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Ding! Trigger task: Ancient tea, reward: Awesomeness XP +10000!

Host, let them try the purest ancient method of making tea!

Ye Yunxi curled up her lips. Of course, good tea must be brewed using the purest ancient method.

Hearing this, Emperor Xie became more energetic and looked at his wife quietly with a bit of teasing in his eyes.

Long Tuan Shengxue was a famous tea among the famous teas. The brewing of this tea was also the most exquisite. If it was brewed properly, the tea would be milky white. People in the world had been pursuing the milky white tea, and they were constantly pursuing Long Tuan Shengxue, so there was a rumour that this plate of tea cakes was as valuable as gold.

But Ye Yunxi said she knew how to do it?

Bai Yan also became energetic. At the reception, he just thought that this little girl was pretty and didn’t care about anything else. Now she could make the ultimate Long Tuan Shengxue, which was really exciting.

“If my sister said she will, than she will definitely do it!”

The little fan girl clenched her fists, she would always stand by her sister!

Ye Yunxi smiled, rubbed the little princess’s head, and stood up: “I’ll get ready.”

After that, she walked up to the second floor.


In fact, she couldn’t prepare because she had nothing, but that didn’t stop her because she had a system!

“Exchange for a tea set.”

Ding! The system recommends the Long Tuan Shengxue tea set: a set of rabbit hair cups, Awesomeness XP: -50000, do you want to redeem it?

It was quite expensive. She thought that a hundred thousand XP was a lot, and a tea set would cost half of it, but the rabbit hair cup had to be exchanged, because in order to brew the best Long Tuan Shengxue, she must have a good rabbit hair cup!

“A pot of well water from a thousand-year-old well, and a set of high-quality grinding equipment.”

Another 40,000 was consumed, and the remaining Awesomeness XP was only 43,080.

After a while, Ye Yunxi came over carrying a bunch of things.

Seeing what she took out, everyone’s eyes lit up!

A fine red clay pot, with charcoal burning underneath, following the ancient method, and this trick alone was eye-catching.

Looking at Ye Yunxi again, she gently took out a set of grinding tools, took some tea leaves and grinded them gently. Her weak and boneless fingers were strong, and she was definitely not a novice at first glance.

This shocked Di Wei. Had this little girl learned tea ceremony?

So versatile?

He saw Ye Yunxi pouring the ground tea powder into the rabbit cup slowly. Because the Long Tuan Shengxue was a white tea, the ground tea powder was also bone white. It coincided with the water being boiled. Ye Yunxi put it at the most appropriate time. At the right time, she picked up the red claypot and raised her hand to brew.

Her movements were smooth and flowing, and her school uniform suddenly turned into a fashionable Republican style. Her movements were extremely elegant and pleasing to the eye!

So pretty!

This Ye Yunxi seemed to have accumulated thousands of years of civilization in the Yan Kingdom, with every gesture full of elegance!

So beautiful!

Ding! Awesomeness XP +10+10+10…

Ding! Peach blossom value +10!

When the rabbit hair cup was pushed in front of you, the fragrance of Long Tuan Shengxue was fragrant, and the tea was slightly white and as bright as milk color!

Absolutely amazing!

Both Di Wei and Bai Yan looked at Ye Yunxi with their mouths open, as if looking at a rare treasure!

After all, people nowadays could make tea, but few people know that the most authentic way to brew Long Tuan Shengxue was to grind it and then brew it!

Looking at the color of the tea, the two of them were even more amazed.

Anyone who knew tea knew that in order to brew such a color, everything from the water to the kettle, even the tea utensils and timing must be very particular. Otherwise, if there was just a slight deviation, this color would not be brewed!

Milky white was the ultimate color for Long Tuan Shengxue!

Bai Yan couldn’t help but nod: “I suddenly understood why the young emperor, who had never been a womanizer, suddenly settled on a fiancée. There are only a handful of people in the entire Yan Kingdom who can produce this kind of craftsmanship!”

Here is the explanation: Long Tuan Shengxue began in the Song Dynasty. Tea-drinking was popular in the Song Dynasty. Japanese tea ceremony originated from China’s tea-drinking culture. Therefore, the most important ancient method for Long Tuan Sheng Xue is to eat it instead of making tea. Here’s a thumbs up for the heroine, she passed the level of historical knowledge 66666~~~

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