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Si Huang did not look at the details of her newly added fans, but she would always browse the comments and private messages on her Weibo.

Just as she was scanning the comments and was about to read the private messages, there was a rapid knock on the door of her room.

She stood up, took care of her clothes and went to open the door.

Yu Xi’s anxious and panicked face appeared outside the door, “Si… Si Huang! I want to go back to H City! I need to go now! I’m sorry, I’ll explain to you later!” He turned around and left after speaking hastily.

Si Huang shouted, “Stop.”

Yu Xi froze and turned around.

Si Huang asked calmly, “What happened?”

Yu Xi’s eyes turned red, “There was an accident at my house, and my mother and Lingling were taken away!”

Si Huang’s eyes narrowed and he looked at him for a second, “Wait here.” Then without hearing what Yu Xi had to say, she turned back to her room and changed her clothes.

In three or four minutes, Si Huang changed into a low-key sportswear, walked out with a shoulder bag on her back, and said to Yu Xi who was standing in the same place: “Let’s go.”

Yu Xi couldn’t even say the polite words that were stuck in his throat.


In the car.

As soon as Si Huang got into the driver’s seat, she said to Yu Xi: “Fasten your seat belt, hold on tight.”

Yu Xi did so obediently, and turned around to say something to Si Huang, but was pulled back by the car’s rapid movement forwards, he hit his back on the seat so hard that he couldn’t even catch his breath for a moment.

The wheels idled on the ground, and then the car galloped out at a total overdrive speed.

Yu Xi: “…”

Si Huang chose a less-traveled road. The price of speeding was being monitored and photographed by traffic lights several times, which made Yu Xi, a law student, hesitate a few times, and look sideways at Si Huang, but this made his originally panicked mood gradually calm down.    

Then Si Huang ‘s voice sounded: “This road is usually less crowded. If everything goes well, you can arrive at City H a few hours earlier.” If it was just him, with the state just now, he didn’t know how many detours he would have to take.    

Si Huang shook her head.    

It was just that God didn’t take care of them, and colorful lights and voices suddenly appeared in front of them, making Yu Xi dazed.    

Si Huang’s eyes paused, “If there is no drag racing party.”    

Yu Xi gave a wry smile and had nothing to say.    

He watched the crowd in front of them surround a few trendy men trying to stop their car. He originally thought that Si Huang would stop, but who knew that she… accelerated!    

The frenzied noise of the accelerator startled the men who were stopping the car. They instinctively jumped away and saw the silver-gray cheap car speeding out. Then one of them shouted into the walkie-talkie: “Seventh young master! A bug has run in!”

On the road was a sports car with the same silver-gray color, but it was different from the low-key gray of Si Huang’s car. From the color to the design of the body, it was full of insolent high-profile gorgeousness.

In the driver’s seat of the sports car, the young man wearing earphones scolded dissatisfiedly: “You guys were eating shit? You didn’t know how to stop it!”

“We stopped it, but that’s just a mad bug, accelerating without stopping, we couldn’t think at all. It was as if he was here to kill us!”

“Shut your dog’s mouth and stop bothering me!”

Duan Qizhou tore off his earphones, opened the door of the sports car and walked down.

He walked to a sapphire blue sports car not far behind, the car had hit the stone wall on the inside of the road, and the front of the car was still smoking.

“Dong dong dong” Duan Qizhou knocked on the window of the blue sports car, and a wicked smile appeared on the corner of his mouth, as he asked in a leisurely manner, “Young Master Zhang? Are you asleep? Come out and show your face.” Hearing the silence, Duan Qizhou’s eyes drowned in malice. He smiled, climbed onto the damaged front of the blue sports car and squatted, holding a cigarette but not smoking, staring at the driver’s door.

He finished smoking one cigarette and lit another one. His ears finally heard the sound of the engine, and at that moment, the hungry wolves burst out in his eyes.

The silver-grey family sedan galloped past him at a speed of at least 180.

Duan Qizou jumped off the blue sports car excitedly, entered his own sports car, and in an instant he accelerated to chase the car in front of him.

A family car would definitely not be able to outrun a brand-name modified sports car. When the silver-gray sports car appeared in the rearview mirror, Si Huang frowned, and then her pupils shrank, her hands and legs grasping the steering wheel moved quickly, “Sit firmly.” But she didn’t forget to remind Yu Xi.

Yu Xi instinctively grasped the armrest, and then felt his body drift violently, as a gorgeous silver-gray sports car just missed their car. Yu Xi was stunned for a moment, then his face became cold, “He’s sick!” Judging from the distance just now, if it wasn’t for Si Huang’s quick turn, the sports car would definitely have hit them.

At first glance, if a sports cars worth millions collided with a hundreds of thousands dollar car, the result can be imagined.

He rushed to the front sports car and braked, then turned back, the lights flickered on and off, as if it was a harbinger of the provocation and hunting of the gray wolf.

“Si Huang, should we get off the car?” Yu Xi had never seen such a battle but knew that some people couldn’t be understood with common sense.

