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It was getting late.

In the bungalow.

Yu Xi, Zhou Jun and Xu Wanjun were waiting outside.

“Crack!” The door rang.

They looked up at the same time, and then they all stared blankly.

The tall figure in their line of sight was wearing a slim and elegant gray-blue suit, and a young butterfly tie, which set off his graceful neck, and fully interpreted the phrase ‘low-key luxury’. His black hair was neatly combed back, and a melancholy dark blue mask covered his eyebrows and eyes. The mask was covered with intricate patterns, peacock blue knots on the edge, and the edge of the right eye was like an angel’s wings.

The corners of his mouth rose slightly, even if his eyes couldn’t be seen clearly, it still made people feel like a spring breeze.

Standing in front of this person, even the surrounding environment had become elegant.

“Zhou Jun.” A low-pitched voice sounded from the man’s mouth.

Zhou Jun snapped back to his senses with shock in his eyes, then shook his head and said, “No, the sound is not right.”

Si Huang raised her head.

Zhou Jun said: “Although there are very few people who have seen the Young Master, it cannot be ruled out that some people have heard his voice.”

Si Huang coughed twice, and his voice became a little hoarse, “What if I have a cold.”

Zhou Jun’s ears went numb, and he said in a daze: “…As long as you can keep this look, you don’t need to panic.”

“Let’s go.”

Jinhong Building in H City.

One luxury car after another came and in comparison with these, the cars driven by Zhou Jun were very inconspicuous. However, once the door opened and a slender figure came out, he immediately attracted the attention of countless people.

Zhou Jun quietly followed behind Si Huang, looking at the person walking indifferently in front of him with his head held high, he felt a little weird: it seemed that there was nothing wrong with following behind him. As soon as this thought came to him, he immediately shook his head and dismissed it, then his eyes fell on Si Huang’s shoes: Is it really okay to wear shoes with an inner sole of seven centimeters?

The shoes that Si Huang was wearing was made by someone at a high cost, and it was impossible to see her height from a distance. In addition, with the natural walking style of Si Huang, no one would pay attention to her feet.

This was all because the young master in Zhou Jun’s mouth was a little over 1.8 meters tall.

People passing by on the way noticed Si Huang, and their eyes were full of curiosity.

The doorman at the entrance of Jinhong Building respectfully said, “Please show the invitation.”

Zhou Jun took out the platinum invitation.

The doorman’s expression changed, he became more respectful, and made a go in gesture: “Please.”

Si Huang took the lead and walked in.

After the people behind her couldn’t see her figure, they whispered.

“Platinum invitation, there won’t be more than five such invitations for the whole banquet. This guy looks very young, who could he be?”

“I know the person behind him is Zhou Jun. I heard that he has recently caught the eye of the Young Master.”

“The Young Master— —!?”

Everyone was shocked.

The reason why people on the road called the prince of the wildfire group the Young Master was because the wildfire group had a long history, and now there were not many gangs on the road that were not assigned by the wildfire group. Except for the wildfire group itself, no one knew how much power the wildfire group had, it was not an exaggeration to say that the Wildfire Group was the first in the domestic underworld, so the people in the underworld collectively called the leader of the Wildfire Group the owner, and his only heir was the Young Master.

On the 18th floor of Jinhong Building, the inside was resplendent. A beautiful woman wearing a long red dress was playing the piano with passion. Both men and women on the dance floor were wearing gorgeous masks.

Si Huang found a quiet booth and sat down, and Zhou Jun stood behind the single sofa where she was sitting.

This place happened to be behind a red curtain, the light was also dim, so it hid half of Si Huang’s face. She leaned on the sofa lazily and gracefully, one leg resting on the other, and her legs looked even longer in the interlaced light and shadow. One of her hands rested on the armrest of the sofa, while the back of her other hand supported her chin, and there was a seemingly non-existent smile on her lips, making her entire person look suave.

Few people paid attention to this corner, but when people noticed it inadvertently, they would frequently cast their eyes and marvel at that low-key and luxurious noble boy.

A waiter came over with a variety of wines on a tray.

Si Huang smiled and said in a low voice, “Give me a cup of warm water.”

The waiter froze for a moment, then immediately complied, “Sir, please wait a moment.”

The people who had been paying attention to this side seemed to have found that Si Huang was easy to talk to, so immediately few of the woman’s eyes lit up and they walked towards this side together.    

“Zhou Jun.” Zhou Jun, who heard Si Huang’s voice, understood what she meant, so he walked out from the back and stood in front, just in time to stop the few women who had just arrived, “Young master is not feeling well, he can’t greet the ladies for the time being.”

A mushroom haired girl roared in her heart: You don’t need to greet your young master, we can greet your young master instead! The few women showed regret, and looked at Si Huang behind Zhou Jun’s body, and received a faint smile from Si Huang. This smile revealed a touch of alienation and silent rejection, but it made people unable to get angry.

The several young ladies could only return without success.

As soon as they left, there was a man of big size and three thick men looking this way from not far away. One of them whispered something in his ear, and then the man walked towards him.

Zhou Jun returned behind Si Huang, lowered his head and whispered in her ear: “This is the second head of the Sea God Group, Jia Wei.”

