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After the night scene was filmed, everyone went back to the hotel to rest.

The next day, they got up at three or four in the morning and were busy again, trying to film this pear blossom forest scene before dawn. The props team took great pains to find a large area of pear flowers in the valley, and they were afraid that there would not be enough flowers, so they picked a lot of real flowers from other places and spread them under the forest.

Cui Ling rescued the princess Tang Qinlan, and the two ran all the way on horseback, fleeing from the Wangcheng along the path to a hillside, and finally got rid of the assassin.

At the foot of the mountain, the royal city was lit up, and the towers stood up one after another, like a monster lurking in the middle of the night.

On the hillside, there was a piece of black, reflecting the starlight, and the white pear flowers all over the mountains and plains looked impressive.

Dongnu Country produced alpine fragrant pears, and this must be the fruit field that a farmer had planted here.

The mountain wind blew, and the white and elegant petals floated down like snow, which seemed to be the most beautiful scenery in the world.

Cui Ling stretched out his hand, and the petals lightly touched the palm of his hand. He chuckled lightly, “It’s beautiful.” He pinned the petals to the bun of the woman in his arms.

Tang Qinlan also seemed to be shocked by the grand scene in front of her, and her usually severe face eased a lot.

She was dressed in a white satin robe, and her face was delicate and graceful. She walked with the graceful and easy-going Cui Ling, and rode together in the rain of flowers, like a goddess.

This scene was really beautiful.

Han Yi silently raised his mobile phone and took a photo and sent it to Jiang Ran.

Big Brother Jiang replied in seconds: Roll!

Han Yi: …

Tang Qinlan had no intention to appreciate the scenery, but she suddenly remembered something, so her face became cold, and she reprimanded: “You are disrespectful, so get off the horse quickly!”

Although Cui Ling rescued her, but since childhood, no one had ever dared to touch her and hug her like this. Besides, there was no danger at this moment, this person was still holding her tightly, and he was really a scoundrel.

“You really don’t know right from wrong.” Cui Ling muttered, but consciously jumped off the horse and went straight to a pear tree. He raised his head and smelled the fragrance of flowers, but was not satisfied, so he flew up and lay on the side of the branch.

Tang Qinlan sat on the horse and saw this scene, and for some reason she felt a little bit of envy. This rough man was much happier than her.

Cui Ling said with a smile, “Why don’t we just sit and enjoy the flowers together?”

How could Tang Qinlan feel this way. Someone dared to attack her tonight, trying to put her to death. Danger lurked in the dark night, and she was anxious and restless, always feeling that things must not be so simple.

Cui Ling invited the beauty but was rejected. However, Cui Ling was not annoyed or angry, he held up a flower, closed his eyes and hummed an unknown tune.

Suddenly, the bell in the palace city below the mountain cut through the silent night sky, and a dull and muffled sound struck Tang Qinlan’s heart.

Cui Ling opened his eyes and sat up straight. This was the bell for national mourning.

Tang Qinlan’s eyes were splitting, and her whole body was trembling. Queen Mother! The queen mother passed away!

Cui Ling flew down from the tree, looked up and saw Tang Qinlan burst into tears, her shoulders trembling slightly.

His eyes flashed, just as he was about to say something, he suddenly saw her clenching the rope, shouting fiercely, and galloping away instantly.

Cui Ling chased after her a few steps as he shouted at her back: “Your Highness, you will die when you go back.”

The camera caught Jiang Zheng’s face, then she suddenly pulled the reins, the horse’s hooves flew up, splashed with rain, however her face clearly still had tears, but her eyes were full of coldness.

The director applauded. It had only been one minute from knowing that her mother empress had passed away, in this time, Jiang Zheng had properly completed the transition from shock to panic and then to resoluteness.

Tang Qinlan turned the horse’s head and looked down at Cui Ling.

At this time, the dawn was just rising, and the sky and the earth were coated with a thin layer of a yellow halo.

Cui Ling knelt down with a thud, nodded, and said loudly: “The grass people pay their respects to Her Royal Highness. May Her Highness live a thousand years.”

