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Lu Chengyu did use hacking methods to investigate a lot of secret information about Shengrong Enterprise, but from a legal point of view, these documents that could not prove the authenticity were not effective at all. It had no use in the hands of ordinary people, unless they were powerful. The person behind helped with giving a push. His original intention to give Cao Jingshen the information was only to prevent Huading from losing in the competition with Shengrong, but he did not expect that Yan Mu would directly attack in such a ruthless manner.

“Now, I finally understand why some people like to hug thighs.” Lu Chengyu wiped the drops of water on his chin with a towel. “This kind of thing that makes the other party unlucky without having to do it by yourself makes you feel really relieved.”

“I don’t look down to you, but I just think that your business is mine. The Sheng family’s power is very strong in City S, and you are not their opponent now. I am worried that the Sheng family will not give up on you, so… “Although Yan Mu was not an evil and mad president, he knew the truth about the strangling a danger to death right from the beginning. He was not the protagonist in a TV series who had to wait until the villain had done all the damage to fight back, nor was he a philanthropist. If someone wanted to hurt his important person, he would make that person’s life hell before he/she does something.

“What do you think?” Lu Chengyu saw Yan Mu misunderstood his meaning, stepped forward and hugged him, “I’m very happy that you have done so many things for me.”

Yan Mu calmed his mind and wrapped his backhand around his waist and sighed: “You don’t want me to intervene in your affairs at will.”

“I’m not an ignorant person that does not know how to be grateful. Both of us have reached this point, and if I still felt this, it would be hypocritical. I’m not mentally ill.” Lu Chengyu smiled helplessly, “I understand your intentions.”

Yan Mu’s gaze landed on Lu Chengyu, looking at the snow falling outside the window, but he was in a very good mood. Meeting such a special person in this life was his greatest fortune in this life.

After the Spring Festival, they should have visited various homes, but because of Yan Mu’s identity and Lu Chengyu’s indifferent relatives, the two had no intention of going to other people’s homes except for visiting Grandfather Mu on the second day of the new year. At the reception that could not be pushed, the two also participated as lovers, and this upright attitude made many people rest their minds behind the discussion.

On the night of the fifth day of the first lunar month, Zhang Zeyun’s family held a party. Yan Mu and Lu Chengyu, as Zhang Zeyun’s friends, would naturally give Zhang Zeyun face and appeared together in Zhang’s family party.

After greeting some of the elders present, Lu Chengyu and Zhuang Yu hid on the sofa and chatted, and then somehow they arrived at the topic of the entertainment industry.

“By the way, didn’t you talk about Liu Qiyan some time ago? You didn’t know that there is a rumour about him going around?” Zhuang Yu shook the champagne in his hand and said in a low voice: “There was a rumour earlier that she was related to a certain young master of the Xia family. I just don’t know if it is true or not.” Since knowing that the Xia family might be Lu Chengyu’s mother’s family, Zhuang Yu has paid special attention to the news of the Xia family.

Lu Chengyu touched his cup with him: “Since my parents didn’t recognize the Xia family, then the Xia family has nothing to do with me. I am so busy now that I don’t have time to think about these unimportant things.”

Zhuang Yu pursed his lips. He wanted to say that the Xia family was a somewhat famous family, but then he thought of those descendants and grandchildren of the Xia family, and that Lu Chengyu now had no shortage of food, clothing, and even had a lot of money. He really didn’t need to recognize the Xia family and mix up in all the horrible family struggles, so he nodded in agreement: “Yes, it doesn’t make sense to recognize them.” Just like the horrible things in his family, he was too lazy to take care of it, so he relied on his mother to deal with them. Further, he had also become the big boss of an entertainment company, and his life was much smoother than those drowning in family intrigues.

Lu Chengyu smiled, drank a sip of champagne and did not speak. Sometimes some people came over to greet him. Lu Chengyu always held a polite but not humble attitude. He would not feel inferior just because he was born inferior to these people, nor would he be stern. Mu Bao was proud of his conduct. In human relations, sometimes even an auntie sweeping the floor could help you, so why use position as a measure of whether a person can be communicated with or not?

Yan Mu had dealt with some people’s deliberate flattery, and when he found Lu Chengyu, he was already eating delicious cakes with Zhuang Yu, and it seemed that the two were having a very happy chat.

Yan Mu had discovered long ago that among his friends, Lu Chengyu and Zhuang Yu had the closest relationship. They usually chatted and played together and liked to get together, and when they became poisonous, they had the same effect.

Seeing Yan Mu coming over, Zhuang Yu found something interesting and left, instead of being an annoying light bulb. After he picked a corner again and sat down, he looked back at the place where the two of them were now sitting. Yan Mu was peeling the shells for Lu Chengyu. It was obvious that there was no intentional intimacy between the two of them, but it just made him feel that the two people were in love.

Probably the old man of the Mu family didn’t want to embarrass them because of this.

