CFCS Ch. 216.1: Road to Immortality (5)

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After Jing Yang got off the sedan chair, he saw the icy flowers of Yushu and the immortal energy lingering around him. It felt like he had suddenly come from the human world to the fairy world.

A pure white fat bird with a long feather tail stood on a sturdy branch all the while looking at him with curious eyes. Jing Yang asked the man beside him, “What kind of bird is this?”

“This is Bai Feng.” The man replied.

Suddenly another fat white bird flew over and stopped on the branch, snuggling closely with the Bai Feng, Jing Yang smiled and said, “Then this must be the white phoenix.”


“Where is this? Why did you bring me here?” Jing Yang looked up at the majestic and magnificent hall in front of him and asked.

“I’m just following orders. If you have any doubts, you will know when you go in.” The man led the others away after speaking.

Although Jing Yang was puzzled, his intuition told him that no one would harm him here.

As soon as he stepped on the steps, the door of the main hall opened from the inside, and a dozen or so teenagers wearing the same clothes greeted him. Standing in the middle was a handsome young man. He walked out and said to Jing Yang, “My name is Song Yin, I was ordered to come to serve you, there is hot water already prepared for you, please come with me.”

Jing Yang followed behind him into the main hall, after bypassing the front hall and walking through the long corridor, he entered a hall with a room that contained a huge bath. There were petals floating on the water and white mist rose from it, and there were bathing utensils and tea daffodils placed next to the bathtub. The other end of the long bathtub was empty and had no walls, so you could directly see the scenery outside.

Two teenagers came over to help Jing Yang take off his outer fur cloak. When they were about to help him take off the clothes inside, Jing Yang pressed down on his clothes and said, “I’ll do it by myself, you all go out.”

After everybody had exited, Jing Yang took off his clothes one by one and walked into the water naked. He walked to the other end of the bath, leaned on the edge of the pool and looked out, and found that there was a very high cliff outside, with mountains on both sides, and a big river flowing rapidly from the middle of the mountain.

Jing Yang couldn’t think of any words to describe this kind of scenery. He only felt that his mind immediately opened up when he saw it, and he was shocked by this magnificent momentum.

Jing Yang thought, who on earth made him receive such good treatment all the way? Just as he was making conjectures in his mind, he suddenly felt as if someone was watching him.

He turned around abruptly and didn’t see anything, but the feeling of being watched was still there. He looked left and right, up and down, but couldn’t see where there seemed to be a place to hide people, so he could only turn around silently and look outside again.

Although Jing Yang was soaking in the hot water, he had a feeling that his hair was standing up and his scalp was tingling. Because the feeling of being observed and scrutinized became stronger and stronger, he even felt that a line of sight was getting closer and closer to him.

Jing Yang wouldn’t have felt this way if he was just being looked at by ordinary people’s eyes, but this time the feeling was so weird that he couldn’t figure out what was going on.

Jing Yang turned around suddenly in the water again, although he was already prepared, he was still frightened by the person who suddenly appeared in front of him.

He pressed his fast-beating chest, took a deep breath, and waited until his mind stabilized before carefully looking at the man standing in the water. He hadn’t been so timid before, but this time he was so frightened by this sudden appearance that even he felt strange.

The man in front of him was wise and mighty, with a sturdy figure and a face as handsome as a god, with a sharp profile that seemed to be carved with a knife.

Jing Yang watched him approach him, and couldn’t help but get nervous, because he was naked now, and he didn’t know who this person was.

“You, who are you?” Jing Yang asked, looking at the person who was less than one meter away from him.

“Jing Yang.” The man called.

Jing Yang was stunned. This was the real name that only he knew. For so many lifetimes, no one but him had known it. Why did this person know his real name?

“Who the hell are you? How did you know my name is Jing Yang?” Jing Yang asked.

“You can call me Bai Guang. Although this is not my real name, it is my current name.” He stretched out his hand and cupped Jing Yang’s face.

“You are Bai Guang, the owner of Zhu Yang Island?” Jing Yang looked into his eyes and said, “Then what is your real name?”

“My real name is Shang Wang.”

“Shang Wang?” Jing Yang muttered to himself, he kept repeating the name engraved in his mind, but it seemed to be covered by something “Shang Wang, Shang Wang, you are Shang Wang? I should have remembered this name, but why can’t I remember it? Shang Wang…”

Jing Yang gradually felt a headache, the more he thought about it, the more painful it was, but he couldn’t help but want to think of this name.

“Don’t think about it if you can’t remember it.” Shang Wang forced Jing Yang to look at him, and then used his divine power to help him stabilize his mind. “When everything is over, I will pick you up, and then you will naturally remember everything.”

“Pick me up. Where are you going back to?” Jing Yang asked incredulously.

“Going back to where you should go, I’ve been waiting for you for a long time.” Shang Wang, in order to prevent Jing Yang from asking any more questions, put his tongue into his mouth and stirred it.

“Ugh…” Jing Yang couldn’t speak and couldn’t push him away. As his mind became more and more chaotic, he turned soft enough to embrace him.

The bodies of the two were tightly pressed together, and their skins were rubbing against each other. Jing Yang felt that something touching his lower abdomen was slowly getting bigger. He knew that he was about to lose his body soon, but his body had already produced desire, now he just wanted to get relief quickly.

Shang Wang got up from the water and walked out of the bathroom with Jing Yang in his arms. He went into a room next to the bath room. He put Jing Yang on the large and soft bed, started kissing from his neck down, and finally stopped between his legs.

Jing Yang breathed with his mouth open, his long white legs were placed on the shoulders of Shang Wang, the front was held in his mouth by Shang Wang, and the back was twitched by his fingers, the double stimulation tortured his body and made him want to vent, even if the only way to do it was to shout.

Shang Wang sat up, let Jing Yang lie on his side, then lifted his thighs and slowly entered his body.

This posture was the most unbearable for Jing Yang, because the friction was too great, when Shang Wang entered his body, the tender meat in his body was pushed and stretched out to the most painful state.

Jing Yang’s body completely contained the giant object of Shang Wang. The giant object entered and exited quickly in his body, causing his lower body to burn like a fire, and he wanted to struggle but couldn’t escape. And his sensitive point was hit hard again and again, making him excited as if he was about to explode in the next moment. Although it hurt, he was very happy. This feeling was familiar to him, but the familiarity at the moment seemed to be different from the previous familiarity.

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