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Si Huang spent three consecutive days at home, eating delicious food and sleeping well, and her face was much rosier than the previous days.

The wave about Si Huang on the Huaxing Art School Forum did not subside with time, but became more and more intense, so while Si Huang did nothing at home, still the little pink glitter in the belief ball kept going up and down, challenging the heart of the Five Treasure God…if it had a heart.

The ‘Golden Sparkle’ that made Five Treasure God the happiest had risen to 3.

It was like a little wealthy slave, constantly thinking, or lamenting the ease of earning faith points in this era and feeling that the future was bright.

Si Huang did not attack its young and innocent mind: it is indeed easy for people in this era to be blindly admired, but the speed of turning their face and ignoring people was also faster than anyone else’s.

‘Buzz’ his phone vibrated on the table.

Si Huang saw the caller ID, and his eyes became bottomless.

[Si Huang? 】 Five Treasure God’s somewhat cautious voice sounded in his mind, making Si Huang suddenly come back to her senses.

Her tense expression had returned to calm, her eyes sparkling and pressing. This kind of shining light was not pure sunlight, but the bloodthirsty sharpness of a beast rushing towards food, so excited that its nostrils flared out deeply.

The more this was the case, the more careless Si Huang’s expression became, and the half-squinted eyes became dyed with a thick dark green color, which was more soul-stirring than emeralds, making her look mysterious and moving.   

In the face of Si Huang, who was suppressing extreme madness in her calmness, Five Treasure God also became very quiet, as he was a little scared. Who knew what crazy things she would do in this state?    

The phone on the table vibrated a few times and then stopped.    

After two seconds, it vibrated again.    

This time, Si Huang did not hesitate to press the button to answer.    

“Why didn’t you answer the phone now!” The first sentence that came out was a stern exhortation.

Si Huang put his slender right leg on his left and lied calmly: “I had just gone to pour myself a glass of water.”

“You can’t live in peace without causing trouble for a day, right? I taught you too light a lesson a few days ago. You don’t remember well, dare to splash at home! I heard from your mother, Si Hua’s head was broken by you with a wine bottle, and now he is still lying in bed and can’t get up. Aren’t you listening!?”

Si Huang twitched the corners of his mouth: “Yes, I’m listening.”

“What’s your tone!? I’ll be home soon, if I can’t see you…”

She guessed he was confident that Si Huang would definitely dare not to come back, so he did not say the threat after the ‘if’.

Si Huang tapped the armrest with his fingertips, her eyes focused but nobody knew where she was looking, her calm tone made her voice unspeakably magnetic and graceful, “Before you teach me, you can ask Si Hua what he did these days, I won’t bother you.”

Go back? That was not her home, so it was too strange to use the word back.

Without thinking about Si Zhihan’s expression on the other end of the phone, Si Huang had already hung up the phone.

“Five treasure God.”

[I’m here! 】

“How much can you say about the strength of my body?”

The Five Treasure God understood what the point of the Si Huang’s question was, [Your Majesty’s body’s flexibility and explosiveness are excellent, the only flaw is strength. Once strengthened for the first time, His Majesty’s strength can reach the level of an adult man, and your flexibility and explosiveness will be more perfectly excavated. At that time, your speed, bouncing power, and acuity will be greatly improved. By the way, there are also memory, five senses, and spiritual power. How much these improve depends on His Majesty’s potential. I can’t detect this hidden potential. 】

“Strengthen me.”

[…Your Majesty, the condition for the first enhancement is 5 gold glitters. 】 Five Treasure God explained in a serious and provocative tone.

“It’s not necessary.” Si Huang was half-smiling, but his eyes still didn’t settle. The dark green pupils were half-drooped and hidden in the darkness, she looked even more profound and incomprehensible.

If there were other people here, they would definitely be confused by Si Huang’s mysterious and dangerous aura. But in the eyes of Five Treasure God, it was similar to the devil in the abyss. Under the cold and handsome appearance was the tranquility before the storm.

It didn’t dare to hide it, but it didn’t say it directly: [How do you know? 】

Si Huang chuckled, “It’s impossible for Little Pink sparkles to have no effect at all.”

Five Treasure God was quite depressed and felt that the inheritor was too smart which was not good, and was not easy to discipline!

[You guessed it right, the missing 2 gold glitters can be temporarily replaced with 20,000 small pinks, allowing you to do the first physical enhancement in advance, but doing so has a terrible price. You have to get double, which is 4 gold glitters, in 20 days. Otherwise, you will also die with me! 】

Hearing the tone of the last sentence, Si Huang imagined the image of a troubled child, and after a puff of laughter, the danger in her eyes dissipated, “Strengthen.”


Once Si Huang decided something, no one could stop it. This point the Five Treasure God was deeply aware of. After the persuasion was ineffective, it finally did as Si Huang said.

Before the strengthening, Five Treasure God reminded Si Huang: [The first strengthening is for Your Majesty to lay the foundation, so it is very important. Your Majesty must last a little longer… Although it will be very painful. 】

The Five Treasure God didn’t know how painful it was.    

Listening to Five Treasure God calling ‘Your Majesty’ in a tender tone made Si Huang feel very interested, and it did not stop her interest in learning – after seeing the power of the Internet, he always imitated some things said about Si Huang on the Internet.      

Unexpectedly, Si Huang first called Zhao Limei and told her that she didn’t need to come over tomorrow. What he endured next made Si Huang glad that he took precautions, because it was too painful.

The warm current that rushed into her body at first was like a candy that seduced people into depravity. Before you could taste the taste, the feeling of tingling and reorganization of flesh and blood came immediately. This was probably the same feeling as the sudden growth of bones, the backflow of flesh and blood, and the recovery of broken blood vessels, causing Si Huang to fall to the ground and convulse, and it didn’t take long for her to be covered in sweat.

It was just that Si Huang didn’t scream. Compared with the pain in her stomach, she felt the mental throbbing was more uncomfortable, making her forget to vent her screams, but the violent beasts hidden deep in her soul were roaring.

Time passed slowly, and she didn’t know how long it took. There was still Five Treasure God’s voice of encouragement in her mind, but it became more and more blurred with time. In the end, Si Huang laughed instead.

The pain was really terrifying, so terrifying that it made her feel a little morbidly happy. When she recalled the numbness and despair she felt in the face of death, her eyes and senses were left with a big hole that leaked, and it was empty and getting bigger and bigger. This pain turned into sweet torture, which made Si Huang clearly experience hope.

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