AROEDM Ch. 7.2

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Three minutes later, Fu Yuanzhou closed the set of questions blankly: “Don’t talk about it.”

Yuan Ye coughed lightly. He was really not suitable for lecturing to others. He was messy with Fu Yuanzhou just now because his problem-solving ideas were so strange that it was difficult for ordinary people to understand.

Although Fu Yuanzhou had a good mind and he could still understand it, but it would take him more time to do so. He originally wanted to pursue high efficiency, and this would only be counterproductive.

It was impossible to expect Xie Lin to tutor him. He was in the third year of high school and was already very busy with various things in the student union. Fu Yuanzhou thought for a while, and suddenly thought that he could ask his classmates from Class 1. Those people were all mad. They were improvement demons and may know some reliable tutors.

He sent a message to several people in Class 1, Yuan Ye looked at him for a while, and suddenly said, “I’ll treat you to dinner.”

“?” Fu Yuanzhou didn’t understand his thinking, why did he invite him to dinner all at once.

“It’s to apologize.” Yuan Ye said, “You study so hard, but I drag you to play games every day. I am ashamed.”

“What is there to apologize for, I like to play games.” Fu Yuanzhou said. If he really didn’t want to play, even ten Yuan Yes wouldn’t have been able to pull him.

“Okay, then I have another reason. I’m very happy to meet you. I want to invite you as my new friend to dinner. Is this all right?” Yuan Ye curled up his lips. “Of course, if you think we are not friends, you can also refuse to go.”

“…” He said so, what else could Fu Yuanzhou say, “Okay, then thank you, where shall we go to eat?”

“I don’t know where to eat near No. 1 Middle School so let’s go to Tiancheng Middle School after school. I’m more familiar with it.” Yuan Ye said, “I’ll take you to a store that I often eat at.”

Tiancheng Middle School was not too close to No. 1 Middle School. Fu Yuanzhou didn’t expect to go that far but considering that Xie Lin started his third year in high school and his classes ended two hours later, he intended to wait for Xie Lin to leave school while writing homework every day. It should be about the same to take a round trip in these two hours.

“Okay, you lead the way.” Fu Yuanzhou finally agreed.

Yuan Ye responded with a smile. After school, he took Fu Yuanzhou to the restaurant. It was a private kitchen. The store was not big, but the decoration was exquisite. The owner knew Yuan Ye very well, so he told him what he wanted to eat in a few words.

Fu Yuanzhou sat face-to-face with Yuan Ye, playing with his mobile phone while waiting. Suddenly, a wind chime hung in front of the store rang, with chaotic footsteps, and several people walked into the restaurant.


One of them called the boss, but suddenly stopped what he was about to say, and raised his tone suddenly: “Yuan Ye, why the hell are you here? Didn’t you tuck in your tail and leave? How dare you show up here again? I see, you are coming back after dropping out!”

The roar of laughter seemed particularly harsh in the small restaurant. Fu Yuanzhou immediately frowned and raised his head. He saw a few high school students who were still wearing school uniforms. He didn’t recognize them, but knew they weren’t from Tiancheng Middle School.

He had no impression of these people, but he could see that they and Yuan Ye must have private enmity, and he found from what these people said that Yuan Ye’s school transfer was not so simple, but Fu Yuanzhou had never heard of it before and always thought that Yuan Ye was a normal transfer.

“It turned out to be you guys.”

Even though he was ridiculed, the look of Yuan Ye was still careless, with his slender legs folded, holding a mobile phone to play games, and only willing to lazily sweep across them with a casual look.

“Why, you also want to be beaten by me to stay in the hospital for a month again?”

His voice was not loud, but his complexion changed slightly. Fu Yuanzhou was also surprised when he heard it. He never knew that Yuan Ye had beaten people into being hospitalized.

The boss who had gone into the kitchen to cook heard the sounds and walked out. He nodded to them when he saw the students and said, “Sorry, please come back. The tables are fully booked today. There are no seats available. You can come back another day.”

“It’s okay. We’ll just sit here and wait.”

One of them smiled and walked straight towards Fu Yuanzhou and sat down next to him.

Fu Yuanzhou didn’t expect this person to do this. He was a little startled for a while. The person’s gaze swept across Fu Yuanzhou’s face and the suppression collar on his neck, and he was immediately intrigued. He stretched out his hand to touch the black collar.

“You’re Omega—ah!”

He suddenly yelled before he finished speaking, because his wrist was suddenly pinched by Yuan Ye.

Yuan Ye squeezed extremely hard, as if about to squeeze the boy’s wrist bones off, and the pain instantly distorted his facial features.

The Alpha, who was still very lazy just now, suddenly jumped out, with a strong hostility in his eyes.

“You tried to touch him?”

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