TCYEC Ch. 91.2

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All Weibo posts and communications are in bold…

By the time Xue Zhi and Xue Xin left, it was already more than two o’clock in the morning, and there were still many “immortal” people peeling Xue Chengji’s skin on the Internet –

Ai Xia said: “I just learned that the illegitimate son of the imperial Xue family escaped after hitting someone with his car three years ago. [Haha] The victim was concussed, and his legs were broken. Finally, the victim’s parents found the media and lost even more money. This person’s character is almost… [Spit][Spit] [Spit]”

The old man is forced to tear: “Hehe, I heard that the old man of the Xue family likes this bastard, but the legitimate son Xue Chengxiu is treated as if he was picked up [pick nose]”

The empress dowager is happy: “Tsk tut, spoiling a child is causing damage, I will absolutely not have my children learn from the old man Xue, pampering his son into an idiot [doge]”

Meow Xiaobei:”Xue’s illegitimate child is a pervert. He seems to be about to be tried soon. I beg the judge to impose severe sentences.”

Do you agree?:”Urge the judge strict sentence +1, this person is simply committing anti-social crimes against humanity [curse] “

Eat, drink, play and sleep: “I urge the judge to impose a strict sentence + ID number, it is best he stays in jail for a lifetime, should not come out to harm people.”

The topic had never been hotter. When it was morning, people who woke up came to the morning to discuss it again. And it reached the hot search again.

The navy invited by the Xue family wanted to cry. They didn’t sleep all night trying to change the rhythm, but the hell was that they couldn’t bring the netizens along with them. Almost no one paid any attention to them. For the navy to be like this, it made them doubt their careers.

However, because of the topic of keeping Yu Siyang, the chairman of Hengsheng, and the topic of the illegitimate son of Xue family harming the society, when the stock market opened this morning, Hengsheng’s stock price fluctuated and fell.

Because of such private matters, the company’s stock price fell, the shareholders were naturally unhappy, and one by one, they found Xue Chengxiu to explain.

Xue Chengxiu said indifferently: “You can’t hold yourself back after such a small thing.”

His tone was the same as usual, but the shareholders were stunned to hear the contempt.

They felt that they were simply wronged. Real money was invested, and if the stock price drops, the assets in their hands will shrink. Couldn’t they actually ask?!

“Okay, go out if there is nothing else, I’m very busy.” Xue Chengxiu tilted his head and gestured for the office door.

The shareholders looked at each other, seeing Xue Chengxiu unmoved, they had to go out one by one obediently.

It was like this every time. They came to find faults aggressively, and then they were despised by Xue Chengxiu, and then they left by themselves. If it weren’t for Xue Chengxiu’s strong earning ability, they would withdraw their capital early, hum!

Xue Chengxiu sat back in the office chair, pressed the bridge of his nose, and let out a helpless sigh.

This was the case every time. If there was a small matter, this group of people will come to find faults. He had to despise them before they were willing to leave. If it were not for the face of friends, he would have withdrawn their capital long ago. Who would be willing to serve them? Hum!

At the moment when shareholders came to find the difference, the topic on Weibo’s hot search list suddenly emerged the full article of “Yu’s bastard son” #Yu Siyang’s cousin ruins a girl#.

An unnamed girl cried to a reporter from a certain daily newspaper that Yu Siyang’s cousin, Yu Silong, dumped her after three months of dating her. Later, she found out that she was pregnant. She told Yu Silong, but the other party said that they had broken up and he would let her solve it by herself and said that he might not have necessarily made her pregnant.

“I have only been with Yu Silong. He was chasing me at the beginning, but now he slanders me like this, oh oh oh…” In the video, the girl’s face was mosaiced, her voice was sad, and she cried very sadly.

The people eating melons were shocked.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck, Yu Siyang’s cousin should be only seventeen or eighteen years old. he’s such a scum, isn’t it hereditary [surprise] [Surprise]”

“Please call that scumbag Yu Silong directly, don’t bring in my Yu Siyang’s family name, the head of my family must have really bloody luck for eight lifetimes that’s why he is related to this kind of scum.”

“I checked. The scumbag Yu Silong was only 18 years old in September this year. I don’t know when he dated that girl, but I am extremely afraid of thinking about it!”

“I hate the scumbag Yu Silong’s name. Actually, there are two words the same as the head of my family, I decided, I want to call the other Zhalong [anger]”

“So, the parents’ words and deeds are very important, and Yu Zhongmin, the scumbag, will naturally teach a scumbag. That girl also had bloody luck for eight lifetimes, expressing sympathy, and asking her to keep her eyes brighter in the future, and don’t run into scumbags.”

After a while, the topic of #Yu Siyang’s cousin ruins a girl# became #The scumbag Yu Silong banned from female company#.

The passers-by who did not see the beginning expressed puzzlement about this hot search topic that was in the third place. Yu Silong looked like Yu Siyang, so they clicked in and took a look, and it turned out to be Yu Siyang’s cousin.

Then the passers-by who were attracted also joined the crusade, saying that Yu Zhongmin really had no good people in his family.

The wind direction on the Internet had completely changed. No one said that Yu Siyang was being kept, and even the navy who were brushing this topic disappeared. The people in the circle who wanted to pick up the leaks had also disappeared. At a glance, you could see that there was someone behind Yu Siyang who was protecting him. There was also a very powerful agency team, and the unintelligent 18th-line young artists were also restrained by their agents telling them not to find trouble for themselves.

Luo Peng’s appointment of live talk shows also took advantage of the heat, and other projects were postponed. He also mentioned that taking advantage of this hot show to increase its ratings, Yu Siyang could also clarify some things.

To tell the truth V: “His movie box office is over 100 million, nominated for the best newcomer, 19-year-old boy @Yu Siyang can be described as one of the hottest newcomers this year, but for various reasons, he is in debt, and he couldn’t even pay for the final year of high school. He gave up his ideal university because of his tuition fees. He has great craftsmanship and loves food, but why can’t he eat more? All you want to know about the truest Yu Siyang will be told at 22 o’clock this Saturday night, locked on Onyx TV. Don’t leave without seeing~”

T/N: Oh God, Yu Silong is even bigger a scumbag than I imagined… It is true blood does show its color.. What do you think?

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