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After sitting in the elegant room of the restaurant, Su Yu immediately opened the update panel, and then almost fainted because of the tide of information coming in.

13746 notifications, this figure was still quite scary.

Su Yu took a deep breath and first shielded the information from strangers. There were still 379 left. A total of eight people could send out so much information in a short time. Su Yu suddenly got a glimpse of such feelings.

Su Yu also looked at the sending time of the news, some were sent today, and some were sent before the game update, but why did he not receive a message before?

Su Yu looked at Cang Qiong with suspicion, and Cang Qiong silently sipped a cup of tea, but the expression on his face was still cold.

Su Yu took a look at his notifications and opened them one by one.

[Everybody’s Lady]

“Boss boss! Call the boss!”

“Boss, how did you become a god, ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah!


“Boss, you shouldn’t be a god and just fly up? (:з”∠)_”


“……… Is it really soaring?!”


[Xiaojia Biyu]

“Boss boss! Please explain!”

“Boss, you are actually getting married with such a big person! You have become a relative!”

“Ah, ah, I want to blow up!!!”

“Boss boss, how did you change the rules of the game? It’s just amazing!”

“Boss, you are my idol, my benefactor!~(≧▽≦)/~”

“Boss, I want to marry Everybody’s Lady, how do you feel about it?”


“Boss, do you disagree with us?_(:з”∠)_”

“But I really like him, or I will not play with him and cry! QAQ”


[Yushu Linfeng]

“Boss, you are really amazing, it really is the great **** in the big god, I really did not follow the wrong person!”

“But how do you change the rules in the boss, how did you become a god? What is the ghost of the Western Magic?”

“Boss, have you played the game? Why don’t you reply?”

“Boss, you think I’m dragging my legs, don’t you? Σ(°△°|||)_”

“Boss, don’t be like this. Although I am really weak, I can still run errands and work. Please don’t abandon me! QAQ”


[I have a little secret]

“Congratulations to the boss, to be crowned as God! To celebrate the whole day, the whole country is happy!”

“Well, the two bosses really match, congratulations!”

“Boss! Do you know how many people applied for our guild now? My Scorpio! I can’t believe my eyes!”

“… boss, are you really not curious at all? You are so unresponsive, it really makes me feel a sense of accomplishment! _(:зゝ∠)_”

“Well, I will still tell you as the boss. Now there are more than a thousand people who have applied to join our guild. Is it a surprise? Is it unexpected? Is it cool?”

“How come you are still not responding? Although I know that this is the credit of your two bosses, but as a guild elder, I am happy to be happy, why should you ignore me? /(ㄒoㄒ)/~ ~”

“Two thousand! Boss! Just over 2,000 people have joined the guild, in the end plus or not? Plus not? Boss, are you back, I am in a hurry…”


Su Yu: “…”

At this time, the food was just placed on the table, and Cang Qiong was saying to Su Yu: “First eat.”

Su Yu said that he agreed with a nod. He said with quite a bit of teeth gnashing: “Well, after eating, if you are full, you will have the strength to seriously settle accounts.”

Cang Qiong acted as if he did not understand anything as he did. He was very active and enthusiastic in helping Su Yu to pick up the vegetables. Su Yu was also very calm, but the account would still need to be counted.

After dinner, Su Yu’s first sentence was very serious: “Why did you block my notification system?”

Cang Qiong felt that he had been wronged, but his face was still maintaining his character. He raised his hand and touched Su Yu’s head. His clear sound did not seem to be different from before. But, in fact, he sounded guilty and wronged: “At that time we had just gotten married, but you always kept thinking of other people.”

As the lover of Cang Qiong, Su Yu naturally would not not be able to hear the little emotions of his lover. He was still annoyed, since he had been doing it for so long, and even blocked his notifications, but he still felt somewhat soft.

In the face of his lover, Su Yu was really getting softer and softer: “I will forgive you for the time being, but it is not an example, do you know?”

“Yeah.” The voice of Cang Qiong immediately became brisk, although other people may have heard it, but they were completely unaware of this.

Immediately after the two started talking about the business, Su Yu asked: “How much information do you know about the Western Magic Continent?”

Cang Qiong sighed and said unpredictably: “The place should have been buried in the snow before, and now I don’t know why we can see it again. Whether it is a blessing or a curse, I don’t know.”

Su Yu knew that Cang Qiong would not lie to him, so he then asked: “What about us being gods, what is going on?”

Cang Qiong was as truthful as always: “I am not a god, I am the master of the East Magic continent, and now you are also the owner of the East Magic continent.”

On the surface of Su Yu’s face, he did not show anything, but he was still relieved. Before that, he was still worried that after this incident, his lover would think of something that should not be remembered. Now it seemed that he should not have been so concerned.

After letting go of his heart, Su Yu took Cang Qiong and left the restaurant, and then entered the coordinates of the guild.