After the Spring Festival, whether you liked it or not, those who should go to work must go to work, and those who should go to school must go to school. The box office of “Autumn Wind” was also approaching 100 million, and the box office of “The Universe” had exceeded 1.2 billion. It also aroused the patriotism of many young people.

However, the performance of Lu Chengyu, an outsider in the two films, had been well received by film critics. Almost all film critics felt that Lu Chengyu had the potential to be a leading actor.

Lu Chengyu did not have any such intention. All the reaction he had after seeing these remarks was just a smile. He usually met fans outside, and if they had a photo or autograph request, he didn’t hesitate to agree, so he had won a good impression from many fans.

“Xiao Lu, someone called you father on the Internet.” At lunch, Cao Jingshen took out his phone and clicked on a Weibo. There was indeed a fan calling him father. “Frankly, who did you give birth to?”

“Brother Cao, you’re not being kind,” Lu Chengyu wiped his mouth. “Using online words to provoke my relationship with Brother Mu. It’s wicked.”

“Who made you a winner in life,” Cao Jingshen looked around. “If you didn’t open up your relationship with your boss, many people in our company would have a crush on you.”

Yan Mu, who had been silent all the time, raised his eyebrows after hearing these words, and said lightly: “You like gossip so much. You are responsible for the company’s market research this month. Remember not to ask Xiao Lu for information.”

Cao Jingshen: “…” A bad mouth is a disease that needs to be corrected.

Lu Chengyu showed a sympathetic look at him, then stood up and picked up the dinner plate, and said to Yan Mu: “Brother Mu, let’s go.”

Cao Jingshen: …

After Lu Chengyu and Yan Mu had handled their work in the afternoon and had just walked downstairs, they saw Sheng Shaoyuan sitting in the outside lobby with his secretary. His posture looked extraordinarily elegant, as if he had not been affected by Shengrong’s investigation at all.

“Mr. Yan, Special Assistant Lu,” Sheng Shaoyuan seemed to have only seen the two of them. He walked towards them with a smile. Lu Chengyu glanced at him and smiled back, “Isn’t this the president of Shengrong? Why are you sitting here? If I had known that you are here, I would’ve come down to greet you early.”

“Mr. Lu is too polite,” Sheng Shaoyuan took off his gloves, “I’m here today because I want to invite two of you to dinner. I wonder if the two of you can give me face?”

Yan Mu didn’t speak, but Lu Chengyu sneered in his heart. Sheng Shaoyuan was able to bend and stretch. The president of Shengrong could put aside his face to block people in the hall, which showed his human heart.

“It’s a rare meeting. The two of us can have a meal together and chat about the past. It’s a very interesting thing,” Sheng Shaoyuan smiled. “Or do the two of you not want to give me face?”

“Sheng Shaoyuan came to Beijing to be a guest. How can I make you spend money? Let us be the host to serve the guests,” Lu Chengyu raised his mouth, “Please.”

Sheng Shaoyuan’s secretary looked at Lu Chengyu a few more times after hearing the words. He thought that he was putting the knife in, knowing that Shengrong Enterprise failed to enter the capital’s market, he still said such words, it was poisonous.

However, Sheng Shaoyuan took a breath and said with a smile on his face: “Then it will cost the two of you.”

Lu Chengyu smiled, “You are welcome, please.”

The group arrived at Baiweixuan’s private room. After the dishes were on the table, Lu Chengyu told the waiter to retire. The smile on his face was slightly weak: “We and Mr. Sheng just have fate. I wonder if Mr. Sheng has any past that we need to talk about.”

Sheng Shaoyuan took a sip of tea and smiled and said, “Why do I need to worry about Mr. Lu? You have to eat a bite, and you have to say something. Why don’t you start with Mr. Lu’s blood type?”

Lu Chengyu gave him a challenging and provocative look. The secretary picked up the teapot and filled the cups between himself and Yan Mu: “It is flattering that Mr. Sheng knows Lu ‘s blood type.”

“Mr. Lu is the same blood type as my third uncle. It is not difficult to know.” Sheng Shaoyuan shook his head, “They say that people with blood type AB are radical, calm and rational, and I don’t know if it is true or not.”

Lu Chengyu took a sip of tea and smiled without saying a word.

“This is the opposite of the type -O the blood type of Zun Lingtang. People with type -O blood are often impatient and impulsive when doing anything.” Sheng Shaoyuan put down his teacup and said in a very soft tone, “Is that right?”

The secretary on one side was a little confused. He frowned. Both parents had blood type O, but the child born had blood type AB. What’s wrong with this?

“Hey, I didn’t expect Mr. Sheng to believe in blood types,” Lu Chengyu picked up his chopsticks and clipped the wings of a chicken. “It’s really incredible.”

Sheng Shaoyuan laughed: “Haha, there are a lot of things that people can’t believe, and many people are unwilling to accept.”

“I don’t know if Mr. Sheng has heard an idiom?” Yan Mu spooned the tofu flower into Lu Chengyu’s bowl.

“What are you talking about?” Sheng Shaoyuan asked with a smile.

“Sometimes there is too much talk, and it may not end well.”

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