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Siyu was completely stunned.

You are my person… what kind of explanation was this? She understood every word separately, but couldn’t understand it together!

Seeing Siyu sitting there looking at him stupidly, the confusion in her eyes was thicker than before. Fifth Master Lu turned the Buddhist beads on his hand for a while, frowning rarely, as if thinking about what he said just now wasn’t inappropriate.

Just when Siyu thought she should spell it out to make it clearer, but this person just repeated it again: “You are mine.” This time, two words had been changed and deleted, which was even more confusing.

Fifth Master Lu didn’t think this was a problem at all. He always liked to be straightforward. He didn’t like to mess around. He had never changed his temper which had developed after being in a high position for so many years. Since, he wanted Siyu to stay by his side, he should just say it. There was no need for unnecessary nonsense in the middle. It was more like a declaration than an explanation. As for whether Siyu could understand and accept it… Did these things need to be considered?

There was no such concept in Fifth Master Lu’s dictionary. In fact, according to his previous style, he didn’t need to say anything about what he thought. It was the right thing to him to just grab the things he wanted and hide them. The Lu family had long gotten used to it and were not surprised that such a bad habit was developed, but when this habit fell on Siyu, it had changed a little.

Although this change was very slight, and not better in any way, but it had changed.

Siyu suddenly rejoiced that she was sitting on the sofa now, otherwise she might not have the strength to stand. She looked at the Fifth Master Lu for a full minute before regaining her erratic voice: “…Are you kidding me??”

The relationship between the two of them had always been in a very fuzzy boundary. At first, Siyu was afraid of him, because Fifth Master Lu was so evil that she would vomit blood whenever he got closer, so Siyu only wanted to get away from him and the farther the better. But later, the rare medicines Fifth Master Lu collected from everywhere were like flowing water and pulled Siyu to him. He used actions to soften her heart as she watched her body get better day by day under the nourishment of the medicine. For the sake of her health, she couldn’t greet the other with a black face, so she carefully suppressed her instinctive fear, and tried to treat this man with a normal heart, somehow. After she felt less and less scared, many curiosities gradually surfaced.

Sometimes Siyu would also think, why did Fifth Master Lu tie her to his side, and even spent money and energy to find medicine for her? Was it simply for fun?

She was very curious, until the set fire broke out, when Siyu dazedly felt Fifth Master Lu break in and carry her out, and she felt a little more grateful to him. There were many other things like this. For example, Fifth Master Lu specially came to Ji family house just to support her, and that time he came to the screening party without warning. Siyu always felt that things in the entertainment industry were like this. This person couldn’t touch her, but he still came.

Fifth Master Lu had no intentions at all, but just did these things easily. Siyu didn’t believe it, she was not that stupid yet, but because she didn’t know what Fifth Master Lu’s intentions were, Siyu was cautiously getting along with him while constantly guessing about him.

Unexpectedly, the answer Fifth Master Lu gave now was something she had never thought of.

Siyu didn’t know what to say then she said after a while: “Lu Yuanhe, no, Fifth Master Lu, I can’t afford to believe your jokes. Don’t make it so misleading…”

She couldn’t help wondering if Fifth Master Lu was right. This idea was interesting but too terrifying for her!

Fifth Master Lu calmly interrupted her: “What’s the misunderstanding? I should have said it clearly enough.”

However, in Fifth Master Lu’s view, there was nothing in his words that could cause misunderstanding. Siyu was his person, wasn’t this set in the morning? Otherwise, if he cared in vain for her, wouldn’t it be a waste of his care.

Siyu was so anxious that her cheeks were flushed. She always felt that she and Fifth Master Lu’s thoughts were very different from each other. She simply gave up, closed her eyes and asked, “You give me a precise word. What do you mean by this, do you… Do you like me?”

She was resolute at the beginning, putting on a posture of not stopping until the answer was given, but her voice kept getting lower, until the final sound was as thin as a mosquito, especially when the last three words were said, the tips of the Siyu’s ears were all red.

Like? Fifth Master Lu constricted his eyes and thought about it carefully. He seemed to have never felt this kind of emotion before, so he didn’t know what it should be like.

However, he was clearly determined that Siyu could only stay by his side, no matter who the others were, because this little girl belonged to him. It was a bit like when he usually got a very rare thing, and he wouldn’t allow others to own it if he touched it, but it was a bit different. This kind of possessiveness seemed to not fully explain his thoughts towards Siyu.

He encountered a difficult problem, because his experience over the years told him that it was unnecessary to talk about feelings, but Siyu seemed to be different, where was the difference… Fifth Master Lu frowned, and hesitated which was rare for him.

Fifth Master Lu was silent for a long time. Siyu looked at him and couldn’t tell what he was feeling. She only felt that the fire that had just burned on her face was slowly extinguishing. She felt cold in her heart and didn’t wait for Fifth Master Lu to answer. She stood up suddenly and walked to the kitchen, trying to divert the subject: “Speaking of which, you waited for me all night, shall I make you some supper? Don’t worry, I remember you can’t eat anything, this time I won’t make a mistake.”

