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Fu Yuanzhou hugged Xie Lin and kissed Xie Lin’s face unconsciously. At this moment, he felt confused and didn’t know why he wanted to kiss him.

Although it was not that he had never kissed Xie Lin before, but before it was always because Xie Lin had asked him to do so. This was the first time he really took the initiative. His instinct was to feel fear, but his emotions made him feel uncontrollable for a moment.

He was astonished and embarrassed by his actions and wanted to back away. He just wanted to hug Xie Lin for a while, but Xie Lin had already lowered his head and kissed his lips directly.

The deep breath of red wine enveloped him and invaded his senses. The marked pheromone warned him sharply. Fu Yuanzhou was trembling all over, but he endured it and pulled the corner of Xie Lin’s clothes tremblingly.

Xie Lin was still kissing him. This was the most intense kiss he had ever felt. He seemed to want to wipe off all the smells belonging to other Alphas. His fingers were touching the back of Fu Yuanzhou’s neck and pressing on the glands.

It was not that he didn’t feel Fu Yuanzhou’s fear and trembling, but at the moment when he was retained by the other party, all the disguised calm was finally broken.

No matter how scared Fu Yuanzhou was, he wouldn’t let him go now. The Omega he liked had the breath of other Alphas, how could he be indifferent.

Under the drooping eyelashes, ripples appeared in his cold eyes, then he hugged Fu Yuanzhou tighter, and closed his eyes gently.

His heart was torn apart, and all the restrained emotions poured out from the bleeding wound, surging and drowning him. The more calm and rational he was on weekdays, the easier it was to lose control when his emotions erupted.

He wanted to completely mark and occupy Fu Yuanzhou.

They had grown up together for more than ten years, and the growing affection had deepened day by day. He wanted Fu Yuanzhou to trust him and rely on him. This feeling of being needed by him was another kind of dependence, and he was also inseparable from Fu Yuanzhou.

He craved him more than anyone.

Deprived of his breath by the deep kiss, Fu Yuanzhou couldn’t breathe, the end of his eyes were red, and he even had an illusion that Xie Lin was about to eat him.

When the kiss got over, Xie Lin’s breathing was also slightly unstable, he held Fu Yuanzhou in his arms, kissed his forehead, and wiped the tears from his eyes.

At this time, the door of the house was opened, and Shen Xigou stood outside the door watching them. The corners of his lips were broken, and there were scars on his face. Looking at the two people hugging in the room, his original gentle eyes dimmed little by little, like a sapphire covered with a layer of dust.

Fu Yuanzhou noticed the sound of him coming in. He didn’t want to look up, but he couldn’t control it and glanced at Shen Xigou.

After being temporarily marked by him, he had become more sensitive to his presence, and was even able to capture the scent of the silky mandala.

It was the breath that had melted into his blood, a call from the abyss, full of dark temptations.

The Alpha who marked him was jealous and sad. As the Omega he marked, he should go to his side and accept his embrace.

The pheromone was bewitching him silently, the instinct of the body and the emotion of the spirit were severely split, Shen Xigou’s pheromone was too suitable for him, tempting him, tearing at his reason, so he moved unconsciously, but just as he was passing Xie Lin, he hugged Xie Lin tightly, desperately resisting his instinct.

Xie Lin also hugged him tightly and patted his back soothingly.

“Sorry.” Shen Xigou said, “I heard from your parents that you are susceptible. Yuanzhou… I’m sorry.”

Last night, he temporarily marked Fu Yuanzhou, and was immersed in the inextricable joy of finally being able to approach him for a long time.

Suddenly Fu Yuanzhou’s cell phone rang, and he didn’t answer it. The other party continued to call. He answered Fu Yuanzhou’s phone, and on the other side was Xie Lin.

The temporary mark was not the completion mark, even if everything was over, Shen Xigou naturally wanted to tell Fu Yuanzhou’s parents about this. The change in the taste of pheromone was a fact that could not be concealed, not to mention that he did not want to conceal it.

In addition to the three of them, Yu Fei also came. The injury on his face was hit by Yu Fei. Yu Fei was so angry as if he had gone crazy. How could he remember to pretend to be good in front of his elders, so he rushed over and punched him directly. It wasn’t that Fu Yuanzhou’s parents stopped him, maybe they would have stopped him if he had beat him to the hospital.

Yu Fei’s eyes turned red immediately. His mother was hospitalized. Although her life was not in danger, his mental state was still very poor that night. Now Fu Yuanzhou was temporarily marked by Shen Xigou again. He knew Fu Yuanzhou’s physique and how dangerous Shen Xigou’s pheromones were, how could he not be angry and sad.

Fu Yuanzhou’s parents talked with Shen Xigou for a long time. Shen Xigou recounted the situation at that time. He saw Fu Yuanzhou faint from the window. Because he was worried, he came over, but restraining Fu Yuanzhou did not work, so he had to mark him.

The scattered injections on the ground and the pinhole on Fu Yuanzhou’s arm could be used as evidence. Dr. Sun came to check on Fu Yuanzhou’s body and proved this point. As an Alpha, this was already the gentlest way to deal with it.

They talked for a long time, and then Shen Xigou realized that Fu Yuanzhou was found to be susceptible not long ago, and he was more dependent on pheromones, and it would take longer for the temporary mark to subside.

He felt sorry because he didn’t want to hurt Fu Yuanzhou, but it was undeniable that there was a bit of a strange feeling in his heart.

This was a dangerous opportunity, he was looking forward to it, would Seven be able to accept him a little bit now? Even just a little bit was fine, a little bit was enough.

Never had he felt such tension and expectation, but when he pushed open the bedroom door, what he saw was Fu Yuanzhou hugging Xie Lin, and he still resisted him so much, even more than before.

Shen Xigou’s heart sank.

He still hurt his Seven after all.

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