Tang Qinlan squinted her red eyes, “So you already knew who this Highness is!”

Cui Ling pursed his lower lip, “Otherwise, this grass person rashly guessed.”

Tang Qinlan laughed, “If you say it now, you are not afraid of this Highness killing you?”

Cui Ling clasped his fists and nodded, “The life and death of this grass person is not worth it. I’m afraid that by going to Wangcheng, you might be less fortunate. Your Highness is a woman of gold, and you can’t take risks.”

Tang Qinlan placed the long whip around his waist, “You tell me. Let’s see.”

“His Royal Highness was chased by assassins just now, and the late empress died suddenly. This is not a coincidence…” Cui Ling did not say much and left everything to Tang Qinlan.

Tang Qinlan’s eyes became deeper and deeper. Although the mother empress  was getting older, but her body was fine, how could she suddenly die? She wouldn’t believe it.

When she thought about it, it had been too easy to sneak out of the palace last night. And the timing of this person’s appearance was quite strange.

Two people, you guess my heart, and I will save yours. The tricks were over in an instant. As expected of the film empress, her expression flowed freely and her emotions were well-adjusted.

Then the plot progressed by leaps and bounds.

Cui Ling took off a set of men’s robes from the horse and let Tang Qinlan put it on. The two disguised themselves as brothers and sneaked back before the martial law in the royal city was declared. Sure enough, there were bright and dark posts at the entrance of the royal city. If it wasn’t for Cui Ling’s pair of good hands which had turned her into another person, she was afraid that her as the dignified princess wouldn’t even be able to enter her own royal city.

Thousands of people were crawling in the square below the palace towers, kneeling and weeping, wailing. This was a group play that exaggerated emotions. The long shots were pushed down from the top, from far away, and finally to the palace tower.

Inside the hall, mourning cloths hung, and white lamps were placed high. The courtiers were dressed in white, looking weeping and mournful. Prime Minister Su Changqing sang the merits of the late empress with a long, weeping speech.

Some ministers objected.

“I don’t know where Her Royal Highness is?”

“The empress has passed away, and Her Royal Highness should come out to preside over the funeral ceremony.”

“What was wrong with the late empress?”

At this time, someone came out and took out a string of necklaces, shouting that Her Royal Highness was in trouble. This was the relic of the princess that was picked up from a dark alley in the royal city.

The women of the Dongnu kingdom liked to hang a pendant around their necks, a hanging around their waists, and a ring. They once paid tribute to the Tang Dynasty, and the Tang people saw that they were wearing a pendant like a bodhisattva, so they called them bodhisattvas.

The gold, pearl and jade belt in this person’s hand was shining brightly, and only Her Royal Highness was qualified to wear it.

How could there be such a coincidence in this world that the late empress and the princess died one after another? Some people believed it, some didn’t. The former empress and his husband, Su Mingchen, were so in love with each other that they only gave birth to one daughter, Tang Qinlan. For the first time in the past 100 years, Dongnu Kingdom had encountered a dilemma that no one could understand the situation.

Prime Minister Su ordered several ministers who were trying to rush to the palace to find out, beaten to death with sticks, and it was only then that the situation was brought under control.

The camera turned to the back of the palace tower. The ministers were arguing with each other, and the people inside were panicked and hid. Tang Qinlan and Cui Ling quietly came to the base of the palace tower.

Looking at the towering wall, Tang Qinlan stared at Cui Ling, “Do you dare?”

She had been playful since she was a child, and she had climbed this palace tower no less than a hundred times or maybe even a thousand times. Although her Queen Mother repeatedly forbade it, she didn’t always listen.

Although Cui Ling’s expression was respectful, the words in his mouth were very rude, “His Royal Highness has not seen the ability of the grass people.”

Tang Qinlan was so angry that she wanted to throw the whip at him again, but now was not a good time to do it.

She took out a gold hairpin from her sleeve, “Go to Gu[1]‘s bedroom, there is a brocade box in the dark compartment under the bed, bring it for Gu.” Pulling open the gold hairpin, the end of the hairpin was carved with complex patterns of yin and yang.

