RCFS Ch. 121: Face Slap + Dog Abuse 2

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At this moment, it was not that no one could increase the price, it was that no one dared to increase it!

People subconsciously looked at the little woman beside Di Junxie, and saw a faint smile on the corner of her mouth, her brows and eyes were gorgeous and charming.

What a stunner!

The host was still waiting for someone to bid for the building at a sky-high price, but unfortunately, it stopped at 9.1 million.

The host had no choice but to tap the hammer slowly, and the thing now belonged to the emperor.

For the rest of the items, Ye Yunxi was not interested or in the mood to wait until the auction was over, so she got up and walked out.

She was going to get her stuff.

Although the money she had was not enough, wasn’t there still the peach blossom gift bag?

She didn’t know what it was, but it should be useful, right?

[Don’t worry, the host is big, this slave can pat his chest and guarantee that this peach blossom gift bag is definitely a great thing! Once and for all, it is no problem to settle the matter!]

The system gentleman looked proud, and by the way, he praised the gift bag to the sky. After all, the system had lost all face in front of this host, and he had to rely on the gift bag to get back some value, right?

But the more it boasted, the less Ye Yunxi wanted to use it.

Due to the system’s pitiful attributes, she was really worried about what would happen after the gift package was opened.

Seeing her leaving, Jiang Rou and Xie Lian’er looked at each other and followed.

This little bitch coaxed her to spend 3.5 million to buy a second-hand car in vain, it was not over!

Xie Lian’er was also very angry, especially at the obvious support of Emperor Di Junxie.

Emperor Di Junxie had never defended anyone. He had always been like an arrogant emperor, sitting on his throne, watching everyone around him jump up and down like a clown, while he naturally stood still.

It was such a young emperor who had made many daughters of noble families fall in love with him at first sight, now that they had to say goodbye to that infatuation, why was it Ye Yunxi?

There was no such person in the Imperial Sword families. In terms of identity, status, and even financial resources, she was no match for the Emperor, and was even less than anyone in the Imperial Sword. On what basis could she be protected like this by the Emperor!

The more Xie Lian’er thought about it, the more angry she became. When the two saw Ye Yunxi walking into the auction room, they chased after her.

After the auction was successful, the buyer could come here and pay the auction house with the money and take the delivery.

Ye Yunxi was familiar with this process, she pushed open the door and walked in, and there were already many people trading inside.

The manager naturally recognized her, not to mention who brought her in. She played tricks on Jiang Rou at the auction, and the rumors about auctioning a second-hand car at a shockingly high price of 3.5 million had long spread among the staff.

This lady was a great person!

The manager quickly greeted her with a smile.

“Miss, are you here to pay that office building?”

Ye Yunxi nodded, and the manager became more and more attentive: “The total is 9.1 million. This is the contract and the certificate. Will the payment be by credit card or cash?”

Ye Yunxi raised her eyebrows slightly.

9.1 million was much less than her expected 12 million, but the money she had now was really not enough.

“Yo, what are you doing here? Don’t let others trade? Don’t you have any money? Don’t come to the auction if you don’t have money!”

Behind her, a strange voice sounded.

Jiang Rou walked to Ye Yunxi, pushed the person aside, took out a credit card and threw it to the manager: “Swipe the card for me, what happened if it is a used car? I have money, spending 3.5 million to buy a used car, I don’t feel bad!”

After speaking, she stared at Ye Yunxi with a sneer and said, “It’s better than some people who can’t even have this money!”

Ye Yunxi smiled, and she was embarrassed to be soft-handed when someone tried to slap her in the face. No?

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