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Compared with the adult dragon, the dragon’s breath from the young dragon’s mouth seemed to be far inferior in its damage and deterrence, it was just like the difference between a spark and a blazing prairie fire.

But in order to protect the young human being behind him, the black dragon cub kept spitting out his dragon’s breath, and even rushed towards the enemy by flapping its wings.

Every time the young dragon breathed out the dragon’s fire, the dim cave was illuminated for an extra moment. From her appearance to now, this kind of flames had appeared more than ten times.

Although it failed to increase the temperature in the cave, the dark elemental creatures who were afraid of light began to shrink back a little.

The fighting talents of the Kesu clan and the dragon line was naturally needless to be stated. Even if the elemental creatures tried to fight at the beginning, but with its racial instincts, this black dragon cub’s attacks were becoming more and more precise and fierce.

Like the tearing with the front claws and the sweeping with its dragon tail, if it was not against this kind of elemental creatures, it would still need to be observed if any other life forms with normal powers could withstand this attack.

These two attacks by the cubs couldn’t cause any fatal injuries at once, but they were enough to make a normal person shrink back in fear.

Even if they retreated a little, these elemental creatures who didn’t actually know how to think would not stop their approach, they would continue to continue to approach the life forms in front of them.

Compared with the black dragon cub who could use the dragon’s breath, these dark elemental creatures were more inclined to target the young human being behind this young dragon who could not attack them.

“Hmm–” After discovering this, the black dragon cub who was flapping its dragon wings tried its best to spit out dragon’s breath flames that were hotter than before, like a solid line of defense, absolutely not letting these enemies come closer.

“Oni, let’s go this way.” Xie Luan pointed to the hole next to it that was big enough for a person to squat down and drill through, after confirming that the black dragon cub heard it, he started to approach the hole.

First, he entered the cavity, then Xie Luan turned around and waved to the black dragon cub who was still looking at him from time to time during the battle, “Oni come here.”

When the black dragon cub flapped its wings and flew towards him, Xie Luan held the young dragon in his arms, and while the group of elemental creatures came around from the other side during the gap time, he held the black dragon cub and ran towards the exit of the cave.

Not all the elemental creatures in this cave had surrounded Xie Luan just now. On the way as Xie Luan trotted from the center of the cave to the exit while holding the black dragon cub, there were some scattered enemies who were still lingering around. The young dragons in Xie Luan’s arms solved them one by one with its breath.

The distance from the center to the exit of this dim cave was very long. Xie Luan trotted for nearly ten minutes. When he saw the light at the exit, Xie Luan quickened his pace.

The two dragon guards guarding at the exit of the cave heard the gradual running footsteps, their reaction was a little slow, and when they saw a black-haired young man running out of it, while still holding a black dragon cub in his arms, these two dragon guards were really a bit surprised.

Yesterday, this human came from the outside to look at the exit of the cave. The two dragon guards here thought that the other side was only interested in this place. They didn’t expect the other side to enter the cave directly from the other side of the entrance today. And he also came out without incident.

As a freelancer who usually didn’t go out except for walking and traveling, as a human being running from the elemental creatures, he trotted for so long that Xie Luan started to gasp slightly when he came out.

It wasn’t just Xie Luan, the black dragon cub he was holding in his arms, because he had spit out the dragon’s flame many times when they were in the cave just now, was nestled in Xie Luan’s arms as if she was a little tired.

In order to protect the young man who was holding it, this black dragon cub fought very hard just now, and had already displayed all the fighting abilities that a young dragon could have.

“Oni’s eyes are so beautiful.” Walking a few steps away from the exit of the cave, Xie Luan lifted the black dragon cub he was holding with both hands. This angle happened to help him see the young dragon’s eyes.

It was a magnificent golden color like the sun, even more beautiful than the most beautiful gemstone in the world. These golden vertical pupils represented the will and courage of this black dragon cub.


She didn’t know that its eyes had turned golden, but it was praised by the youth, so the black dragon cub fluttered its dragon wings several times while being held up by Xie Luan. It was easy to see the happy mood of the young dragon after being praised.

“It’s golden, more beautiful than gems.” After Xie Luan said this, he took out a small mirror from the space button and placed it in front of the black dragon cub that he held back into his arms.

