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The sweet taste passed from the lips inside, and Jiang Zheng couldn’t refuse, so sobbing in horror, she opened her mouth and ate the candy.

However, the sweetness in the mouth could not cover the bitterness in the heart.

Ji Muye leaned forward slightly, as if meeting this person for the first time, and his deep eyes kept gazing at Jiang Zheng’s face.

Jiang Zheng clutched the edge of the dressing table tightly with both hands, but there was candy in her mouth. Even if she wanted to quibble, she couldn’t speak clearly. Me, me, and then gone…

Ji Muye was obviously in a good mood, but his face was cold.

He looked at someone’s bulging cheeks, and suddenly his hands felt itchy, and he couldn’t help stretching out his hand to pinch one side, and coaxed her without even realizing it: “What kind of fan are you?”

Jiang Zheng groaned.

“Face fan?”

Jiang Zheng shook her head immediately.

Ji Muye: “…” She doesn’t like my face. What kind of fan is she!

“Girlfriend fan?”

Jiang Zheng waved her hands in shock.

Ji Muye forcibly suppressed the corners of his lips, “Wife fan?”

Jiang Zheng almost choked on the candy, coughed twice, and shook her head with red eyes.

Ji Muye: “……”

Ji Muye’s face was full of black lines, “You can’t be a mother fan.”

Jiang Zheng couldn’t let him guess any more, and whimpered, “I’m a career fan.”

Ji Muye suddenly realized. No wonder she said when she saw him before, “Mr. Ji is a little too free recently? Don’t let your fans down.”

It turned out that the fans here referred to herself.

Jiang Zheng finally finished the candy, forced herself to straighten her back, raised her head, and stared straight at Ji Muye with eyes as bright as water.

Suddenly she smiled brightly, “Who doesn’t have someone they admire? Who said celebrities can’t follow other celebrities? Teacher Ji, please don’t make a fuss.”

Ji Muye: “…” Tsk!

Jiang Zheng stood up straight, squinted her eyes and said, “I would like to remind you, Mr. Ji, you must not be blindly confident. You should work hard and make progress, otherwise you can lose my fanship at any time.”

After finishing speaking, she stepped on her high heels and walked straight to the door.

Ji Muye was stunned for a long time, and finally burst out laughing out loud.

After laughing for a while, he muttered, “Heh. What a stubborn cutie.”

Han Yi was chatting with director Xing Weimin backstage, then he turned around and found that Jiang Zheng had disappeared. He was looking for her everywhere, when Jing Meini blocked his way.

Jing Meini was wearing a black jumpsuit today, with a silver collar around her neck. Han Yi glanced at it and frowned. This woman was not afraid of scaring people when she wore black clothes every day.

Jing Meini turned her chin slightly to the side, then turned around and walked to the corner first.

Han Yi raised his heels but stopped after taking two steps, hey. How could he behave like a dog.

Jing Meini turned her head and glanced at him.

Han Yi raised his chin slightly and followed in a jerky manner.

“Sometimes fate is so wonderful. I think the fate between me and Mr. Han… is as deep as the sea.” Jing Meini’s nonsensical words made Han Yi look confused.

He said angrily: “Fuck! Every day I go out, I will meet a little yellow and white wild cat. My fate with it is deeper than that with you, Miss Jing.”

Jing Meini: “…”

Then with a cold face, she unlocked her phone and handed it over.

Han Yi took it hesitantly, and when he looked down, his back broke out in a cold sweat.

Just half an hour after this live broadcast, someone had already started picking on Jiang Zheng’s performance on Douban today.

The title was particularly frightening: Devil Jiang seemed to be possessed by Ji Muye’s old fan today, and she answered all the questions correctly like a god.

The person who posted the post claimed to be Ji Muye’s new fan, and had no feelings for Jiang Zheng, and even less for Jiang Ye CP. Jiang Zheng had answered a dozen questions about Ji Muye correctly today, even the last multiple-choice question. This made her, a new fan feel ashamed, because she didn’t know the truth about the four options, so she couldn’t judge what was true or false.

This terrifying title immediately attracted many fans. An old fan of Ji Muye came out to explain, saying that his brother ate spicy food to cure his sore throat, his brother was already over 1.7 meters tall at the age of fourteen, and his mother had influenced his debut. At least fans of Ji Muye who had been fans for more than three years knew these three pieces of information. As for his brother’s hypoglycemia, this old fan said that very few people really know about it. Their brother didn’t like others to worry about him, and had thus been carrying candy in his pocket since he fainted once on the set many years ago.

So, Jiang Zheng got the answer right this time, either because of her luck, or because this person strangely looked the same as the person who asked the question. If you have to say that she was an old fan, this hammer was still not hard enough[1].

Fans scratched their heads and followed the clues, and suddenly felt that Jiang Zheng’s call of brother Mu in the second episode of “Terror City” could be specially used to confirm the conclusion of today’s post.

Han Yi looked at the post expressionlessly and returned the phone to Jing Meini firmly.

“Miss Jing can be regarded as an experienced old person. No matter how you listen to the wind when it is raining, you should be careful of being led into the gutter.”

This kind of plausible and untrue post was fine if they didn’t admit to it. He was now more worried that Jiang Zheng’s amnesia would be exposed. If the brand owner or partners got to know, everyone would doubt her physical condition and mental state, and question whether she could complete the endorsement promotion tasks. Wouldn’t that be a shocking bomb?!

Old person? Jing Meini: “…you are old.”

Han Yi touched his face, “Don’t be so angry. You will get wrinkles.”

Jing Meini snorted coldly, “I heard that you haven’t agreed to the 20th anniversary issue of “Fashion”?” Jin Sui, the editor-in-chief of Fashion, called us a few days ago and eagerly invited Ji Muye. Later, she inquired, and it turned out that it was because of Jiang Zheng. She didn’t have a good impression of the big devil Jiang before, but she has been in contact with her a lot recently and found that this person was not as unreasonable as the rumors. Moreover, she is superstitious, and feels that as long as Ji Muye and Jiang Zheng are in the same frame, the traffic will skyrocket. She is very satisfied with mutual prosperity and win-win cooperation. But why didn’t Jiang Zheng agree this time?”

Han Yi smiled, “Why are you in a hurry? The other party’s theme planning ideas and style settings have not been finalized. What if it conflicts with our Zhengzheng’s style concept?”

Jing Meini: “…” Mom Egg! It was very much like Jiang Zheng to have the confidence to bargain in front of the olive branch thrown by Fashion.

Although the post questioning whether Jiang Zheng was an old fan of Ji Muye was reposted and commented on, this incident was too magical and unbelievable. Fans on both sides took it as a joke. They just listened to it, but very few people believed it. It was their own business if the Jiang Ye CP fans were excited. Jiang Zheng quietly paid attention to it afterwards, and found that it didn’t cause too much panic, so she felt relieved.

Han Yi told her not to answer questions related to Ji Muye’s personal affairs. These fans were all sharp-eyed, so she shouldn’t get caught.

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[1] This was not something easily believable.

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