TBVSR Ch. 21.2: It’s so good (He likes to watch Jiang Yu getting angry at him)

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Today’s reversal had been enough for Wu Silin to eat a loss.

Jiang Yu was too lazy to care about her, so she carefully put the shoes back in the cloth bag, packed them, and left the locker room.

It was 6:50 in the evening, Jiang Yu took the bus directly to the Shuixi Terrace where Qiu Li lived, but after knocking on the door for a long time, he didn’t seem to be at home.

Jiang Yu took out the pair of ballet shoes from her bag, put them at the door of his house, and was about to leave.

But after walking a few steps, she looked back at the ballet shoes lying quietly by the door, and felt that it was not suitable.

Although it was not easy to take such valuable things casually, she should make it clear to him face to face.

It seemed a little inhumane to go back in silence like this.

With this in mind, Jiang Yu picked up her dancing shoes and left the unit building.

As soon as she walked out of the community, she saw a boy in a black turtleneck, walking slowly along the ginkgo path.

He was carrying a packet in his hand with a medicine box in it.

“Qiu Li!”

Jiang Yu quickly waved at him.

However, when Qiu Li saw Jiang Yu, his subconscious reaction was to turn around and run!

Jiang Yu looked at his fleeing figure, was stunned for a few seconds, then she quickly chased after him: “What are you running for?”

Qiu Li ran faster than a wolf, swerved through several small alleys, and ran to the intersection of another street without stopping.

Seeing that the girl behind him wasn’t able to catch up, he gasped with his hands on his knees and breathed a sigh of relief.

At this time, a taxi stopped beside him, the door opened, and Jiang Yu stepped out of the car, she closed the door hard, and said angrily: “You want to run again!”

Qiu Li: …

Jiang Yu approached him , saw bruises and scratches on his face, and a Band-Aid on the bridge of his nose.

She stood on tiptoe, pinched his stubble-covered chin, and moved it left and right.

He did have wounds on his face, and at more than one place, with bruises at the corners of his eyes, and cracked lips.

It was no wonder that these days, as soon as school got over, not even a shadow of him could be seen, and he was also deliberately avoiding her!

“You were beaten again?”

Facing the girl’s pressing question, for the first time in his life, Qiu Li felt helpless and explained, “I didn’t do anything.”

Jiang Yu thought of the scene where he was surrounded and beaten that night when she first saw him. She felt inexplicable heartache, and her temper became worse: “You were beaten by others for nothing? Are you addicted to being beaten! Who were they?”

Qiu Li licked the tear on his lower lip, and the corner of his mouth hooked slightly.

He liked to see Jiang Yu angry and anxious for himself.

“I’m okay.”

Qiu Li stretched out his hand to touch Jiang Yu’s forehead: “It’s a small matter, it won’t kill me anyway.”

Jiang Yu blocked his hand, but Qiu Li instinctively retreated as soon as she touched his forearm. He retreated, frowning slightly, and seemed to be in pain.

Seeing this, Jiang Yu grabbed his wrist, and forcefully rolled up his sleeves.

On the forearm, there were traces of burns from cigarette butts.

“Who did it!” Jiang Yu became excited: “Who the hell did you mess with!”

Qiu Li was slightly dissatisfied, and withdrew his hand, avoiding her eyes: “It’s okay.”

“Qiu Li, you said you would not self-harm.”

Qiu Li said coldly, “No self-harm.”

He promised her, and he would not break his promise.

“Then who did you say did it.”

“No one, you are annoying me.”

Jiang Yu was really angry now.

She knew that if Qiu Li continued to mix in these things recklessly, he would embark on that road of no return… it would just be a matter of time.

“Qiu Li, if you don’t cherish your own body, how can you still expect someone in this world to love you.”

Qiu Li turned to look at her, the girl in front of him, wearing a red scarf and a white jacket, Her skin was as white as the moon, and her eyes were as clear as springs, so bright and beautiful.

He suddenly felt a burst of inferiority, his face was heavy, and his voice was a little hoarse, as he said: “I’m living such a bad life, you can’t stand it, then just go.”

Jiang Yu looked at him turning away, gritted her teeth, and chased up to him, removed the pair of white ballet shoes from her schoolbag: “Where did you get those expensive shoes?”

“I didn’t send them.” Qiu Li didn’t even look at the shoes.

“It’s you.” Jiang Yu said reluctantly, “I can smell smoke on my shoes.”

