RCFS Ch. 123: Face Slap + Dog Abuse 4

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“Say it again.”

Ye Yunxi narrowed her eyes and sneered.

The beautiful little woman had gloomy brows and eyes, the corners of her mouth were curved in a smile which was not a smile, and her long jet-black hair fell around her face quietly, making her skin seem white as snow.

However, no one was fascinated by her beauty, instead everyone was shocked by her cruelty.

This little girl looked young, but she was ruthless enough!

Holding her chin, she slapped her, and asked her to say it again!

Seeing that Jiang Rou’s face was swollen, and there were three finger prints on her fair cheeks, one could see how heavy the hand was, and they all felt a pain on their cheeks!

Even the manager and the staff all shivered subconsciously.

Even if it was love, it was also a ruthless little love!

They could afford it, but they couldn’t beat it! !

Too cruel!

“I, I said…”


The chin was pushed to the side directly, such that Jiang Rou’s mouth went numb, and she still spoke, but she could not because of the uncontrollable pain!


Jiang Rou screamed in horror, tears streaming down her cheeks, she couldn’t say a word again!

Very scary!

This bitch was so scary!

Everyone was frightened to death, looking at all this in a stunned manner, and then looking at Ye Yunxi, they were even more frightened to death!

Too, too scary, too heavy to start!

Ye Yunxi waved her hands lazily, her dark eyes looked at Xie Lian’er indifferently, and chuckled: “It’s your turn!”


Xie Lian’er was so frightened that her face turned pale and her whole body was shaking like chaff. She didn’t dare to take the blame, but she was not convinced, so she stubbornly said, “You, you are arrogant, what are you so arrogant about? Yes, do you have the ability to swipe your card, you shameless bastard!”

Humph, I’m afraid you won’t succeed!

“Redeem a gift package.”

Since there were props, why shouldn’t she try them?

[Ding! The exchange is successful, the peach blossom value: 0, and a one-time black card is included. Although there is no limit, it is also a credit card. The host after consumption must repay it within three months, and another: a pack of dog food!]

Ye Yunxi: “…”

Although the black card was good, what the hell was with the dog food?

Besides, she didn’t see the dog food, where was it?

“That, this lady…” The manager didn’t know what to call her.

“Call her a bitch or a bed climber!”

Xie Lian’er was still aggressive.

Everyone in the auction house looked at Ye Yunxi subconsciously.

Those who were engaged in this industry, they saw people from the upper class every day, and the second and last one were the masters who were worth tens of millions. Around such rich people, there was no shortage of all kinds of beautiful men and women. These people were all for the entertainment of the rich and powerful.

Today, Di Junxie appeared suddenly with a woman, and everyone was really startled, but they hadn’t heard that Di Junxie had a fiancée, and the Di family also hadn’t made a statement. This woman had never been seen before, so she wasn’t a noble lady from the Imperial Sword families.

Therefore, this must be a poor woman who had nothing, and this kind of person staying by the side of the Emperor would naturally make people think in a bad way.

Everyone felt that Xie Lian’er was right, the little fairy who climbed the bed was at best a little lover of the Emperor.

The manager showed a smiling face because of Emperor Young Master’s face, but there was still disdain and contempt in his eyes, and even the people around him covered their mouths and chuckled, and their eyes stared at her with a sneer, full of contempt.

Little lover?

I’m really sorry, although it’s a contract, but this sister is justifiable and has even met her fiancée’s parents!

Before she could speak, a large hand gently wrapped her shoulders.

Di Junxie pulled Ye Yunxi into his arms and his black eyes swept across the audience inadvertently.

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