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Fu Yuanzhou, who had fallen asleep, was dreaming, and what he dreamed was still the past.

In the dream, he forgot his rebirth, everything was the same as before, this day was his eighteenth birthday, he was in the piano room of Xie Lin’s house, where he sat beside Xie Lin and listened to him play the piano.

This piano piece was very unfamiliar. It was Xie Lin’s first time playing it. It was his birthday gift to Fu Yuanzhou, and it was a piece he wrote for Fu Yuanzhou. Naturally, as the recipient of the gift, Fu Yuanzhou was the first listener of the piece.

Fu Yuanzhou didn’t know much about music, and he knew little about piano music. When he listened to the music, he couldn’t imagine the image he wanted to express. He could only say whether it sounded good or not.

The piano piece that Xie Lin gave him was naturally good, and Fu Yuanzhou liked it very much. The piece was light and soothing, and it sounded extraordinarily gentle.

At the end of the song, Xie Lin’s slender fingers rested on the black and white keys, with an elegant beauty. Fu Yuanzhou immediately applauded, praising Xie Lin for playing well and writing such a nice song.

“Like it?” Xie Lin asked.

“Of course, I like it very much.”

Fu Yuanzhou smiled, no matter what Xie Lin gave him, he would have liked it, not to mention that this song was specially written for him. Where would anyone have done this for him before, of course he was happy, and he just also liked the piano music itself.

Xie Lin got up and touched his hair. Fu Yuanzhou sat on the piano bench and looked up at Xie Lin with bright eyes. He asked curiously, “What is this song called?”

“It doesn’t have a name.” There was a moment of silence. Later, Xie Lin responded.

Fu Yuanzhou protested: “You gave it to me as a gift, but you didn’t give it a name? So careless?”

“You can name it yourself.”

This was embarrassing Fu Yuanzhou, he didn’t know how to name it at all.

He asked Xie Lin what the inspiration for his creation was, or what emotion he wanted to express, and planned to use it as a proof of naming, but Xie Lin didn’t say it, and he couldn’t come up with a name anymore, so he finally had to give up, or let Xie Lin come up with the name.

“Tell me later when you think about it.”

Fu Yuanzhou pulled Xie Lin to sit down, poked the back of his hand lightly, and said with a smile, “Play it for me again.”

Later, Fu Yuanzhou also pulled Xie Lin to play the piano specially and recorded the song. In addition to engraving it into a CD, he also put the song into his mobile phone music library. When he couldn’t fall asleep, he would play it on loop and listen to this nameless song repeatedly, then he would fall asleep accompanied by the gentle and lingering sound of the piano.

This was a piano song given to him by Xie Lin, and Fu Yuanzhou regarded it as a treasure. He had a relatively generous temperament, but he rarely shared this song with others. Except for his family, only Yu Fei and Yuan Ye had listened to it. Yes, there was also Shen Xigou.

He had very similar hobbies to Shen Xigou. He liked it very much. Naturally, he felt that Shen Xigou would feel the same. He told Shen Xigou that Xie Lin wrote it for him. After hearing it, Shen Xigou smiled lightly and nodded: “Not bad.”

“Don’t you like it very much?” Fu Yuanzhou asked in surprise, hearing his insincere words.

“I don’t like the emotion it expresses.” Shen Xigou said.

“Can you hear it? I don’t understand it at all, I just think it sounds good.” Fu Yuanzhou asked, “What exactly does this song express?”

Shen Xigou smiled without saying a word, shook his head, and did not answer him either.


The familiar melody seemed to be lingering in his ears all the time, and Fu Yuanzhou thought he was going to get lost in it, but his consciousness gradually woke up, and he immediately felt the heaviness and pain of his body, as if it had fallen apart. What remained after the high fever was endless weakness and exhaustion.

He opened his eyes and found himself lying on the bed. The thick curtains were drawn, but there was a little light entering from the tiny gaps, and the chirping of birds could be heard outside the window. It should be morning.

It was indeed daybreak.

He could not think, all his energy was dried up, and even the simple act of getting up became very difficult. Fu Yuanzhou was leaning against the head of the bed, his whole body hurt everywhere, and the back of the neck hurt even more, like it was torn open. As soon as it was moved, there would be a subtle pain.


After a few seconds, Fu Yuanzhou’s complexion turned pale little by little. He hurriedly touched the back of his neck. Now he was not wearing a collar, and the pulp of his fingers was in direct contact with the skin, and he could feel the slightly sunken bite marks.

The smell of pheromones wafted in the house, his estrus had subsided, and now his pheromones were very stable, and the smell was weaker than usual.

The aroma of peach had changed overnight, and it was contaminated with the temptation of mandala. The memories of last night were being awakened little by little, stating a terrible fact- he was temporarily marked by Shen Xigu.

An Alpha’s pheromones were integrated into his body and perfectly combined with his pheromones. He was in a semi-conscious state when he was marked, but only Shen Xigou was by his side at the time, so he knew it was Shen Xigou’s taste.

The aroma he smelled when the fever spread was very short-lived, even for a moment in his memory, but it was deeply remembered by his body, blending with his breath and blood.

Fu Yuanzhou’s hands were cold, and he felt both angry and frightened. After being reborn, the thing he was most afraid of was repeating the same mistakes, so he tried his best to stay away from Shen Xigou, but now what? He even went a step further than before, he was temporarily marked by Shen Xigou… What would happen to him in the future?

Even if the temporary mark was only valid for one month, no one could say what would happen in that month.

He could feel that Shen Xigou’s pheromones had a huge temptation to him, he was afraid that he would become addicted, that he would crave Shen Xigou, and let his body and mind fall together.

