NHSRE Ch. 149: Out of Wedlock

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“Holly, are you ready? The fan meeting is about to start.”

Brother Lu shouted from outside the door.

Shen Dongqing drank a glass of coke slowly: “Here I come.” He just got up when he caught a glimpse of something coming in through the gap in the window, lying on the wall motionless.

It was a thin man, his back arched like a shrimp, and he was half a body shorter than the average person. He was wearing a set of gray clothes, which made people feel inexplicably depressed.

After entering, he looked at the people in the room.

Exquisite decorations, sumptuous food… the saliva of the unlucky ghost started flowing out. He rolled his pair of greedy eyes, and rushed towards Shen Dongqing, as long as he entangled this person, these things would be his!

It was just that the imagination was good, but in reality, the unlucky ghost was kicked and flew out before he touched anyone.

Shen Dongqing frowned, and said disgustedly: “What, it really stinks.”

The unlucky ghost was stuck to the wall and couldn’t get off for a long time.

He thought it was an accident, and planned to haunt him again, trying to pass the bad luck to Shen Dongqing.

Of course, it didn’t work this time, Shen Dongqing directly grabbed his neck and picked him up, no different from lifting a half-dead chicken cub.

Shen Dongqing “tsk”: “Unlucky ghost?”

As the name suggested, an unlucky ghost was unlucky. When he was alive, he would have bad luck. Drinking cold water would stuff his teeth, and he would fall on the ground when he walked. After he killed himself, it was even more unlucky that he became a ghost.

Even if it was dead, this ghost still had a moldy smell on it. After entangling with people, it would make the living people’s luck bad, and in severe cases, they may even lose their lives.

Unlucky Ghost: Ga?

He really didn’t expect to be able to meet a big guy who could catch ghosts with his bare hands. Thinking about the kick that kicked him just now, he didn’t hold on for even a second, so he turned his back and told everything.

Shen Dongqing: “You say, someone asked you to pester me?”

The unlucky ghost wrinkled his face, and said cautiously: “Yes, yes, I was also forced to help…”

Shen Dongqing hadn’t figured out how to deal with this unlucky ghost, when Brother Lu’s urging suddenly came from outside the door. He could still hear his anxiety: “Holly, are you alright?”

Shen Dongqing replied: “Hurry up, hurry up.” He let go of his hand, and the unlucky ghost rolled to the ground, and he didn’t dare to run, just like that, he lay bowing his waist with a flattering look on his face.

Shen Dongqing was able to hold this unlucky ghost in place, but when he thought about it, after saving this one, there must be another one, it was too troublesome, it was better to just find out the person behind it. He took a closer look and found that this unlucky ghost still had a mark on it, presumably it was the person who drove this ghost here.

He pondered for a while, and when he grabbed the unlucky ghost, he slapped him.

The hapless ghost was so slapped that half of his body went numb. He almost thought he was going to die, but then he saw that the curse mark left by the man in the Tang suit was gone, he was a free ghost again.

Shen Dongqing ordered: “Go back and pester the person who asked you to come.”

The unlucky ghost thought that Shen Dongqing was going to leave him a driving mark again, but he didn’t expect that there was nothing, and it was over after the order. Maybe it was because of the slap just now that the ghost was stupefied, and he said in a daze: “Aren’t you afraid that I’ll run away?”

Shen Dongqing squeezed a small smile: “Dare to run?”

He obviously didn’t say anything threatening, but it was unlucky that the ghost felt a chill all over, and quickly expressed his loyalty, keeping that person in his next life without a seasoning packet every time he ate instant noodles.

After Shen Dongqing finished dealing with the unlucky ghost, he opened the door and walked out. Brother Lu vaguely heard something, and asked, “Who are you talking to?” But when he looked around, there was no one in the dressing room.

Shen Dongqing: “An unlucky ghost.”

Brother Lu:?