Si Huang replied: “The car disc lock.”

Yu Xi glanced left and right, and then handed it to her from behind.

Si Huang took it and put it on his lap, then opened the car window.

Yu Xi didn’t understand what she meant.

At this time the sports car in front started up.

Yu Xi’s pupils shrank, it was too late to get out of the car at this time, so he looked at Si Huang. He also just happened to feel that the speed of the car body was also increased an instant, and the open car window was gusting in the wind, blowing Si Huang’s hair, his fair face was expressionless, at this moment he showed the beauty between movement and stillness, causing Yu Xi to suffer from a momentary lack of attention – if the current situation was not unsuitable, he would have really wanted to take such a picture of Si Huang, and it would definitely make his group of fans scream again and again.

He was distracted for a few seconds, when he regained his thoughts, the two cars were approaching each other, and Yu Xi was almost blinded by the dazzling high beam in front of him, his eyes narrowed in discomfort, and his expression was angry and nervous.

Whoosh – stagnation – the dull sound and the violent movement of the car made Yu Xi’s eyes chaotic.

Duan Qizhou, who was in the sports car, was surprised, that he was actually avoided by the other party! While still using this poor car!

When the sports car and the sedan passed by, he turned his head to look at Si Huang through the window, showing a vicious and provocative expression. He thought: He can dodge once or twice, I won’t believe that he can dodge a third time. With the performance of his car, it is easy to catch up with them. However, before he could see Si Huang’s face clearly, he was hit by a sudden yellow color.

“Boom-pa-crack-crack–” The car window was suddenly broken, fragments flew, and Duan Qizhou instinctively slammed on the brakes.


Duan Qizhou scolded angrily, his cheeks and half of his body hurt.

“Come out.” The low mellow and charming voice was so clear and cold but sounded so good that Duan Qizhou was shocked.

He raised his head sharply and was startled by the face that appeared in the depths of his pupils.

The other party’s hair was messy and unruly, his fair cheeks were clearly visible in the night, the eyes under the slanted eyebrows were like two cool springs, the expressionless face and the pressing aura radiated, making this person look not like cold iron, instead, he seemed full of magic.

Duan Qizhou’s adam’s apple rolled.

The tall boy outside twitched his eyebrows slightly, “Can’t understand people’s words?”

Damn it! This was a superb encounter! Duan Qizhou roared inwardly, regretting that he didn’t see the person clearly before, and he raised his head to show a smile to the person outside.

“Boom–” The yellow disc lock smashed a hole in the door.

Duan Qizhou’s smiling face froze, and the cold iron texture of the lock of the car was pressed against his Adam’s apple.

“Come out.”

Duan Qizhou stiffly opened the car door and walked out, “Beauty, we don’t know each other, we don’t have to fight… Ah!”

Si Huang kicked the person’s stomach and he flew out a meter away. Sitting on the ground with a pale face, he couldn’t stand up for a long time.

Si Huang walked up to him in two steps, reached out and grabbed the man’s hair and pulled it back, showing Duan Qizhou’s handsome and injured face, “Don’t fight since we don’t know each other?” She smiled.

From such a close distance, Duan Qizhou could see Si Huang’s eyes clearly, and even the dark green color that was getting thicker and thicker. The pain made his expression distort, and he was burning with anger. However, the heartbeat that almost jumped out of his chest didn’t seem to be as simple as just being angry.

Si Huang looked at this young man, and the second generation ancestor, who was in his twenties, was dumbfounded and punched down, “Don’t let me meet you again, or I will destroy you.”

Duan Qizhou on the ground listened to the indifferent expression. His tone trembled, and when he looked up, he saw that the other party didn’t look back… He just climbed into his sports car.

Si Huang in the car said to Yu Xi who was still outside: “Come in.”

Yu Xi hesitated for a second and walked into the passenger seat of the sports car.

The sports car ran out as soon as the accelerator was pressed.

Si Huang said indifferently: “With this car, the time to reach H City can be shortened.”

Yu Xi: “…”


“Seven… Seventh young… Are you okay?”

“Seventh young master! Seventh young master! You can’t have an accident!”

“Seventh young master? Hurry up and reply if you can hear me!”

Duan Qizhou was awakened by a faint sound from the earphones hanging around his neck.

He put the headphones back in his ears, “What the hell, I’m fine.”

“Seventh young master! You can answer! What’s the matter? I just heard a voice…”

“Stop talking nonsense, drive a car to pick me up, Zhang Jinyang… The kid is about to die.”

This made sense, “Seventh young master, please don’t mess around, we’ll be there, we’ll be there! Wait a minute!” Duan Qizhou ripped off the earphones again in disgust, took out the cigarette case with trembling fingers, and held a cigarette in his mouth, but he still didn’t really smoke. He just sat on the ground and looked at the end of the road with an empty expression on his face. After seven or eight seconds, he wiped his face with his hands, “Damn it! It’s delicious!”

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