Siyu’s mind was messy, and she was absent-minded when getting the ingredients, but before walking to the refrigerator, Fifth Master Lu appeared behind her silently, wrapped his hands around her waist, turned her around, and pressed her against the edge of the cooking counter.

The edge was made of bricks and stones, and it would definitely hurt if you were pressed against it, but Fifth Master Lu had put a hand on Siyu’s back in advance, so she didn’t feel anything, but instead felt that the smell of sandalwood had become rich because of his approach which made her feel very uncomfortable.

In principle, she shouldn’t have reacted so much. After all, she hugged Fifth Master Lu, as well as slept with him in a bed. Now, this distance was not when the two were the closest, but still Siyu was feeling flustered.

Perhaps it was because she had just questioned Fifth Master Lu, and the question was straightforward, and had not yet been answered, or perhaps it was because the aggression on Fifth Master Lu had soared above the safety threshold, making Siyu feel uneasy. In short, she just couldn’t help but panic.

However, Fifth Master Lu’s next action made her completely stupid. She was firmly suppressed and could not move, and Fifth Master Lu leaned down, held her chin with his hand to prevent her from avoiding, just like that and kissed her lips.

When doing this action, Fifth Master Lu still never closed his eyes, but looked straight into Siyu’s eyes. At such a close distance, Siyu could even see the dark fire in his eyes and could also see when the flame started spreading. As the kiss progressed, that fire seemed to have fallen on her skin, causing Siyu’s body temperature to rise.

“Is there any misunderstanding?” Fifth Master Lu didn’t actually force Siyu, he just gently rubbed Siyu’s soft lips, the breath of the two intertwined, and then he let go of the hand that held Siyu’s jaw. He slowly moved that hand to the back of her neck and pinched Siyu’s soft flesh, as if grasping her lifeblood, and then coaxed, “This is what I meant.”

Siyu seemed to be temporarily lost. Her language function seemed to be malfunctioning, she could only stare at the man who was kissing her with eyes wide open but couldn’t say a word.

On the other hand, the fans who left from the screening did not know about Xu Qingwan’s bad luck, nor did they know that Siyu was pinched behind her neck and kissed. They were all in high spirits, and they wanted to send out a Weibo message to the world to share how good the welfare of the screening party was, how good the movie was, and how sparks were present between the alleged siblings.

Liu Yu was naturally one of them. She couldn’t wait to go home, where she took photos of the signed posters given to everyone by the crew and posted them on Weibo along with several live photos she captured.

@Stand Still with Yellow Radish: This time the crew was really super generous. Show the sisters the posters sent this time, as well as the live interaction and there are a lot of hot spots. Brother Ji walked the whole circle with his sister on his shoulders. I personally feel that my ideal type is someone who is nice to his little sister. I burst into tears on the spot. This is what a beautiful brother and sister relationship should be like!!!

Liu Yu was a famous fan in the Ji Lin support group. So, there were already a lot of fans following her Weibo. Thus, within a few minutes of her Weibo post, many people responded quickly.

【Brother Ji-Brother Ji, I will cook, wash, mop, and massage, and I promise to treat your sister well and spoil her. Brother Ji, take a look at me. Aren’t I your ideal type?

【I always think Brother Ji has said a little less… What he really wants to say is that Miss Sister is his ideal type, right?

【This sesame custard girl is crying with her real name! This picture is really so cute! Originally, there was a height difference between the two people. Even if the young lady sat on Brother Ji’s shoulders, the contrast was still obvious.

【No, Brother Ji. Why not a princess instead you chose to hold her like a sack …… Did you not see the rush to fall down expression on little sister’s face? What kind of straight man’s reaction is this Ji Ge, tears.

Liu Yu laughed while watching. To be honest, they were mostly being ridiculous. They never thought that Ji Lin and Siyu were a pair. Maybe it was because the atmosphere between the two was too warm, and they seemed to interact like family members. So, they didn’t have any crooked thoughts. Thinking of this, Liu Yu sighed, but unfortunately, it would be terrible if they were really sister and brother.

After the excitement, Liu Yu calmed down a bit, and then posted another long Weibo. This time her focus was no longer on spreading sugar, but on giving out a serious film review for “Qin Guo”:

@Stand Still with Yellow Radish: I know that during the filming of “Qin Guo”, many people questioned Miss Siyu as she was a pure newcomer, and she had no previous experience. People wondered that if she rushed to participate in this movie, would it ruin Director Liang’s masterpiece? There were some people who splashed dirty water all day long saying that Siyu had used unspoken rules, saying that she was an opportunist, but today I want to slap these people in the face proudly: Our young lady is the best! Her performance completely exceeded my expectations. It can be said that in my opinion, without her, “Qin Guo” would lose at least half of its excitement!

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