Turning around, he saw Shen Dongqing walking in another direction, and said repeatedly: “Wrong, the fan meeting is over there.”

“I know.”

Shen Dongqing said loudly, “I’ll wash my hands, it’s so unlucky.”

Brother Lu pondered for a while.

Was this unlucky ghost a person, or was he really an unlucky ghost?

After listening to the order, the unlucky ghost quietly got out through the gap in the window. He didn’t dare to go to the man in Tang suit. After all, the man in Tang suit had two brushes, so he could only choose to pester the other person.

He didn’t know if it was a coincidence, but Shen Luqiu was also rushing to make an announcement nearby. He looked like a big star, and he had been directing his assistants to do this and that. The unlucky ghost lay outside the house to observe for a while, and after making sure that this person was not that fierce, he happily leaned forward and entangled Shen Luqiu.


Shen Luqiu sneezed violently.

A little assistant next to him came up to show his care: “Brother Shen, did you catch a cold, come have a cup of hot water.”

Shen Luqiu gave a faint “Yes”.

The little assistant poured a cup of hot water: “Brother Shen, come here, drink some hot water that has just been boiled…”

But when Shen Luqiu came here, it was not a matter of drinking a little. Hot water sprayed out from the mouth and nose, and the freshly painted makeup and changed clothes were all soaked in the water, and the whole person was in a mess, where did he still have the posture of a star?

The little assistant panicked: “Brother Shen, what’s the matter with you?” As he spoke, he took out a tissue to wipe it off.

Shen Luqiu snatched the tissue and said impatiently: “Go away! You can’t do anything well, can’t even pour a glass of water, and I don’t know what the company assigned you to do.”

The little assistant stood aside in a daze, he felt that Shen Luqiu was a little strange, and he was not at all like the gentle big brother that others said.

Shen Luqiu wiped the water stains on his face and body, and when he saw the little assistant acting dumb, he got angry from it, but at least he remembered that he was outside so he held back: “Forget it, hurry up and find a makeup artist to come over and do some makeup.”

He didn’t know if it was because of this glass of water, but things did not go well for Shen Luqiu no matter what he did next.

The make-up artist had already left, and later a newcomer was asked to do the makeup for him. The stylist over there said that there were no extra clothes, so Shen Luqiu could only go on stage in wet and dry clothes. But within two seconds of getting on the stage, the lights on the stage turned off, and everything else was good, but the one above Shen Luqiu’s head was not working. Wherever he walked, the lights would stop.

It was also the first time for the program crew to encounter such an evil thing, so Shen Luqiu had to suspend filming first.

Shen Luqiu reluctantly sat under the stage and watched. Within three minutes, another problem appeared—he didn’t know which cosmetic he was allergic to, but a large rash appeared on his face. The timing was not good, and it seemed the latest announcement would be in vain.

The year was unlucky, Shen Luqiu smashed the cup angrily, just as he let out a sigh of relief, the shards of the broken cup cut his hand again.

The unlucky ghost lying behind Shen Luqiu gloated and laughed.

“Hee hee——”

Compared with the chaos on Shen Luqiu’s side, Shen Dongqing’s fan meeting was lively, but something went wrong at the end when it came to the time for handshake of fans.

This kind of fan handshake session was usually communicated with the fans in advance, and the people who were there were arranged, so as not to be mixed in by sunspots.

The host was about to let those fans come up according to the script, but just as he finished speaking, a small figure broke through the crowd and climbed onto the stage.

The host was taken aback.

Fan at such a young age?

Fortunately, she reacted promptly on the spot, squatted down, and deliberately softened her voice: “Are you also a fan of Brother Dongqing? Have your parents come to the scene?”

The baby still had some baby fat but was pretending to be serious, such that one couldn’t help but want to pinch his face.

The host resisted the urge and looked at the kid.

Wait… why did these facial features look so familiar?

There was also the chatter of fans from the audience.

“This kid is so cute!”

“That’s right, but why does it look familiar?”

