Shoes

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The night before the promotion competition, after Jiang Yu’s rehearsal got over, she went to the bathroom alone to take a hot shower.

When she returned to the locker room and took out the cloth pocket on the shelf, she unexpectedly found that her old pair of pointe shoes in the cloth pocket had been cut!

She pulled out the shoes in amazement, and sure enough, both shoes were cut!

Every cabinet in the locker room was locked. Jiang Yu usually put valuables such as her mobile phone in the locked cabinet.

But sweaty dancing shoes and clothes, they were hung on special public hooks, because no one would steal such things.

She looked at the pair of pointe shoes on the ground that had been worn for half a year, and suddenly, anger welled up in her heart.

The shoes were obviously cut up with scissors, and they were cut in a hurry. The sole of the shoe of the left foot was not even completely cut, but the shoe body was still implicated…

Obviously, the person who did this, was afraid of being discovered, so he/she fled the scene in a hurry.

If this kind of thing had happened in the past, with Jiang Yu’s weak personality, she definitely wouldn’t have wanted to cause trouble. She probably would have knocked down her teeth and swallowed her blood.

That’s why they dared to bully her so recklessly, that’s why she didn’t dare to say a word.

Jiang Yu never wanted to let them handle it like this again!

She angrily walked to the dance classroom, and it so happened that Wu Silin and the girls came out laughing and talking just at that moment.

Jiang Yu threw the broken shoes directly on Wu Silin: “You did a good job!”

Wu Silin took a step back in fright, looking at the pair of dancing shoes that had been cut up on the ground, her eyes widened: “What do you mean!”

“Do you dare to say that you didn’t cut them?”

Jiang Yu aggressively asked: “I’m going to perform tomorrow. At this time, you cut up my shoes and prevented me from going on stage. Are you satisfied?”


Wu Silin looked at the pair of broken shoes and denied: “I didn’t do it, it’s not me! I didn’t do it!”

“Jiang Yu, have you misunderstood Silin?” A girl stood up to mediate: “Silin can’t do such a thing.”

“Yes, don’t talk nonsense without evidence, be careful if Silin sues you for slander.”

Jiang Yu naturally had a plan, so she took Wu Silin’s hand and said, “In that case, let’s go to the monitoring room to see the video together.”

Wu Silin was relieved when she heard her talk about the surveillance.

She had checked it before, and there was no surveillance in the locker room, and it was impossible to monitor it, because it involved issues of personal privacy.

It would be strange for Jiang Yu to find out.

Wu Silin followed Jiang Yu to the monitoring room confidently, and a group of students who were watching the fun also followed.

“Jiang Yu, I warn you, if you can’t find anything, I want you to apologize to me in public!”

Jiang Yu said coldly: “Okay.”

A group of people came to the monitoring room, even the person in charge of the art class Lin Quwen had been invited over.

Just as Wu Silin thought, the security guard in the monitoring room told them: “Is it the locker room? There is no monitoring in the locker room.”

Wu Silin sneered and looked at Jiang Yu: “How is it?”

Jiang Yu pointed to a monitor on the computer and said, “I checked it, right at the corner of the door of the locker room, there is a surveillance camera. It just happens to be able to capture someone entering the locker room. Please bring out the surveillance video from the corner camera.”

Wu Silin’s expression changed, and she immediately said: “So many people have entered the storage room, are they all the ones who cut up your shoes!”

Of course Jiang Yu expected her to say this, and the corner of her mouth raised: “Of course the criminal will not choose to commit crimes when someone was there.”

“You…what do you mean?”

“The time when I changed my shoes and went to take a bath was about 4:30 to 5:00 pm.”

Jiang Yu’s eyes were locked on Wu Silin: “The bathroom is next to the locker room, and I can hear everything clearly. Only one or two people had come in the storage room. So, as long as you pullup the monitoring during this time period, we can see at a glance whether you are in it.”

Wu Silin’s face became extremely pale.

Teacher Lin Quwen realized the seriousness of the incident, and said to the security guard in charge of monitoring: “Take a look at the surveillance video.”

The security guard immediately operated the computer and adjusted the surveillance at the corner to 4:30 to 5:00 this time period.

