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The reason why Su Yu suddenly chose to go offline was not because he took the initiative, but because someone forced him.

The holographic game compartment was not only highly stable, but also very functional. If someone found it in the real world, or if there was a call, the holographic game compartment would give a reminder.

Of course, there was another situation. If someone wanted to force the power of the holographic game compartment to be turned off, the person in the holographic game compartment would be forced to go offline. This operation was dangerous and may even cause damage to the body.

At this time, Su Yu was forced to go offline in this way.

When he sat up from the holographic game compartment, there was a moment of dizziness in his head, and then he heard the quarrel going on in the room.

“Liu Cheng! Do you know what you are doing? Do you know how dangerous it is to do this? He is your son, how can you do this to him?!” These words were spoken by a woman with a crying voice. Su Yu had been with this person for a while before, and soon recognized that the voice came from the mother of the original owner Lin Shuru.

Then there was a man who violently thundered: “Lin Shuru, just shut up! I don’t have such a bad son, even his own sister was not let off, he still can’t do anything!”

Lin Shuru’s voice became sharper and she choked out: “What sister! I only have Xiao Feng, this son. He has never had any sister! Liu Cheng, whatever you are doing outside, I can leave it, but don’t take out your distress in front of your son, you don’t have this qualification!”

Being accused of this, Liu Cheng couldn’t help but have a short breath, but then he thought of his true love that lingered in his arms, and his well-behaved daughter who had not been able to raise her head in these few short days, and Liu Cheng’s momentum immediately came back: “Do you dare to talk about me? If you knew how to educate your child, would Xiao Feng become like this?”

“As the father of Xiao Feng, have you ever taken care of him?” Lin Shuru was directly almost made to faint by Liu Cheng. She thought she had already seen the true face of this man, but she was still disgusted by the performance of the other party, “You are the least qualified to blame me!”

Liu Cheng grabbed Lin Shuru’s hand and emphasized: “You also know that I am Xiao Feng’s father. As a father disciplining his son, is there any problem?”

Su Yu listened for a while, seeing Liu Cheng being so biased in front of the original owner’s mother, he had to open his eyes and say: “Mom, I seem to feel a little uncomfortable.”

When Lin Shuru heard Su Yu’s voice, she immediately changed her look and quickly came over: “Xiao Feng? Where do you feel uncomfortable? It doesn’t matter, isn’t it just that your father forced the game cabin to be closed and hurt you?”

Su Yu stunned Liu Cheng with his cold voice. “Is he really my father?”

Lin Shuru was stunned and realized that Liu Feng might have heard the quarrel between her and Liu Cheng. She opened her mouth for a while but didn’t know what to say.

Although Lin Shuru had always known the things Liu Cheng did outside, and often quarreled with the other party, she had been concealing it from Liu Feng because she did not want Liu Feng to suffer any harm because of this incident.

Lin Shuru’s original intention was certainly good, but the result was exactly the opposite of what she expected. Liu Feng was not only deceived by his half-sister, but also was driven out of the house, and he had to bear such disgusting charges in his previous life.

The reality was like this. Sometimes your heart was good, but you may instead do something that hurt the other person.

Su Yu was very clear about Lin Shuru’s thoughts. He would not blame the original owner, but he would not continue to condone Lin Shuru’s thoughts. This kind of thoughts which led to harming oneself should naturally be removed early.

“Mom, is this person really my father?” Su Yu’s voice sounded calm, but it was filled with sadness and disappointment. “As a father, can he really be so discriminating. Such a crime is also imposed on his son?”

Seeing this incident had been concealed, Lin Shuru could only sigh heavily, cover her face and whisper: “Xiao Feng, your mother did not protect you.”

“Mom, this has nothing to do with you. The person who cheated on this marriage is not you. It is not you who just forcefully closed the game holographic cabin. It is not you who added a non-existent crime to your own son, so you don’t need to apologize.” Su Yu raised his hand and took the arm of Lin Shuru and calmed her down.

Being comforted by her son in turn, Lin Shuru couldn’t help but whisper cry, like a string that had been stretched for a long time and was suddenly broken.

Hearing Lin Shuru’s crying, Liu Cheng recovered from the shock of Liu Feng’s performance and despised Liu Feng: “Do you treat your father with such an attitude?!”

