MGSGW Ch. 158

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Du Xiaozhou readily put two rusty copper coins in front of Lin Mumu and Liu Yuanyuan.

Liu Yuanyuan pinched the coin nervously and observed it carefully.

“Have you seen enough? Nerdy beauty?”

Fang Tianyong sneered: “We are in class now, and so many people cannot wait for you.”

Lin Mumu chuckled: “From what you said, I know that you are very unprofessional, as a professional antique appraiser, the biggest taboo is prompting someone. If you are a seller, it means you have a guilty conscience. If you are a colleague, it means you have ulterior motives. It is written in these books, why, Fang Tianyong didn’t you listen to the teacher while he was reading?”

Lin Mumu had a good temper most of the time, the premise was if nobody provoked her, once someone provoked her, her good temper would be restrained.

Like now.

Lin Mumu suddenly asked Liu Yuanyuan: “How do you feel?”

“This one is too heavy. I can’t see through the other one either.” Liu Yuanyuan replied.

Lin Mumu took the one that Liu Yuanyuan said was wrong, weighed it casually in his hand and said: “This weight is not right at all. The authentic ancient coins are made of exquisite materials, and the copper is fine. Due to the age, the internal composition has changed, the weight will be greatly reduced, and the copper used in counterfeit coins is inferior and thicker. It is written in the book, so this one is a later imitation.”

Then she picked up another coin with a pencil, but it was not good enough, so she said: “And this one, although the weight is correct, and it should also be an old copper coin, but it is not. One way to make it old is to bury it in various chemical piles, and it may even have been buried a latrine, so that it will be stained with yellow rust.”

“Therefore, when we identify, in order to prevent the infection of viruses and other things, it is best to observe first and then get started. It is said that there is a golden house in the book, which seems to be true. Student Fang, are you satisfied with the answers I, a nerd, found in these books?”

After Lin Mumu finished speaking, she picked up the two copper coins with a pencil casually, and pointed them towards Fang Tianyong.

Fang Tianyong took them subconsciously, and then his face becoming more and more ugly. He didn’t even care about the copper coins anymore. He said his stomach hurt, and hurriedly ran to the toilet.

From his disgusted expression, Du Xiaozhou also guessed that the other copper coin that Lin Mumu said was probably given to him through the legendary method of burying in the latrine.

When he thought of the two copper coins that he had put away before holding it in his arms like a baby, and even tried it with his tongue, Du Xiaozhou felt nauseous and ran to the toilet immediately.

“Everyone, take a five-minute rest first.” Although it was not time for class to end, the teacher still gave them a rest in a considerate manner.

Lin Mumu, Liu Yuanyuan, An Xiaoqin, and Chen Fangya also went to the bathroom to wash their hands. Although they didn’t touch the copper coin, it was on their desk after all. Rolling over, it made them sick to think about it.

“Lin Mumu, you are so awesome. You didn’t embarrass us professionally!” In the bathroom, Chen Fangya patted Lin Mumu’s shoulder excitedly.

“Look over there.”

Fang Tianyong and Du Xiaozhou had just come out of the bathroom. Fang Tianyong was fine, but Du Xiaozhou had become a weak puppy.

“Poof, I laughed so hard.”

Chen Fangya had a lively character. Standing at the door, she imitated Du Xiaozhou’s previous action without fear of hatred, and took out two coins from her arms, imitating Du Xiaozhou’s voice: “This is the coin I found in the bathroom. I don’t know if it is something that the ancestors used when going to the toilet?”

Fang Tianyong and Du Xiaozhou ignored her, looked at them bitterly, and hurried back.

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