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Xue Jiayi glanced at Jiang Yu, it was as if she was seeing Bu Tanyan from back then, so her face sank, and she said, “Are you making trouble again?”

Jiang Yu said calmly, “I didn’t make trouble, but someone questioned me and said that I was fishing in troubled waters and asked the security to kick me out.”

Xue Jiayi was also of a straightforward nature, and immediately said, “Who is so powerful that she dares to shout at Esmera?”

Everyone’s eyes fell on Lin Xuan’er at the same time.

Lin Xuan’er immediately explained: “Her training letter is fake! I suspect that she is fishing in troubled waters!”

Although Xue Jiayi did look down on Jiang Yu, Lin Xuan’er’s words angered her bottom line, “Esmera is a place where the rules are followed, who are you to say, that her invitation letter is real or fake!”

As soon as these words came out, Lin Xuan’er’s expression changed.

From childhood to adulthood, she had become accustomed to getting her family’s various favours. No one had ever spoken to her in such a serious tone, whether it was her sister at home, or a teacher or classmate at school.

Her cheeks suddenly turned red, and tears were about to flow out.

The surrounding classmates all shut their mouths, secretly shocked. Today, they could see the power of Esmera’s “Devil Head”.

Xue Jiayi dismissed the security guard, then took Jiang Yu’s invitation letter and glanced at it, and said, “Aren’t you stupid, of course you won’t be assigned a class, didn’t Bai Shuyi directly ask you to become her disciple? How could you follow others? They are the same, so they are assigned classes.”

“What does Teacher Xue mean?”

“Later, you and Wen Lun can go directly to the dance classroom to find Bai Shuyi, and you are still sitting here stupidly waiting, really…”

Xue Jiayi didn’t bother to care about them. After that, she went to attend to her own business.

The surrounding classmates looked at Jiang Yu in disbelief.

It was hard to imagine that such a shabby girl could become Bai Shuyi’s closed door disciple together with Wen Lun!

What level was required to surpass Class A students and become Bai Shuyi’s disciple.

Shen Aoqing was a little dumbfounded, then she looked at her meaningfully, her eyes were slightly unwilling, as she asked, “Your name is Jiang Yu?”


“Where did you come from before? Did you win any awards?”

“Have you participated in any national competition?”


“Then how did you become Teacher Bai’s student…”



Shen Aoqing was choked for the first time in her life, then with a slightly embarrassed expression on her face, she turned around left.

Jiang Yu didn’t like Shen Aoqing talking to her in such a tone, and she was not familiar with her, so she opened her mouth to choke her. Did she really think that the whole world was her mother?

She didn’t care about her.

Lin Miao said to Jiang Yu in surprise: “Oh my God, you can’t look at a person’s face, you are actually a closed disciple of Teacher Bai! With Wen Lun, Oh my God!! The first friend I made was a big person of this level.”

Jiang Yu said with a smile: “It’s nothing like that, I was just lucky.”

Lin Xuan’er just lost face and didn’t dare to provoke Jiang Yu again, so she vented all her anger on Lin Miao and shouted at her, “Hey, what are you waiting for! Take my luggage to the dormitory!”

Lin Miao obediently walked over, pulled up her suitcase, and turned to Jiang Yu and said, “Wait a minute and add each other on WeChat!”

Jiang Yu nodded, looking at the backs of Lin Xuan’er and Lin Miao leaving, she deeply felt that the task of [Saving Cinderella] had a long way to go.

Soon, Jiang Yu met Wen Lun.

He was wearing a thin light white sports sweater, standing alone in the corridor, the first impression he gave her was that of a handsome man.

He stood in a tall position, not like other boys… who were casually leaning on the side.

His standing posture gave the impression that he could start dancing at any time.

Many people had misunderstandings about ballerinas and thought that their label was: thin.

In fact, they were also very good-looking. If they didn’t wear close-fitting dance clothes and changed into other clothes, they would definitely be clothes hangers. In fact, they were also outstanding.

If it was matched with a handsome appearance, such as Wen Lun’s, he must definitely be regarded as a high-profile male god in real life.

Jiang Yu knew Wen Lun, Wen Lun also became famous at a young age, but unlike Shen Aoqing, who participated in various competitions and won various awards since she was a child, Wen Lun was very low-key and did not participate in many competitions, instead he spent most of his time practicing ballet. Therefore, his few appearances had made his amazing performance even more remarkable.

Wen Lun and Jiang Yu went to Teacher Bai Shuyi’s office together and had a simple understanding on the way.

He was not pretentious, he was humble and courteous, his skin was white and his lips were red, giving people the feeling of a person like jade and a peerless son.

Jiang Yu was not famous and dressed very plainly, but he didn’t look down on her at all, and even helped her carry her suitcase.

In the office, Bai Shuyi said a few words to Wen Lun about the night’s tasks, and asked him to go to the dormitory to pack up.

Wen Lun nodded politely and left.

Bai Shuyi turned around, put her hand on Jiang Yu’s shoulder, and said, “Xiao Yu, because you entered the school with Esmera’s scholarship, although the tuition fee is completely free, but you still need to pay for the room, okay?”

“Ms. Bai, this is what it should be.”

“Well, I’ll let Wen Lun wait for you outside the door, and you can go to the dormitory together.”

“Ms. Bai, I want to ask, how many people are in the dormitory and how much does it cost?”

“Oh, according to the different classes of ABCDEF, the accommodation conditions are also different. Class EF have a quadruple room, and the accommodation fee is 3,000 for half a month; CD have a triple room, and the accommodation fee is 6,000. As for you and Wen Lun, because you both are directly guided by me, you two live in the best suite, 35,000.”

Jiang Yu: …

Esmera, it really was an art school for the rich, only for half a month of accommodation fee, her mother had to work hard for many months.

Although Jiang Yu had the ability to make money now. But she must not consume like this. She simply said, “Mr. Bai, can I apply for a four-person dormitory in Class F? I prefer group life.”

Bai Shuyi could see Jiang Yu’s economic limitations, and she simply said: “It should be no problem, you can go to the logistics and talk about it yourself, just change the dormitory.”

“Thank you, Ms. Bai, I’ll go right now.”

“Wait a minute.” Bai Shuyi stopped Jiang Yu and said, “Since you are admitted on a scholarship, we Esmera also have rules. Scholarships cannot be taken for free. They need to include public services. Can it be done?”

“You mean…?”

“That is… I need you to get up early in the morning, work-study in the restaurant, or clean the classroom after training. Don’t worry, it won’t be very hard.”

“Oh, that’s fine.” Jiang Yu readily agreed.

“Okay, then you can go.”

Jiang Yu left Bai Shuyi’s office. After a long time, Bai Shuyi slowly turned around and walked to the trophy cabinet.

In the cupboard was an old, yellowed photo of her class of Esmera graduates.

Bu Tanyan stood in the middle of her classmates, her smile looking bright and beautiful.

The corner of Bai Shuyi’s mouth slightly raised, she opened the cabinet, and pressed down the photo frame.

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