“Although there is indeed a blood relationship between me and you, and I should call you father, but despite being married, you still gave birth to a daughter with a third woman outside, and at the same time ignored your original son, and even added more blame, and tried to pour dirty water on my body as my own father.” Su Yu snorted and looked at Liu Cheng with a look full of thick accusation. “You don’t deserve to be a father, nor a husband. I am really disappointed with you.”

This straightforward and powerful accusation almost made Liu Cheng utterly speechless. At the same time, he felt inexplicably guilty. So, he could only hold a father’s shelf and continue to accuse Su Yu: “You are a villain! You have done something wrong, and you still blame your father in the end, even after trying to get away with it, you just let me down!”

Su Yu was not irritated by Liu Cheng’s words, but gradually calmed down his emotions and looked up and said: “Since you said that because I did something wrong, you will force my game compartment to close, and said this kind of thing which is hurting me, then please tell me what I did wrong?”

Watched by such a pair of black and white clear piercing eyes, even Liu Cheng, who was the original owner’s father, was made to be afraid of his scornful eyes, but his tone was still vocal: “Do you already know the existence of Jinjin? Already?”

“Do you mean the illegitimate daughter of the little three outside? She must be Liu Jinjin? I really know of her existence.” Su Yu nodded frankly.

“Sure enough, you!” Seeing Liu Feng even admitted it directly, Liu Cheng’s fire suddenly came up again. “How can you do such excessive things against your sister? I know that your mother has been negligent with your discipline, but I did not expect her to teach you such a bad temper!”

When Lin Shuru, who had been crying for a while, heard Liu Cheng accuse Liu Feng while blaming him, she suddenly said: “What happened to Xiao Feng? Why do you say that? You don’t have this qualification at all!”

Su Yu didn’t want Lin Shuru to interrupt his rhythm and patted Lin Shuru’s hand to appease her: “Mom, since my father said that I did something wrong, I naturally have to know where I am wrong. If I did nothing wrong, then we have to let him know that it is not so easy to push such a crime on me, because it will really hurt me, so just wait for us to make things clear first?”

Lin Shuru looked at Su Yu with a distressed look, and finally nodded: “Mom believes you must have done nothing wrong.”

“Thank you, Mom is willing to believe me,” Su Yu said with a slight smile, and turned to look at Liu Cheng again. “I already know about the existence of Liu Jinjin. Then, can my father explain the words? What have I done wrong? Why is father angry to this extent?”

Seeing Su Yu’s attitude being so calm, Liu Cheng couldn’t help but be uncertain for a moment, but thinking of his daughter’s sluggish appearance in the past few days, his anger suddenly suppressed this uncertainty: “You actually bullied your sister in the game. You even threatened her to leave the game. Isn’t that what you did?”

Su Yu immediately replied: “Of course not.”

Liu Cheng was suddenly stunned and turned to be more annoyed: “How can these things not be done by you? Who else will do this except you?!”

Su Yu was neither humble nor honest: “Even after I have denied it, my father still firmly believes that I have done this kind of thing, then father should have some exact evidence? I do not know if father can take out the evidence in your hand and show it to me? Let me know clearly when I did this kind of thing.”

Liu Cheng certainly had no evidence, but he did not feel that his words were wrong: “Who else will do this kind of thing? You should not argue with me again!”

“So my father means, even if you don’t have any evidence at all, you have still decided to unilaterally convict me?” Su Yu reluctantly sighed. “Since my father has decided not to rely on the evidence to directly convict me, how can I believe that my father will not change his mind?”

Liu Cheng snorted and showed his attitude.

On the side, once Lin Shuru heard this, she couldn’t help but want to open her mouth, but she was held down by Su Yu.

“I already know my father’s thoughts. So I won’t say anything, I just want to show my father something.” Su Yu shook his head a little regretfully, and then decisively took out the evidence in his hand.

It was just like the scene played in the game, just the person watching it from the group of players in the game, became the original owner’s and Liu Jinjin’s biological father.

Without even a little defense, Liu Cheng was stunned by the pictures he saw.

When all the evidence was fully presented, Liu Cheng’s expression was close to epilepsy, and he wanted to say that the pictures he saw must be fake.

How could this person who made such a disgusting plan in order to retaliate against his half-brother be his well-behaved daughter?!

“This…this is impossible!” Liu Cheng’s goose bumps came out.

“You think it’s impossible, that is not important. It’s important that I think it’s necessary for us to talk about your divorce with your mother now.” Su Yu put away the evidence and calmly said, “If you don’t want this evidence that you think are impossible, and the videos I just recorded to be published.”

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