Sure enough, a quarter of an hour after Jiang Yu entered the storage room, Wu Silin sneaked in, stayed for a few minutes, and then came out.

After she left, until Jiang Yu came out of the storage room with the broken shoes, no students ever entered the storage room during this period of time.

Only a cleaning aunt in work clothes went in with a mop to clean the locker room.

The “criminal” who committed the crime was obvious.

The students looked at Wu Silin with complicated expressions.

Although they hated Jiang Yu, no one would engage in such despicable tricks.

Wu Silin, who considered herself a lady on weekdays, would actually do such a thing.

Jiang Yu was going to perform on stage tomorrow. She had cut her dancing shoes, this was… too much!

Lin Quwen looked at Wu Silin and said solemnly, “Student Wu Silin, what else do you have to say!”

“It’s not me…it’s not me!”

“I didn’t cut her shoes!”

“Then why did you come out after staying in the locker room for less than three minutes?” Lin Quwen asked angrily, “What did you do in there?!”

Wu Silin burst into tears: “I…I wanted to cut her shoes, but not the old ones! I wanted to cut her VCI pair… She locked her VCI shoes, I couldn’t open the cabinet. I saw this old pair of shoes, but I… didn’t touch them at all!”

Of course Lin Quwen would not believe her words, but felt that she was arguing and said disappointedly, “There is no way for you to stay at Lingque Art Class with your behaviour. You, let your parents handle the withdrawal procedures tomorrow.”

“Ms. Lin! It’s really not me! It’s really not me! I just wanted to cut her VCI shoes. I didn’t see these old shoes. In my eyes! I would feel dirty if I touch them! I…”

“Shut up.”

Lin Quwen was completely irritated by her words: “Only you and Aunt Baojie have gone in, if not you, could it be Aunt Baojie?”

“Really it’s not me!”

“You leave now, and never step into the door of Lingque!”

Under the contemptuous eyes of her classmates, Wu Silin ran out of the monitoring room, crying.

People had to pay for what they did, and once again, Jiang Yu would not let those people who hurt her feel better.

Wu Silin was persuaded to quit. Although she was happy, it didn’t last long.

Her pointe shoes were broken and she had to perform tomorrow, now where would she go to buy a new pair of shoes that fit her feet.

Walking out of the monitoring room, Lin Quwen asked Jiang Yu, “Do you have spare shoes at home?”

She gritted her teeth and shook her head.

It took her a long time to buy this pair of shoes alone. She sewed them up and wore them for more than half a year.

Lin Quwen’s hand fell on her shoulder and comforted: “Don’t worry, the teacher will find a way. It’s definitely not realistic to buy new shoes now. The teacher can help you borrow a pair from a classmate of the right size.”

Jiang Yu knows that ballet shoes were very important personal items for every dancer.

The teacher came forward to help her borrow it. Although the girl who was borrowed from wouldn’t say anything on the surface, she would definitely not be willing in private.

Was there a better way.

Jiang Yu thought of the desolate figure of the boy in his mind, and thought of the pair of expensive VCI dancing shoes.

Tomorrow’s stage was an opportunity she had won… She must not let it go.

Jiang Yu was silent for a moment, then bowed deeply to Lin Quwen, and said, “Ms. Lin, I think I have a pair of shoes. I don’t need to trouble you to borrow them from my classmates. Thank you.”

Lin Quwen heard the words and breathed a sigh of relief: “That’s great, go back to rest early, recharge your batteries, and do your best tomorrow!”


The street was cold and windy, Jiang Yu stood for a while, then took out her phone, to call Qiu Li.

There was a lot of noise on the other end of the phone, and the boy’s lazy voice sounded: “Miss me, Little Swan?”

“That…can I come to you now?”

“Where are you?”

“I’m at the door of the art class.”


Jiang Yu had asked him, she originally wanted to say that he didn’t need to come here, she could go to him, but she heard him say: “It’s cold outside, go indoors and wait.”

She hesitated for a few seconds, then gently ” Hmm.”

A few flakes of snow fell on the street, Qiu Li hung up the phone, and handed the two-hundred-yuan bill to the aunt who was wearing cleaning clothes in front of him –

“Thank you.”

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