Su Yu said to Cang Qiong: “Everybody assemble! Coordinates (XX, YY).”

Because there was no permission from Su Yu, although many people had applied to join the guild, they had not been passed, so there were still only ten people in the entire guild.

Su Yu’s voice immediately led to the repeated bombing of other people.

I am a bug: “Hi big Boss! I am weeping! I love to hear these words! Boss finally came out finally!”

Why worry about it: “Boss, I am here!”

Everybody’s Lady: “Come on, boss wait for me!”

Xiaojia Biyu: “Boss, I have decided to marry Everybody’s Lady, and he agreed.”

Yushu Linfeng: “WTF? You two demons are going to be married? This is this… wrong, this is not the point, the point is, boss, you didn’t dislike me, right? Right? Right?_(: зゝ∠ )_”


Five minutes later, all the members of the guild appeared at the coordinates. Eight people looked at the alien atmosphere. They saw the changed into a flowing white dress Su Yu. Then they forgot everything they wanted to say all the time.

Su Yu flicked his wide sleeves with a little laugh: “What’s wrong? Although I changed my clothes, I shouldn’t have changed my face, right?”

Eight people came back to their senses and started talking openly.

“Boss, you actually turned into a god, it is so cool!”

“Boss, do you know what the West Magic Continent that has opened is? There are already many people who are going to go there to open up wasteland, and they don’t know what it will look like.”

“Boss, you and the Supreme now look really good, all wearing white clothes, they are all so beautiful, so powerful.”


Su Yu waved his hand and waited for the few people to quieten. Then he said: “I don’t know what the Western Magic Continent is like. If you are curious, you can go there and see, but it is best not to provoke strangers, after all, the situation is unknown, and no one knows what dangers are hidden there.”

Yushu Linfeng: “Is boss also going with us? I think it should be fun? After all, it is the New World, maybe there will be many treasures hidden.”

Why worry about it: “I also think it will be very interesting. From the name, I know that it should be completely Western-style, just the opposite from here.”

Everybody’s Lady: “Let’s go team together, just go see the scenery.”

Xiaojia Biyu: “Since Everybody’s said to go there.”

“You go, I won’t go,” Su Yu said, waving his hand and explaining for Cang Qiong. “We have just gotten married, and we are still in the honeymoon period and need to be alone.”

After hearing this, the few people who wanted to persuade a few more words suddenly stopped talking. Since the Western Magical Continent had already appeared, it would definitely not disappear in a short time, but the honeymoon was such a time, of course, it must be spent together.

Several people’s eyes turned around between Su Yu and Cang Qiong, and they jumped over the issue and continued to discuss other issues.

Cang Qiong was standing behind Su Yu, and there was no opening. His eyes were always on Su Yu.

I have a little secret: “Yes, boss, about the guild, what do you think?”

The guild’s affairs, Su Yu had already considered it before, but at that time the one in his family made such a big move, and then he was dragged by Cang Qiong, and he was powerless, so things had been dragged to the present.

Su Yu turned his head and looked at Cang Qiong: “Can you help me to bring out a few people who can check those who have applied for the guild?”

What Su Yu said a few people, it was obviously not for the game players to do this, but for those NPCs under the rule of Cang Qiong.

In this game, although NPCs looked like puppets, they could help do a lot of things that players couldn’t do.

For example, when a player applied to join a guild, they could check the person’s daily performance and determine his character and strength, which could save a lot of trouble in advance.

Although Su Yu really intended to dominate the game in this game but he did not want to bully the weak like [Flashy Dreams], after all, that kind of behavior was really too boring for Su Yu.

What Su Yu wanted was to let all the people in the game pay homage to him and treat him as a super god. Of course, if you could abuse a few slags, it would be better.

Cang Qiong did not say anything too grand: “Okay.”

At the moment, he heard two sounds. Su Yu looked at the information. Two people had joined the guild and become the elders of the guild. They had the right to add new members.

Everyone: “…” stunned.jpg

Just this person seemed to have done nothing? So how did the two people get added in? How was this position given? This was not scientific at all!

Su Yu calmly said: “This problem has been solved. Do you have anything else?”

Several people reluctantly returned to their senses, and finally pressed down the shock and deep admiration in their hearts. They were preparing to speak, but they saw Su Yu’s sudden change of face and slight squint: “Sorry, I suddenly have something and may have to leave first for a while.”

The few people were somewhat puzzled. This was too sudden. It was clear that there was nothing left. How come suddenly?

Cang Qiong’s gaze flashed slightly. He didn’t even ask anything this time. He just said, “I’ll be waiting for you to come back.”

“Be reassured, I will be back soon.” Su Yu’s situation this time was obviously very urgent. He only had time to show a soothing smile to Cang Qiong, and the next moment he disappeared.

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