RCFS Ch. 122: Face Slap + Dog Abuse 3

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Of course, before waiting for her to do anything, the manager handed over the card with an embarrassed expression: “Well, sorry, this lady, your credit card overdraft limit is 300,000, and you can only swipe up to 20,000 yuan this month. For 3.5 million, please swipe the savings card directly.”


A staff member next to them couldn’t hold back and laughed out loud.

They thought this lady was so rich! That she could spend 3.5 million to buy a worthless second-hand car. After all this time, the monthly overdraft limit was only 300,000!

Jiang Rou’s credit limit simply couldn’t reach the level of 3.5 million in one go.

In other words, she was not qualified for that!

What’s there to babble about?

It’s really funny, she still had the face to laugh at others here, didn’t her face hurt?

Jiang Rou’s face flushed with shame!

Just now, she was boasting in front of Ye Yunxi that brushing 3.5 million by herself was a piece of cake, but she forgot that the limit of this card was 300,000 per month, and she could only buy this car after saving money for a year!

Damn, it was all because of this bitch, otherwise how could she forget this and be ridiculed for nothing!

“Wait, wait for me!”

Jiang Rou didn’t want to lose face here, after all, she had already boasted about her wealth, and she was surrounded by staff members that she usually ignored. It would be a shame to be laughed at by these people!

But what annoyed her the most was Ye Yunxi!

No matter what, she would not be compared by this bitch!

What about the card?? What about the card?

All die for me!

In order to join the group, you have to scrape together 3.5 million!

Seeing her rummaging through her bags, Ye Yunxi was speechless. Anyway, she still had 4 million cash in her hand, and this person did not even have that much. Why come to the auction to join in the fun?

“Cards, here are you!”

Jiang Rou pulled out a pile of cards.

She had a lot of cards, a few credit cards, and a few bank cards. When they were swiped together, they still weren’t enough, and she still owed half of the money!

Jiang Rou was going crazy, how could this happen!

However, Ye Yunxi smiled and deliberately disgusted her: “Miss Jiang is really rich.”

With so many cards, she was still not rich. Unfortunately, credit cards were used for repayment, and there was not much money in bank cards. Jiang Rou was completely a card slave, really not a rich lady!

This was ironic.

3.5 million for a second-hand car, all while she clamoured for the money to be taken out. In the end, not only could she not take it out, but she also took out a bunch of useless cards!

Who had no money?

“I’ll pay the rest of the money!”

Xie Lian’er gave out a bank card and stared at Ye Yunxi coldly: “What are you proud of, even if Jiang Rou’s credit card is swiped, she still uses her own money. Unlike some people, the bitch who climbs on people’s bed like a vixen, and then spends a man’s money, which is enough to make people feel disgusted!”

“Yes! Vixen, I tell you, Lian’er is the Young Emperor’s fiancée! What kind of thing are you, a servant of Israel, a slut!”

Jiang Rou was not to be outdone, she was embarrassed by this slut today, so she also wanted Ye Yunxi to feel her Shame!

Ye Yunxi narrowed her eyes and stared coldly at the person in front of him: “Say it again.”

“I said, you are… uh!!”

One hand clasped her chin like a pliers until her mouth was squeezed out of shape, while a big hand greeted her face, and the crisp sound shocked the audience.

“Say it again.”

Ye Yunxi narrowed her eyes and sneered.

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The host was big, abuse her!!!

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