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They arrived at H City overnight.

Si Huang followed Yu Xi into the dirty alley. The door of a bungalow was open, and a young man in blue stood outside.

“Yu Xi!” The man saw Yu Xi running towards him and immediately came up to him, “You’re finally back.”

“Where are my mother and Lingling?” Yu Xi grabbed Xu Wanjun’s arm tightly with both hands.

Xu Wanjun said bitterly: “When I came back, I just saw Aunt Zhao and Lingling being caught in the car, and I don’t know where they were taken.”

Si Huang came over and asked Xu Wanjun, “Do you remember their license plate number, or the general characteristics of the people? Or in which direction did their cars go?”

Xu Wanjun had noticed Si Huang long ago. When asked by her, he was a little nervous and thought deeply. After two seconds, he said, “I only remember the number 14 at the end of the license plate number. They looked like they were not good people, ah! The one who caught Lingling, he had a tattoo on his arm, that of an anchor. Their car went out of the alley and headed for the east road.”

Si Huang nodded, “You guys wait here.” Then she turned around and Yu Xi followed, “Do you have any clues? I’ll go with you.”

“It’s useless for you to follow.” Si Huang paused, and her merciless tone made Yu Xi’s face pale, “Stay here, I’ll call when I need your help.” Then, she went on to say, “I will try to bring Yu Ling and Auntie back safely.”

She didn’t know if this happened to Yu Xi’s family in her previous life. If she hadn’t brought Yu Xi to Yangcheng, then at least there would have been a man in their family. There was her responsibility here, so she would be responsible.

Yu Xi pursed his lips tightly, watched Si Huang leave again, shook his lips, and said with difficulty, “Please.” No matter what, he couldn’t say anything righteously, “If you encounter difficulties, try to protect yourself.” With those words, Yu Xi said solemnly, “Si Huang, as long as Lingling and my mother are okay, I will give you my entire life.”

Si Huang did not answer and disappeared into the alley.


The silver-gray luxury sports car came to the area that never slept in H city, and Si Huang got off the car and went to the Night bar again.

Under the colorful dim light, her figure was always walking in the dark, making it difficult to see. After identifying the target, she grabbed him with one hand and dragged him to the toilet cubicle.

“Fuck! Who are you! Dare to touch my grandfather… ah! Don’t fight! Don’t fight! You are the master, you are the master!”

Si Huang stepped on the man’s throat, and only slowly asked when she saw that he was honest: “Do you know Zhou Jun?”

The gangster’s eyes rolled in a circle.

Si Huang pressed her feet hard.


There was a knocking sound from next door: “Fuck! Be quiet, why don’t you go to open a room.”

The gangster opened his mouth to ask for help, but heard a devilish voice above his head, “You still have a last chance.”

The bastard shivered and took out his cell phone, “I know! Brother Zhou’s phone number is here!”

Si Huang asked him to call the number, and after he got through, he amplified the voice, and it didn’t take long for him to hear Zhou Jun’s voice come out, “Chicken, what’s the matter?”

The bastard called Xiaochun was about to shout with his lips trembling, when a severe pain came from his throat, and he fainted.

“Chicken?” The voice of Zhou Jun over there became immediately cautious.

Just as he was about to hang up, Si Huang said, “It’s me, do you remember you still owe me your life?”

With one sentence, Zhou Jun, who was sitting in the box, suddenly stood up and alerted the people next to him. He said apologetically, and walked out of the box, “Si Huang?”

“It’s me.” Si Huang said calmly, “I have something for you to do, where are you?”

Zhou Jun looked back at the box, this time was a rare opportunity… If he left suddenly, all his previous efforts would be in vain. But the person on the other side was Si Huang… He closed his eyes fiercely and opened them again after a second. He made up his mind, “Let’s meet at Night’s Room 306.”


Zhou Jun hung up the call, returned to the box behind him, and bowed 90 degrees to Ju Hongzhi who was inside, “Brother Ju, I’m really sorry, I have some problems on my side and I need to handle it myself. I will handle all the expenses today. I also thank Brother Ju for giving me this chance!”

Ju Hongzhi was a middle-aged bald man, sitting on the sofa with his legs wide open. A woman was kneeling in front of him and working hard. He half-squinted his eyes and looked at Zhou Jun, “Xiaojun! I think you are a smart person, why are you so stupid today?”

The others in the box showed expressions full of schadenfreude.

Zhou Jun pretended not to understand, but still bowed and didn’t look up, “Thank you Brother Ju, I have to go today.”

Ju Hongzhi laughed, “Go, go! It’s urgent, can I still stop you?”

“Thank you, Brother Ju.” Zhou Jun raised his head and turned to leave the box.

The door had just been closed.

A man inside said to Ju Hongzhi, “Brother Ju, this kid can’t do it. He shouldn’t look down on you because of the fact that he has entered Wildfire Group, he doesn’t even think about what kind of person you are.”

Ju Hongzhi smiled and said, “Don’t say that, young people, it is inevitable that they will be young and energetic, but they will become sensible after a little setback.”

Night’s box 306.

Si Huang pushed open the door and went in. Zhou Jun had already stood up and shouted respectfully to her, “Young Master Si.”

Si Huang took off the mask she was wearing, sat on the sofa, and went straight to the topic, “At the old construction on Fengnan Road, a group of people went to kidnap two women this afternoon. The last two numbers of their license plate were 14, there was a man with an anchor tattoo on his arm, do you know who it is?”