Cui Ling took the golden hairpin and took a closer look. It was obviously a dark lock, and only such a pattern could open a dark lock.

Tang Qinlan smiled, “I’ll be waiting for you here.” He could escape or come back. It was up to him to choose.

Cui Ling bowed respectfully, “This subject will follow the order.”

Seeing Cui Ling passing quickly under the wall of the palace tower, Tang Qinlan suddenly had a thought: there are still people who have the courage to climb the lonely wall and open the lonely window.

As soon as the thought came to her, she immediately tensed up, her face getting colder and colder.    

Outside the scene, Jing Meini came over and said with a smile, “Han Yi, if you have good resources, don’t eat alone.”

Pointing to Jiang Zheng, who was waiting for Ji Muye under the palace watchtower, “Miss Jiang is not a professional, but her acting skills are so good. Which famous teacher must have been hired? Would you recommend it to me?”

Han Yi smiled, “I’m really sorry. My family’s Zhengzheng is born to eat this bowl of rice. She really didn’t have any teachers.”

Jing Meini knew that he would say so, so she changed the subject, “the first day of the script reading meeting, why did the person in your family think of wearing a white sweater and jeans?”

She originally wanted Ji Muye to post a photo of the reading party for publicity, but Jiang Zheng and Ji Muye were dressed like a couple. How would she dare to post the photo? Later, the crew said that this promotion was going to take a mysterious route, so she didn’t mention it again.    

Han Yi said angrily, “What do you want to ask? Could it be that you have planted a spy in my place?”

Jing Meini was half-dead with anger.

“Don’t come to provoke me.”

The two of them snorted and walked away.

The agents under the stage were arguing, while Jiang Zheng in the camera had changed into the long white satin and gold silk dress that Cui Ling took out from the palace at his own discretion.

Thinking of Cui Ling rummaging in her bedroom, Tang Qinlan wanted to kill this fellow on the spot.

She gritted her teeth and kicked the gate of the palace tower.

Cui Ling touched his neck involuntarily.

The guards were startled and rushed over, and then all knelt down and shouted Your Highness. Someone wanted to slip away to report, but when the sharp-eyed Cui Ling found out, he pulled up the Jianfei from his waist and threw it out, poking the person dead.

The door opened slowly. Going around the circular corridor, the sun shone on the ground through the wooden lattice.

The long skirt passed by, and Tang Qinlan raised her feet and entered, turned and sat on the throne after climbing the wooden ladder.

Everyone knelt in front of her, not daring to look up. Including Cui Ling.

Jing Meini didn’t feel like watching from the sidelines. Although the plot of “Dongnu Kingdom” was based on a real historical background, the social tone of women being superior to men made Ji Muye kneel in front of Jiang Zheng many times. She now seriously suspected that this guy was a pervert and rushed to Jiang Zheng to be scolded.

Jiang Zheng looked at his dear brother Mu kneeling in front of her respectfully, and secretly called herself a sinner! However, the plot was the plot, she could only work hard to act well and fight for one time pass, so as not to make him suffer more.

Her eyes froze, and she slowly pulled out the long whip from her waist. The handle of the whip was engraved with the gold Kuilong pattern. The whip body was made of rattan oil, which was unique to the Dongnu Country, and was covered in oil for three years. It was thus tight and sturdy.

Tang Qinlan stepped out of the wooden ladder and stopped in front of Cui Ling.

Cui Ling’s heart froze, his head lowered more and more, his eyebrows were pleasing to the eye, and he shrank.

This fellow was arrogant and wanton before, but he clearly guessed her identity but pretended to be deaf and made fun of her at will. Was he afraid now?

Tang Qinlan sneered, the long whip handle protruded out, gently touched Cui Ling’s jaw, and then slowly lifted up…

Jing Meini held her forehead speechless: Oh God, this is a bad move.

Han Yi looked excited: Wow. This bullshit pose.

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[1] A royal’s way of addressing herself.

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