“Impossible.” Qiu Li stopped, pulled the shoe from her hand, and sniffed it placing them under his nose: “How could there be a smell of smoke, I didn’t remove them…”

Before he finished speaking, he reacted, in a hurry, he had been conned.


The little girl had learned well.

Seeing his admission, Jiang Yu asked, “Is this shoe related to your injury? Did you rob someone’s money, or did you get beaten because you couldn’t pay the loan?”

A hundred possibilities had popped up in her mind, and every one of them… was not good.

Qiu Li didn’t like being questioned so aggressively by her, so he threw the shoes to her: “If you like them, wear them, if not throw them away, but stop talking nonsense.”

“If that’s the case, I don’t want it.”

Jiang Yu was also impatient and put the shoes in the bag and returned them to him by shoving them into his arms, but the shoes fell to the ground.

With red eyes, she took two steps back, and holding back her tears, she said to him: “Qiu Li, no one can save you, you can only save yourself.”

Qiu Li said solemnly: “I don’t need to be rescued. How I am now, it’s good.”

“Are you sure?”


“Well, when I’m not nosy anymore, you’d better not regret it, whoever regrets will lose.”

After Jiang Yu finished speaking, she took two steps back and turned to leave.

Qiu Li looked at her back running away, and recalled her words in his ears.

No one can save you, you can only save yourself…

He never gave up on himself for a moment, when didn’t he want to get better and become a normal person.

In his hell, there was only that faint light she gave.

Qiu Li squatted down, his heart twitching.

This was the second time he felt distressed.

He carefully held up the pair of pointe shoes, like a treasure, and lightly patted off the dirt on them.

Qiu Li went home alone, wringed out the water with a clean towel, and wiped the ballet shoes carefully.

Rubbing the cold satin surface of the dancing shoes, he couldn’t understand how such a small piece of fabric could be sold for such an expensive price.

However, there were definitely advantages to it being expensive.

Gifts for Xiao Yu must be the best.

Qiu Li didn’t feel bad at all.

At this moment, the phone at home rang, and Qiu Li received a call from Boss Xu——

“Little Li, come to me next time when you are still short of money. You are our best target here, there are many guests, they all want you by name.”

Qiu Li said lightly, “I won’t do it again.”

“Don’t be so absolute, anyway, come to me whenever you need it.”

Qiu Li hung up the phone with a blank look on his face.

He walked over to the mirror, tore off the Band-Aid from the bridge of his nose, and put a new one on.

When he touched the wound, he clearly felt pain.

Jiang Yu actually guessed right. The money he used to buy the VCI pointe shoes was indeed related to the injury on his face.

He had introduced to Boss Xu by a friend. Boss Xu had opened an underground black fighting arena, and there were games every night.

In fact, it was a fighting competition. In fact, it was not fighting at all, it was a human flesh target for people to vent.

As long as the other party gave money, he could be violent to others casually, including beatings, burning hands with cigarette butts, etc., to vent the depression in real life, provided that it did not threaten the person’s life.

Qiu Li thought that he was very suitable for this “job”, because he could not feel pain, so his endurance would be very strong.

However, he was wrong.

Every time he was beaten in the past, the pain he felt was minimal.

But this time, he really felt it.

Every punch on his body was a pain carved into the bone marrow. Each cigarette butt burned on the skin, and the burning sharp stinging pain of it caused his body to tremble.

This was the world he’d been looking for in the past… an incredibly real world.

Qiu Li’s illness was not a physical illness, but a psychological disorder that stemmed from the trauma he suffered in childhood.

It was not that he couldn’t feel it, but his nerves automatically weakened and blocked this feeling.

This time, he felt it.

Later, Qiu Li made some other attempts, such as trying to poke the skin on the back of his hand with a toothpick, but he didn’t feel anything.

He gradually began to understand that all this was still related to Jiang Yu.

He went to be a human flesh target in order to make money to buy shoes for Jiang Yu, and the purpose was related to her.

Therefore, all the tortures suffered in the process had become unforgettable.

Qiu Li touched his wound and clearly felt the sharp stabbing pain, and his mood suddenly became clear.

It seemed that everything was slowly recovering.

He could be a normal person, as long as he worked hard enough, got admitted to a good university, had the best future, and had the girl he loved.

He would appear in front of his mother with the best face, then his mother would like him. He would have everything he had ever hoped for and could not get, he would have a family.

The corners of Qiu Li’s mouth turned up unconsciously.

It felt so good…

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