MTaFB Ch. 53.1

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Because there had been not many things to do in the last few days, after Lu Chengyu returned home, he also helped Yan Mu deal with some documents. Although it was not easy to operate with one hand, he was also very flexible because of his uninjured left hand. It was not particularly embarrassing to givet up.

In the company’s public mailbox, there were some emails from colleagues who cared about his body. He sent them a reply one by one. After finishing these, it was already more than ten o’clock in the evening. He stretched out on the sofa, turned his head to see Yan Mu still looking at the files in the computer seriously. After thinking for a while, he poured two cups of milk and put one in Yan Mu’s hand, “It’s so late, it’s time to go to bed.”

Yan Mu took a sip of the milk and moved his attention from the computer screen to Lu Chengyu. “Okay, wait for me to wipe your body.”

“Don’t worry, I will go to the “Autumn Wind” crew to take some shots tomorrow. I don’t need to go so early in the morning.” He finished drinking the milk in the glass and put the empty glass on the side, he stretched out his hand and patted Yan Mu on the shoulder, “You have been with me today, are there a lot of things happening in the company?”

Huading had a large number of industries. Although the managers of each branch were capable, many decisions still needed to be made by Yan Mu, the biggest boss. In addition, his assistant had recently been unable to go to work because of his injured arm, which had caused Yan Mu’s workload to be increased ten folds.

It stood to reason that Yan Mu should appoint a temporary assistant to help him deal with the urgent matters. Unfortunately, judging from Yan Mu’s appearance, he was obviously unwilling to use others, so Lu Chengyu could only do his best to help him with some documents at home.

“There are not many things. If I have to decide on everything, what would those managers do?” Probably because the palm on his back was too hot, Yan Mu closed the laptop, drank the milk in one breath, and washed the two cups. After the cups came out, he said, “Let’s go upstairs to wash.”

Lu Chengyu blinked. After the two went upstairs, Lu Chengyu took off his shirt and pants, leaving only a pair of shorts and laid on the bed, Yan Mu scrubbed his back, although he was not tired, but he was already sweating profusely. The towel gradually went down where the dark underwear wrapped around his beautiful buttocks. His movements became stiff, and he touched Lu Chengyu’s buttocks awkwardly.

Just when Lu Chengyu turned his head, Yan Mu was rubbing the towel in the basin, the expression on his face was so serious that Lu Chengyu thought that his touch just now was an illusion. Thinking of this, he simply turned over and lay on the bed, leaning on the bed with one hand, watching Yan Mu rubbing his veil with one hand and turning to face him.

“Stretch out your hand,” Yan Mu gently wiped Lu Chengyu’s injured arm. Although he looked upright, his eyes did not stare into Lu Chengyu’s eyes from beginning to end.

He was lying flat while handing the other uninjured arm to Yan Mu. Lu Chengyu watched him carefully wipe every place, not even missing the fingers, and couldn’t help but say, “Brother Mu, have you taken care of others before? “

Yan Mu looked up to see him looking at him with a faint smile, then he said, “I have been living alone for so many years, except for myself, I have not taken care of others.” He wiped Lu Chengyu’s chest again. However, he didn’t know if it was Lu Chengyu’s illusion but he felt that Yan Mu’s movements were obviously slower, and he was very suspicious.

After Yan Mu wiped Lu Chengyu’s whole body clean, half an hour passed. Lu Chengyu sat cross-legged on the bed in his pajamas, watching Yan Mu help him clean up the house, and said with a smile, “Brother Mu, you are simply a good man.”

“Do you think you got a good deal?” Yan Mu asked with a relaxed expression, sitting beside Lu Chengyu.

This was unscientific, how did Mu Ge learn to joke? ! Lu Chengyu widened his eyes and looked at Yan Mu, and then nodded for a few seconds: “Yes, I picked up a huge bargain.”

Yan Mu looked at him, his eyes sinking slightly, and suddenly he took his shoulders and kissed his lips hard.

With soft lips and warm tongue, the breath of each other lingered on the tip of his tongue, Lu Chengyu blinked, and when Yan Mu released him, he still didn’t react.

“Good night,” Yan Mu straightened his back and strode out of Lu Chengyu’s room, not forgetting to help Lu Chengyu close the door.

“I’ll go,” Lu Chengyu touched his face, feeling that the temperature of his cheeks seemed a little abnormal, he chucked his thoughts and wrapped himself in the quilt, curled into the bed, leaving only half of the black top of his head exposed outside.

Yan Mu in the next room searched out a hidden folder from the computer with his fingers trembling slightly, and saw the third article on it: How to kiss as naturally as possible.

Yan Mu frowned, feeling that what he did tonight was not natural enough, but thinking of Lu Chengyu’s expression at the time, the corners of his mouth raised slightly, and then he made a tick behind this one.