Zhou Jun thought silently for three seconds before answering: “There are many men with anchor tattoos on their arms, but I know an organization where everyone will get this tattoo, and the anchor tattoo is their symbol.”

“Is there a way to confirm it?”

Zhou Jun was silent again, his face did not change, but he was actually struggling inside. This struggle was finally defeated under Si Huang’s look. He took out his mobile phone and dialed a series of numbers.

“Hello? I’m Zhou Jun.”

“Yes, I have already handed the invitation to the young master for a look. The young master has some problems that he would like to clarify.”

“You are welcome, it is not a big problem, I just want to know about your event. Is there a mother and daughter in the auction who lived on Fengnan Road before, the girl is probably…” Zhou Jun looked at Si Huang, and after seeing her gesture, he continued, “Sixteen or seventeen years old.”

The person on the other side of the phone probably looked for it, and after waiting for a few minutes, Zhou Jun, who heard something, said: “I understand. I will tell the young master truthfully, and I wish your event a success.” Zhou Jun, who hung up the phone, looked at Si Huang, “It seems that they took the person you wanted.”

Si Huang asked, “What’s the matter with the auction party.”

Zhou Jun: “The Sea God Group and other organizations hold banquets once or twice a year. There have been beast fights and boxing events before, but this time it is an auction for women.”

After he mentioned this, Si Huang vaguely remembered that he had heard about these in his previous life. This kind of party was an artsy activity for people in the underworld. Everyone who attended would wear masks.

“Master Si, as I am not even qualified to participate in this party, so I can only do this.” Zhou Jun said.

Si Huang raised his head, “If it’s the Young Master you mentioned, is he enough to ask for someone?”

Zhou Jun: “The Young Master’s family has never been interested in this kind of banquet. I’m taking a risk by asking about it in his name. If he finds out… everything I have now will disappear!”

Si Huang said softly: “If everything you have is gone, you can still fight for it, and if you die, it will really be gone.”

Five Treasure suddenly showed his sense of existence: [Your Majesty, so you know how much favor I have given you?]

Si Huang ignored it and looked at Zhou Jun lightly.

Zhou Jun said stiffly: “I see.”

He was not afraid of Ju Hongzhi, who was already well-known in the underworld. He could even handle it carefully in front of the Young Master. Then why was he always afraid of this young man?

“I will do as you say, but I hope that after this time, our grievance will be written off.” Zhou Jun said, “I won’t owe you anymore.”

Si Huang glanced at him, “Okay.”

She agreed too easily, Zhou Jun couldn’t tell in his heart whether he was relieved or lost, feeling as if he had missed something.


According to Zhou Jun’s directions, the banquet of the Sea God group would be held tomorrow night. In order to win the favor of the people on the road, the auction items would not be touched before the auction, plus because of the previous call from him, the other party would definitely take into account the identity of the Young Master, and until the truth of the whole thing is known, they would not dare to hurt Yu Ling and her mother.

Zhou Jun didn’t know Si Huang’s plan, so he reminded him: “The whereabouts of the Young Master have always been unknown, and he doesn’t like to meddle in other peoples’ business. If you want to ask him for help, it is impossible.”

Si Huang: “If I guessed correctly, when you say Young Master, he is the Young Master of the Wildfire Group.”

Zhou Jun’s expression changed, his eyes full of surprise.

“The members of the Wildfire Group are very mysterious in every generation. Most people only know their surname Xia. They have never seen their real appearance. Even if they do, they may not know who they are.” Yes, even she had never seen the direct line of the Wildfire group and had only heard that the young master was a man more elegant than the nobles.

“You’ve seen him.” Si Huang looked at Zhou Jun.

Zhou Jun said with difficulty: “Yes. I have seen him.”

Si Huang did not ask him how he was sure that the one he had met was the real Young Master, “Tell out his characteristics without omission.”


Si Huang took Zhou Jun with him back to Yu Xi’s home, then he briefly told him the story. Knowing that Yu Ling and the others were not in danger for the time being, Yu Xi felt relieved, and then said to Si Huang in embarrassment: “Tomorrow… no, today, the new actress Yu Lianyun will come over, Director Liu said that it’s up to you and her to play.”

Si Huang said, “I’ll explain it to Director Liu.” Looking at Yu Xi’s guilty and tangled expression, she said, “You know I’ve been very ‘hot’ recently, as my manager, your appearance is also remembered by many people, so don’t run around.”

Yu Xi: “I see.” His heart sank. When he said goodbye to Si Huang, if Si Huang didn’t keep up with him, he was afraid that his lost soul would have caused irreparable consequences.

No one slept that night, but in just over an hour, it was dawn.

Si Huang called Director Liu and briefly explained her current situation. Director Liu scolded her, and finally yelled rudely: “Be careful, don’t you know? Now that you are so hot, I still need to borrow this blessing from you, if any piece of your body is bumped, it will be too late to regret it. And… if you need help, remember to call Tie Lao and the others!”

Si Huang listened to his words containing both knife and tofu and thanked him again then she hung up. The next step was to buy the equipment to be used at night, so she put on a mask and hat, and a low-key sportswear, then Si Huang, after deliberately reducing his sense of existence, walked on the road with Zhou Jun, she thought that no one would recognize her identity like this.

——Even if she is very popular now, everyone would subconsciously think that she was still in central city.

T/N: Director Liu is such a tsundere~~~

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