Five seconds later, Jia Wei had come over, laughing loudly, but his voice was very low and polite, “Young Master came over in person, why didn’t you say hello in advance? I would have definitely met you myself.”

Zhou Jun’s expression was tense, but his heart was extremely nervous.

Si Huang said indifferently: “It’s just that there is something I’m interested in here.”

Jia Wei was surprised: “Is the Young Master sick?”

Si Huang was about to speak when the waiter who had gone to get warm water for her just came back. She turned her head and reached out, took the water glass that the waiter handed over, and naturally ignored Jia Wei’s question.

Jia Wei thought she had acquiesced, and then took the initiative to say, “Yesterday, I heard from my subordinates that this little brother called to ask about a mother and daughter.”

Si Huang took a sip of water, paused slightly after hearing the words, and then calmly said: “That girl is interesting.”

Jia Wei’s eyes flashed with a gleam of light, showing an expression that all men understood, “There are still women in this world that the Young Master can’t win?”

Si Huang smiled lightly.

Jia Wei also laughed. After two seconds, he suddenly said, “I don’t know why the Young Master suddenly came to H City? If there is anything that needs me, Jia Wei, you say a word, and I, Jia Wei, will have nothing to say!”

Zhou Jun’s heart that was put down was instantly lifted. Was this a test? Or was he just asking? How could Si Huang know why the Young Master came to H City?

Si Huang raised his head here and with a luxurious and mysterious face, smiled lightly at Jia Wei, “Come and play.” The hoarse and gentle voice with a nasal tone had an indescribable majesty.

Jia Wei was taken aback and looked away, “Haha, H City is famous for having fun and beauties, and the Young Master has to have fun.”

“Beauty…?” The man with the gorgeous mask seemed to remember, then the corner of his mouth unconsciously revealed a reminiscence-like smile, with a little tenderness, he had turned his head to the other side, and whispered to himself, “Indeed.”

The short black hair, the peacock blue rendered by the stack of angel wings, perfectly outlined his face. The flawless side lines were simply handsome and beautiful. Jia Wei, who was a rough Chinese paper, was also amazed in his heart, thinking: If this person was not the Young Master, he would definitely be regarded as the best prey by some people with special tastes. Immediately, a thoughtful calculation flashed in his eyes: The Young Master seems to be really interested in that girl. If he can exchange that woman for a favor from the Young Master, it would be a big profit.

Jia Wei figured it out, stood up and smiled at Si Huang: “This Jia will not disturb the Young Master’s rest. If you have anything to do for me, feel free to instruct me. I think the Young Master will have a good time tonight.” The last sentence was meaningful.

After Jia Wei left, few more people came one after another within a few minutes.

Their identities belonged to the high class at the banquet, but they were extremely polite to Si Huang. Everyone said hello. Seeing that Si Huang was not interested in talking more, they left.

A small circle among the banquet crowd.

The people who had been looking for Si Huang before were all gathered together, and Jia Wei was also here.

At this time, Jia Wei had also put on a mask, but with his rough man image, others could recognize him at a glance.

“How’s it going?” Jia Wei took a sip of wine and hummed at the people around him, “You still think he’s fake?”

“Where is it!” One person laughed, “How can someone else pretend to be like this.”

“I was thinking too much before. No one in this world dares to pretend to be Young Master.”

“Tsk tsk, he’s as charming as the rumors. My daughter’s eyes have fallen on him.”

That’s all for the first few minutes. People asked Jia Wei about Si Huang’s identity, and after learning that the other party was from the Wildfire Group, they couldn’t stop their suspicions and went to test him one by one.

Although he didn’t say a lot of words, his aura, appearance, and personality were all outstanding. Facing them so indifferently, who could it be other than the young master?

“I’ve seen the Young Master from a distance.” The gentle-looking man smiled and said, “It was similar to how I felt this time. He really is a dragon and a phoenix among people.”

This time, everyone was sure, and then touted Jia Wei’s good luck, that he had the opportunity to receive the favor of the Young Master.

Jia Wei couldn’t hide his ambition and pride in his eyes, and the cautious mind that had been reserved gradually loosened.


During the night banquet, the area around Si Huang was the quietest place in the hall, and it was also the most noticeable place.

He didn’t know how many women cast their attentive glances at her, and even if they didn’t get a response from her, they still enjoyed it.

When Zhou Jun saw her indifferent look, he was not so nervous anymore, and he paid attention to the surrounding situation calmly and vigilantly.

Suddenly, he noticed that Si Huang’s body seemed to stiffen, “Master?”

Si Huang raised his hand, indicating that it was nothing. Her eyes were focused on one place, and the corners of her mouth rose slowly.

If she didn’t notice the eyes behind the mask, everyone would be attracted by this elegant and noble smile. In the eyes behind the mask, the dark green color was rolling faintly, looking mysterious and attractive.

Si Huang stood up.

“Master!” Zhou Jun was startled and lowered his voice.

Si Huang said softly, “Stay here.”

Zhou Jun watched her walk out of the tent, pass a sofa on the way, and stretch out his hand to a girl in a pale pink evening dress sitting there.

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