After closing the hidden folder, he continued to bring up the work that had not been completed before. Tomorrow afternoon he needed to get off work early to take Lu Chengyu home from the crew, so the work should be done in as little time as possible.

The next morning, after Lu Chengyu went downstairs, he saw breakfast on the table and Yan Mu was sitting at the dining table waiting for him. He smiled: “Morning.”

“Morning.” Yan Mu raised his head slightly, “Come over for breakfast. “

Lu Chengyu remembered the kiss last night, coughed dryly, and sat down opposite Yan Mu to eat breakfast silently. When the two of them said goodbye at the door after breakfast, Lu Chengyu hooked his fingers towards Yan Mu. When Yan Mu stretched his head over, he kissed Yan Mu’s mouth and waved his hand freely, “I’m going to the crew, remember not to look around at the handsome beautiful guys on the road.”

Yan Mu was startled slightly, and then nodded: “Don’t look around.” Was there anyone on the road who looked better than Xiao Yu?

He Long, who was waiting for Lu Chengyu to get in the car, saw this scene and silently blindfolded his eyes. After he saw through his fingers that Lu Chengyu was about to get in the car, he jumped out of the car and opened the door for Lu Chengyu. .

After both of them got in the car, He Long finally couldn’t help but said: “Mr. Lu, your relationship with Mr. Yan is really good.”

“Really?” Lu Chengyu smiled, “Probably because we are of the same gender?” It was better to understand what men want, just as women always knew women best.

He Long heard that Lu Chengyu was joking, and started the car and said, “No, it’s the look in your eyes, I can’t tell the feeling, but it’s very soft.”

When Lu Chengyu turned his head and looked towards the doorway, he saw Yan Mu still standing at the door, staring at the car he was sitting in. He didn’t see Yan Mu walking towards the garage until after the car drove out of the yard.

Looking back slowly, Lu Chengyu felt that he was in a better mood than before, so he took out his phone and posted a Weibo.

More than every year: The scenery behind us is often exceptionally beautiful.

Although it was still morning, many fans left messages for him after this Weibo was posted. Some people asked him if he was missing the bed at home. Some people asked him if there was a big beauty behind him, and some fans admired him saying that that their male god was so diligent and went out to work so early.

After reading some messages, Lu Chengyu smiled helplessly. Although the fans’ comments were all funny, for him, these people accompanied him to spend many days and nights living alone. He remembered that because he was busy with life in his previous life, he gradually stopped using Weibo. He didn’t know how much he missed out on this kind of fun.

“Mr. Lu, do we need to go home for lunch at noon?” He Long, as a bodyguard and driver, had a generous salary, so he was also very dedicated at work.

“I shouldn’t be back,” Lu Chengyu frowned. “I have signed a contract with the crew of “The Universe”, so I will finish the shots of “Autumn Wind” in these two days and report to “The Universe” on Monday.”

He Long nodded, indicating that he understood, thinking that Lu Chengyu was also involved in the production of “Autumn Wind”, but he didn’t usually put up airs. He felt a little emotional. If the relationship between Mr. Yan and Mr. Lu was made public, perhaps in the eyes of some people, Mr. Lu would be said to be relying on Mr. Yan’s riches. But in his opinion, Mr. Lu was a very good person, serious, patient, hard-working, and educated. He who had no wealthy background, could achieve such achievements. It was not even comparable to many young masters with good backgrounds.

Lu Chengyu didn’t know that He Long had such a high evaluation of him. After he rushed to the crew, while putting on makeup, he told Director Zhang about his going to the filming crew of “The Universe”: “So I plan to make up the scenes as soon as possible in the next few days. Will it be troublesome?”

“The crew of “The Universe”?!” Zhang Shuo said with emotion, “This is a great opportunity, don’t miss it. We are shooting here in these few places. There is no problem in focusing on your shots these days.” Although it was possible that it would increase some expenses, but since Mr. Lu, as the investor, had planned this way, he, as a director, did not need to consider this aspect.

“Then I will trouble you,” Lu Chengyu apologized, “I’m sorry to disrupt the plan of the crew. I will apologize to the crew later.”

Zhang Shuo knew Lu Chengyu’s habits and didn’t insist on saying anything. When everyone gathered for dinner at noon, he saw Lu Chengyu apologize to everyone. The staff at the scene repeatedly said that it was okay. There were many investors in this circle who messed around during shooting. Lu Chengyu was nothing like this. What’s more important is, that it was “The Universe” that people wanted to participate in. Wasn’t it normal that he didn’t want to miss such a huge opportunity?

