CFCS Ch. 215.2: Road to Immortality (4)

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Jing Yang slept deeply. After waking up, he was stunned for a while, and then thought that they should be almost at Zhu Yang Island. He had been staying in his room for so long on the boat. He decided to go out and have a look at the seascape before disembarking, after all he used to like the sea very much.

He got up and got out of bed, then he walked to the door and opened it. Unprepared, he was frightened by the snowflakes that slashed his face like a knife and quickly closed the door.

If he didn’t remember clearly that this was the world of immortals, he would have thought that he had reached the North Pole. Weren’t they going to Zhu Yang Island? Why was there such a big blizzard at sea?

Jing Yang sat back on the bed and hugged the quilt again, thinking, fortunately the room wasn’t cold at all, otherwise he would have turned into a popsicle since he wore so little.

Before Jing Yang could figure out what was going on, two young men in thick clothes walked in each with a tray and said to Jing Yang, “We’re going to disembark soon, let us help you put on your clothes.”

Jing Yang didn’t ask any more questions, and after getting out of bed, he let the two help him get dressed. When he finally put on a big white fur cloak without a trace of variegation, he put on his hat, followed behind the two of them and went out of the room.

The outside was just like what Jing Yang had imagined. It was a world of ice and snow, and the wind with icy slag was blowing recklessly, Jing Yang’s face was a little cold, but his body wrapped in a big fur cloak didn’t feel cold at all.

Their ship was sliding on the ice now, and when Jing Yang walked to the bow, he saw several other people who were already standing there. Although they had already put on the thick cotton-padded clothes, they were still turning blue because of the cold, their lips were purple, and their bodies were constantly shaking.

Jing Yang stood at the bow of the boat and looked at them from a distance. There was a very large island in the distance, so big that you couldn’t see the ends on both sides. There were several tall peaks on the island, which were now covered with white snow.

The boat stopped at the edge of Zhu Yang Island. After Jing Yang and the others disembarked, there were more than a dozen people waiting for them with a sedan chair. Xu Guanjiao stepped forward and said a few words to the leading man, and then the man walked over to Jing Yang and asked him to sit in the sedan chair.

Jing Yang sat in the sedan chair under the jealous and complicated eyes of the other people. Although Xiao Ling was very angry and dissatisfied, he was locked up in the confinement room for two days, which taught him to shut up when it was time to shut up.

The so-called confinement was not just locking them in a room, but when they were locked in, the room where they were locked also consumed a lot of their spiritual power, and when they tried to resist, there would suffer from a splitting headache.

In the thick snow, except for Xiao Ling and the others who walked very hard, the others on Zhu Yang Island all walked lightly and naturally. There were four strong men carrying the sedan chair, and the sedan chair didn’t even shake when it swayed on their shoulders. For them, the combined weight of the sedan chair and Jing Yang was as light as a piece of paper.

Jing Yang sat comfortably in the sedan chair, opened the curtains and looked at the snowy scenery outside. He still felt a little strange in his heart, why was an immortal island at sea covered with such thick snow and ice. From the moment he got to know about Zhu Yang Island, he thought it was a warm island where the four seasons were like spring and hundreds of flowers bloomed, but he didn’t expect it to be like this. How did those fairy fruits and fairy beasts survive in such a cold weather and such a big snowstorm?

With the help of Yang Junmao, Cheng Yi and You Xiang respectively, Xiao Ling held his stomach and endured the pain as he walked forward step by step. From time to time, he looked up at the sedan chair in front of him. The more he looked, the more his stomach hurt.

He didn’t understand why Jing Yang was the one who got such good treatment and not him. It was obvious that his aunt was the apprentice of the island owner. He felt that they must have made a mistake to give Jing Yang such high treatment. He thought to himself that when he saw his aunt, he must sue them so that they would regret it.

Jing Yang was holding his chin and staring at the snow scene in a daze, when he suddenly heard screams and noises that brought his thoughts back to reality. These sounds were obviously made by Xiao Ling and the others.

Xiao Ling hadn’t even drunk his own saliva in the past two days. Although not eating for a few days didn’t matter to those who had spiritual power, but he had consumed a lot of spiritual power in the confinement room, and there was also that injury on his stomach. After receiving no treatment, even with the support of Yang Junmao and Cheng Yi, he could no longer move forward. As soon as his legs became weak, he fell forward into the snow.

“Xiao Ling, are you alright?” Yang Junmao knelt on the ground and asked Xiao Ling.

“I, I can’t walk anymore.” Xiao Ling was really in pain, he felt tired, but it wasn’t to the point where he couldn’t continue walking, but when he thought about how exhausted he was walking step by step, while Jing Yang was sitting comfortably in the sedan chair, he was so angry that he didn’t want to go any further.

“Xiao Jing, Xiao Jing!” Yang Junmao shouted loudly.

“Stop.” Jing Yang asked the people carrying the sedan chair to stop, he wanted to see what those people wanted to do.

“Xiao Jing.” Yang Junmao stood up and took a few steps forward and said, “Xiao Ling was kicked by you and lost a lot of spiritual power. Now there is no way to go forward, you give him the sedan chair.”

“Why?” Jing Yang said lightly while sitting in the sedan chair.

“After all, he is your younger brother. If something really happened to him, you wouldn’t be able to explain it to your father and mother.” Yang Junmao thought that he was persuading him earnestly.

“This is Zhu Yang Island, not the Xiao family. I don’t need to explain anything to anyone. Also, my mother passed away many years ago. The woman in the Xiao family is not my mother.” Jing Yang said.

“Xiao Jing!” Xiao Ling roared angrily, “You dare to be disrespectful to my mother, I think you are really tired of living, you immediately get down and apologize to my mother, or I will definitely tell this matter to my aunt, don’t regret it then!”

“Isn’t he quite energetic?” Jing Yang said sarcastically, “It seems that there is still a long way to go, so if you like to sue, go and sue. No matter how you want to retaliate, I will follow. Let’s see if you are killed by me first, or if I will be killed by you first.”

When the person carrying the sedan chair started to move forward again, Yang Junmao called out, “Wait, can Xiao Ling also sit up, he really can’t go any more.”

“Xu Guanjiao, didn’t you explain to them on the way here? Have you told them about the rules of Zhu Yang Island?” The man who had confirmed Jing Yang’s identity with Xu Guanjiao just now said with a frown.

“Of course I said it, but among these people there is the nephew of the Manqing Immortal, who thinks that he can do whatever he wants with the reputation of the Manqing Immortal on the island. I think they need to suffer a little more before they understand what kind of place is Zhu Yang Island?” Xu Guanjiao said to the man.

The man turned to look at Yang Junmao and said, “Zhu Yang Island is not a place where you can make demands, any demands are not acceptable, if you can’t walk, don’t, even if you die here, no one will take care of you.”

Seeing those people go farther and farther, and the wind and snow getting bigger and bigger, even if Xiao Ling was not reconciled, he could only try to keep up, or they might really leave him to freeze to death here.

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