“It’s kind of like…”

Before the host could react, her body took a step faster than her mind, and she had already handed over the microphone.

A child’s unique soft voice came out from the microphone: “My parents are here.”

The host: “Oh? Where is that? It’s not safe for you to be alone, it’s better to be with your parents.”

The child slowly nodded, then raised his hand and pointed: “There.”

The host turned his head and saw Shen Dongqing with his arms folded on his shoulders and his face expressionless.

The child tilted his head, smiled sweetly, and said in a sweet voice: “Dad!”

The host was taken aback.

The fans in the audience fell silent.

The reporters were excited!

What a blast of entertainment gossip! There was a topic, there was heat! The topic was drawn up on the spot—shocked! The newly promoted traffic star was actually called “father” in public, and it was suspected that the birth mother of this child was unknown.

All present were colleagues, and someone pointed out: “Looking at the age of this child, he shouldn’t be born in a while.”

The reporter calculated the age difference between the older and the younger, and indeed, unless Shen Dongqing was underage when giving birth to this child, otherwise he would not be able to give birth to such a big one all at once.

So he quickly changed the title, shocked! The new trafficked underage child…

Before the new title was finished, he heard the person next to him muttering: “Look what this child is wearing is not ordinary.”

The reporter’s sharp eyes saw the suit and shorts on the child were a new series of children’s clothing from a luxury brand, and the small watch on his hand was also very valuable, and Shen Dongqing was not a kid from a rich family. The money he had earned in recent years certainly could not support such expenses, so there was only one truth——Shen Dongqing must be taken care of!

The reporter wrote a paragraph with a swipe of a pen.

Shock! The newcomer was suspected to have been raised by a rich woman when he was a minor, and they had a child, and now the child was calling him “Dad” in public.

He looked at it, polished it up again, and nodded with satisfaction.

Shen Luqiu, who was lying on the hospital bed, saw the news that popped up, and was so excited that he almost pulled out the infusion needle in his hand. He immediately felt relieved, opened WeChat, found an acquaintance, and posted this message about Shen Dongqing.

Shen Luqiu: Use this to blacken Shen Dongqing.

Navy: No problem, brother, from what angle should I blacken him?

Shen Luqiu: He was raised as a minor and gave birth to a child. He should be accused of being unhealthy and promiscuous…

Shen Luqiu had ointment on his face, an infusion needle in his hand, and he was still physically disabled. But he figured out how to pour dirty water on Shen Dongqing’s body, which was truly inspirational.

After having an eloquent conversation with the navy, Shen Luqiu closed the WeChat with satisfaction, and with a smug smile on his face, he snorted softly.

He thought, let’s see how you turn around now, no matter if it’s traffic or a celebrity, as long as it is revealed that you have a girlfriend, you will lose a lot of fans.!

As for the “rich woman” who took care of him? Some time ago, Shen Dongqing was hacked like this and didn’t come out. It seemed that she must have gotten tired of playing, and she won’t show up for him anymore.

Shen Luqiu thought of the beautiful picture in the future, and the smile on his face deepened a bit.

As long as this period of time passed, everything would be fine, and when the luck that occupied Shen Dongqing’s body…


Shen Luqiu’s fantasy was interrupted. For some reason, his face was itchy, making people unable to resist scratching, he hastily rang the help bell.

After the doctor came, he asked Shen Luqiu to do a few tests. After the test results came out, he said that the allergies had worsened, and he had to be careful, otherwise there would be scars.

Thinking that his face might be disfigured, Shen Luqiu held back the itching and lay on the hospital bed tossing and turning, unable to fall asleep. He simply got up to divert his attention and looked at the dark content of Shen Dongqing on Weibo.

On Weibo, many ignorant people had expressed that they had turned black, and some people had turned off their fans and stepped on them. The more he watched, the happier he was, and he even patted the bed board when he saw the highlights.


As a result, the bed collapsed.

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