But everyone also understood one thing in their hearts. Lu Chengyu, a man who had only acted in a few shots, could star in “The Universe”. They didn’t know how deep his background was! No matter how, but they didn’t dare to offend such a person, it was too late to busy themselves pleasing him.

Because he was going to film the scene of saving a child in a mudslide in the afternoon, Lu Chengyu wrapped his injured arm with plastic wrap to prevent sewage from entering the wound. When everything was ready, he looked at the dirty and smelly sewage ditch, gritted his teeth and jumped down.

In order to show the impact of the mudslide, the staff used dirty water to splash Lu Chengyu’s side. Originally, Lu Chengyu’s performance was very good. Unfortunately, because the little actor laughed at the scene, the whole shot needed to be retaken.

He Long stood watching Lu Chengyu rolling around in the muddy water. As for the footage of the entire mudslide, post-production needed to be completed, so now this scene did look a little funny.

When the entire shot was finished, a bunch of staff members were busy helping Lu Chengyu out of the sewage, fetching water, taking towels and clothes, and surrounding him.

When Lu Chengyu entered the room, he used one hand to wash his head and face and wipe the sewage. Almost an hour passed before he put on a clean costume and prepared to shoot the bickering shots with Zhong Zhenghan.

At this time, the director was taking a shot of Zhong Zhenghan. He sat on the side and let the makeup artist work on his face. When Zhong Zhenghan finished taking the set of shots, his makeup was done.

“I say you shoot very well,” Zhong Zhenghan later sat down at his side and said, “You said you’re an economics major, you previously haven’t shot movies as well, how do you act so well?”

“This, it’s a human talent, which ordinary people can’t learn.” Lu Chengyu raised his eyebrows proudly at him, “For example, people like you.”

 “Bah,” Zhong Zhenghan rolled his eyes at him, “Seriously, you’ve never been in touch with anything in this area before?”

“Where did I get in touch with these?” Lu Chengyu smiled, “Probably I learned the skills in my previous life.” In his previous life, he often helped Zhong Zhenghan find a sense of drama. He played against Zhong Zhenghan, and sometimes ran a few extra roles in the crew. The so-called had never eaten pork, but have seen pigs run, that’s what it was.

“It’s strange but I believe you,” Zhong Zhenghan took a sip of the water handed to him by the assistant, and hesitated, “Are you really going to “The Universe” crew?”

Lu Chengyu nodded, “Such a good opportunity. If I let it go, it would be too stupid.”

Zhong Zhenghan sighed and said in a low voice: “I think I also treat you like a brother. Are you and Yan Mu the same?”

Lu Chengyu glanced at him, smiled and asked: “What, discriminating?”

“I discriminate against you.” Zhong Zhenghan said with a rough voice, “Do you think I look like that kind of person? I’m worried that others will gossip about you behind your back.”

Anyone with a bit of knowledge knew what status Yan Mu had in the capital. If Lu Chengyu relied on that relationship to enter “The Universe” crew, he was worried that after the relationship between the two broke out, someone would say that Lu Chengyu relied on the unspoken rules, or that Lu Chengyu had a sugar daddy. After spending some time in this circle, he knew what people say, and he knew more about how rumors were like running water which could harm even the most popular artist.

“I originally entered the crew based on unspoken rules. There is nothing wrong with it.” Lu Chengyu smiled. He knew that Zhong Zhenghan was worried about him, so he said, “The so-called life is alive, it’s not good enough. I chose to talk to Yan Mu. When we were getting together, we considered various consequences. I was upright with him and did not harm anyone’s interests. We were both single before we got together, and we have not deceived anyone’s feelings. What’s wrong? Yan Mu is willing to do a lot of things for me. That is also Yan Mu and me. What is their business? No matter how much they scold, they can’t do anything to me. Who knows how many of those scolding people are envious and jealous?”

Zhong Zhenghan was surprised for a while, and after a while, he said emotionally, “You are really open-minded.”

“It’s not that I’m open-minded, but I can see what is more important.” Anyway, for Lu Chengyu, he just didn’t like certain hypocritical behaviours. For example, because the other party’s status was noble, he is reluctant to let others know the relationship between the two, which also emphasizes that the two are unequal, not spending the other’s money. Disdain for the other party to use his power to help himself. For Lu Chengyu, this kind of behaviour was simply another kind of inequality, and it was also unfair to the other half, “He is happy about this, I am happy, what’s wrong. Besides, I am not with him for the thigh, Yan Mu knows. I don’t do it for his money. In the eyes of others, no matter what I do, I’m just hugging his thighs, and I’m too lazy to care about it.”

In his view, feelings should come naturally, and one party doesn’t deliberately express his own dignity, while the other party does not have to deliberately use money to show their abilities. Get along as you should. Thinking too much affects your relationship and hurts your body.

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