Fu Yuanzhou’s breathing was chaotic, and he lowered his head inadvertently, only to find that the bathrobe he was wearing before had been replaced by pajamas.

Thinking that this might have been changed by Shen Xigou, Fu Yuanzhou couldn’t wait any longer. He immediately lifted the quilt and wanted to change clothes, but his whole body was in pain.


He sat with his back to the door of the house and heard the sound of the door being opened behind him, and the sound of people talking outside the door. It was Shen Xigou and his parents. He couldn’t hear them clearly, but as soon as Shen Xigou’s voice fell into his ears, it made him freeze all over.

His chaotic memory was completely awakened, and he remembered Shen Xigou kissing him, his scorching breath and body temperature, and the tempting fragrance of mandala.

He was afraid of Shen Xigou, but he couldn’t control the instinct that belonged to an Omega – the instinct was telling him that the Alpha who had marked him was just outside the door, he was not alone, he had someone to rely on, this was the Alpha he could rely on, so he should go out quickly and meet him.

Just hearing Shen Xigou’s voice, an Omega’s instinct made his heart feel sweetness and joy that should never have been there.

The dependence caused by the temporary marking was far more serious than he had imagined. Fu Yuanzhou sat on the carpet leaning against the bed, hugging his legs, as he buried his face between his knees. He would never allow himself to go out to find Shen Xigou, absolutely not, he couldn’t do it.


Someone walked into the bedroom and closed the door to cut off the sound of the outside world. Fu Yuanzhou couldn’t be more familiar with the cold voice of the person who had come. It was Xie Lin, and the person who came to him was also Xie Lin.

The appearance of Xie Lin was too important to Fu Yuanzhou at this moment, and the fear that had overwhelmed him immediately eased a lot.

He endured the pain and was about to stand up impatiently, when he suddenly remembered the bite marks on the glands, and immediately raised his hand to cover the back of his neck, and then slowly got up. Out of a subconscious reaction, he didn’t want Xie Lin to see the bite mark.

Even he knew that doing so was just deceiving himself. Xie Lin’s and Shen Xigou’s presence here together meant that he must know everything, not to mention that the change in pheromones was the most irrefutable evidence.

He turned around slowly, Xie Lin stood at the door and looked at him quietly. Fu Yuanzhou didn’t know what he was thinking, but his eyes showed unease, and he was the first to break the silence: “Aunt Yu… how is she?”

He did not dare to mention his own affairs, and he was also thinking about Yu Fei’s mother in his heart, so he first asked her about her situation. After asking, his palms were already sweating, and his eyes lowered unconsciously.

“She’s all right, Xiaofei is with her.” Xie Lin said, “Xiaofei came back once to see you, and then went back just now.”

“That’s fine.”

Fu Yuanzhou smiled reluctantly. He slowly moved to the bedside table and grabbed the restraint collar placed on it: “I’ll change clothes first, so you go out first…”

Before he had finished speaking, Xie Lin had already stepped forward and held his wrist, then he threw the collar aside.

“I want to look at you.”

Xie Lin opened his mouth and reached out to help Fu Yuanzhou, but when he touched him, Fu Yuanzhou trembled and waved Xie Lin’s hand away unconsciously.


Not only did Xie Lin’s movements stagnate, but even Fu Yuanzhou himself was stunned. He didn’t want to push Xie Lin away, let alone hide, but now that he was an Omega marked by Shen Xigou, he instinctively rejected the touch of other Alphas.

He had a susceptible physique, and Shen Xigou’s pheromone was more attractive to him than Xie Lin’s. It was very obvious that his Omega instincts wanted to make him fall in love with Shen Xigou, and thus he could only accept his breath and touch.

“I’m sorry, I…”

Seeing Xie Lin lower his eyes, Fu Yuanzhou became anxious. He didn’t want to be controlled by his Omega instinct, let alone upset Xie Lin, so he took the initiative to hold Xie Lin’s hand and said with fear: “I didn’t want to hide from you.”

“I know.”

Xie Lin took his hand and took him into his arms.

The smell of red wine was very familiar to Fu Yuanzhou, and it was the most reassuring smell after his rebirth, but now his body was completely stiff. He wanted to hurry up and escape this hug and go find his Alpha.

“But you’re afraid.” Xie Lin said again, “You’re afraid of me.”

“I didn’t…”

Fu Yuanzhou’s hand was shaking, especially when Xie Lin’s hand touched the back of his neck, he almost wanted to push the person away, but his emotions did not allow him to do so, instead he hugged Xie Lin’s waist.

He couldn’t let go of Xie Lin.

This was his only thought at this moment.

Couldn’t let go.

He needed him.

But his fear was equally obvious, Xie Lin didn’t respond to him, and slowly let go of Fu Yuanzhou.

Everyone knew the nature of Omegas. When they were free, they would welcome the possession of any Alpha, but when they had their only Alpha, they were very resistant to the approach of others, which was a very contradictory characteristic.

“Let go.” He said to Fu Yuanzhou, “You can’t bear it.”

Fu Yuanzhou’s fingertips were trembling, his Alpha’s breath was moving away from him, his instinctive fear was relieved, but his mind was violently disturbed.

At this moment, many images flashed through his mind, then he thought of the pair of rings that Xie Lin gave him, the daily good morning and good night, the kiss under the moonlight, and the gentle piano song.

“I won’t let go.”

Fu Yuanzhou closed his eyes, hugged Xie Lin actively, and kissed Xie Lin’s face lightly.

He couldn’t let go.

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