To ask what color dragons like best, gold was undoubtedly the answer that would occupy the first place.

When seeing the pair of golden eyes in the mirror, the black dragon cub staying in Xie Luan’s arms obviously did not react for a few seconds.


This pair of eyes belonged to it. The black dragon cub made a hesitant sound at first, but this young dragon obviously liked these golden eyes very much. After confirming it, she continued to stare at the mirror and looked at it.

In fact, after having eased from the battle, this black dragon cub could also feel some changes in her body. She couldn’t tell exactly what it was, but it just felt different.

The golden eyes were a sign of the awakening of the black dragon’s bloodline, and it now had a racial heritage. This black dragon cub still knew about this.

“Oni should be able to control her power better than before. When we go back, we will do some experiments and practice.” As the black dragon cub in his arms liked to look at her own eyes, so Xie Luan continued to hold the mirror. He spoke warmly to the cub as he walked to the cub’s house.

Xie Luan had already discovered that this black dragon cub couldn’t control her strength, especially when she was stimulated by emotions or feelings such as pain.

If the cub was better than before in terms of power control after awakening, he would use mental power to guide her during the practice, and if they practiced a few more times, theoretically, the cub could remember the feeling of retracting and releasing the power.

“When Oni can control her strength, I will bring Oni and grandpa to the cub nursing branch where I live called Yunbao. There are many well-behaved babies in the branch, and they will be with Oni.” While walking and talking about this, Xie Luan felt the movement of the cub in his arms when he had just finished saying this.


Lifting her head to look at the black-haired young man holding her, the black dragon cub moved his body slightly, slightly fluttering the dragon wings on both sides.

It could also live in a cub care branch, and live with cubs of other races?

She remembered that it was not possible before, so this black dragon cub showed this reaction at this time.

“Oni is also a good baby.” Xie Luan said softly, and then said in a complimentary tone, “Isn’t Oni afraid of those things like shadows in the cave, but she was very brave when protecting me just now.”

“Hey, eh~”

As soon as she was praised, her eyes lit up, and the magnificent gold in the black dragon cub’s vertical pupils became more dazzling under the light, just like a little sun.

The black dragon cub was very brave to protect him, Xie Luan did deliberately enter the cave and the purpose was to let the young dragon follow him and take the initiative to enter.

This approach was to take advantage of this black dragon cub’s closeness and love for him. Yes, the result was good. Xie Luan had no regrets doing this, but he would choose a few more gems as gifts for this dragon baby.

When Xie Luan returned to the accommodation area holding the black dragon cub, the old man waiting at the door of the house with his cane due to worry and expectation quickly noticed the cub’s changed eyes at a glance.

His hand holding the cane trembled slightly. Of course, this was because of excitement. Seeing the young dragon’s amber eyes turned into golden eyes, Modo knew that the cub had completed the blood awakening.


She also saw her grandpa waiting at the door of the house. The black dragon cub staying in Xie Luan’s arms flapped her dragon wings and flew towards the old man when Xie Luan released her and then she deliberately let the old man see her eyes.

“Oni.” In the eyes of an adult dragon, the young dragon’s body was really very young. Even in a humanoid form, it would have the same look and feel. Modo raised his hand and gently touched her. The black dragon cub fluttered her dragon wings in front of him.

As Xie Luan had earlier said, in the next few days, he gave this black dragon cub one-on-one experiments and exercises in power control.

These exercises were quite effective, and the black dragon cub finally gradually figured out a way to converge his strength.

If she could control her power well, Xie Luan could take this cub to Gaia Star to stay in Yunbao branch. As he said to the cub before, the grandfather of the black dragon cub would also go together with him.

Xie Luan did this because the old man was indeed very old and Xie Luan felt the weaker life reaction of the other person with his mental power when they first met.

When such age was reached, because the life span of the individual was limited, the life response would be relatively weak at this time.

For the rest of his life, Xie Luan thought that the old man must have hoped to continue to watch the cub grow up more, so he invited the other party to move into the Yunbao branch together.

As for the cost of accommodation, the beautiful gems and stones in the little treasure chest that the cub gave him before were enough to make up for it.

Returning from Lise Star to Gaia Star, Xie Luan brought the two new members back to the Yunbao Club.

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