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The video of the reporters besieging Si Huang made headlines, and Si Huang’s popularity grew wildly, and this scene was seen by countless people.

The major newspapers, news agencies, and entertainment gossip agencies had their own stories. As a newcomer, they said that Si Huang was too arrogant and disrespectful to reporters.

As soon as these negative news came out, the Internet was full of insults towards Si Huang, but of course the fans who protected him were also indispensable.

In Huaxing Art School, Si Hua squeezed the tablet tightly, looking at the high-spirited Si Huang in the video, his teeth were about to bite through his lips, but he smiled when he saw a bunch of insulting comments to Si Huang under the video.

In the Fenghua Entertainment Company Building, Si Zhihan watched the report expressionlessly, and when Si Huang in the video said ‘Fenghuang Entertainment’, his eyes burst with huge anger.

In the villa in Weiming Mountain, Grandpa Qin, his wife, Old Tie and Grandma Yu were sitting together.

Grandma Yu laughed first: “Your Majesty is so handsome! You shouldn’t give this group of flies a good face!” Seeing the reporter’s malicious evaluation of Si Huang, she immediately stood up angrily, “If you dare to bully Xiao Feng, don’t ask questions. Ask me, I will answer! Old Tie, call Xiao Liu and shoot away all these flies!”

Tie Lao shook his head helplessly and pulled her back to sit down, “No hurry. You don’t need to call Xiao Liu. Isn’t Si Huang at ease? This turmoil will not defeat him, it will only allow him to ride the wind and waves and stand higher.”

Grandma Yu hummed, “How old is Xiao Huang, you can’t just ignore his age just because of his good performance. Wait, I’ll go and call him to comfort him!”

Tie Lao couldn’t stop her.

North Star Hotel, Central City

Chai Liang knocked on the door of a suite, then swiped his card to enter.

He saw the boss sitting on the sofa, watching TV intently.

“Second Master, this is the information you wanted.” Chai Liang handed Dou Wenqing the document he just got.

Dou Wenqing didn’t lift his head, “Put it on the table.”

Chai Liang did as he did, and then heard his voice sound out again, “Look at this boy, have you seen him somewhere?”

Chai Liang looked up at the high-definition LCD TV in front of him. The picture was of a young boy, but his demeanor was not comparable to that of a young man, and even few older people could overwhelm him. In particular, his face was very good-looking, delicate but not weak, handsome but not too rigid, as long as anyone had seen him once, they would never forget him… Except for his family’s boss who had face blindness.

Chai Liang stared at the TV where the boy showed arrogance and domineeringness when facing the reporters, while staying calm and indifferent. He couldn’t help showing a touch of surprise, “This person is the child who was with Qin Ye in Xiangyuan two days ago.”

Dou Wenqing’s eyes still had doubts, “Master Qin…Xiangyuan?”

Chai Liang knows that his boss not only had face blindness, but also instinctively ignored creatures that were not aggressive such as greenhouse flowers, little rabbits, cotton wool, etc. Thinking back to seeing Si Huang’s harmless image two days ago, Chai Liang thought it was amazing to be asked about by Second Young Master, “Have you seen him before?”.

“At 7 o’clock in the afternoon two days ago, the elevator in the parking lot of Xiangyuan. Qin Ye was drunk and was supported by this child.”

After Chai Liang’s detailed description, Dou Wenqing finally remembered a vague shadow in his mind.

He was probably that tall, it was probably this figure, it was probably this kind of face, but the aura was completely different, at that time he had been harmless to the point of not being aggressive at all, so he did not attract his attention – if anyone knew what Dou Wenqing was thinking, they would definitely tell him that it was just his attention that he didn’t attract.

“He was like this back then?” Dou Wenqing asked in a cold mechanical voice.

Chai Liang said, “No.”

In Dou Wenqing’s unemotional eyes, traces of waves appeared.

Si Huang, who knew nothing about these things, continued her unchanging itinerary.

The atmosphere in the crew was a bit weird recently. Everyone looked at Si Huang with care and complexity. From time to time, someone would pass by Si Huang to give her a word of encouragement and comfort. Si Huang couldn’t help laughing at this. She said once or twice that she was really fine. After they still didn’t mean to restrain themselves, she didn’t explain any more.

Si Huang didn’t know that most of the staff members were sullen in their hearts and used the excuse of comforting her in order to deliberately to find an opportunity to get close to her.

Everyone’s relationship seemed to be good on weekdays, but Si Huang’s aura was too strong, there were too few opportunities to ‘love’ her up close, and things like serving tea and water couldn’t be done several times a day, right?

“Are you really not worried at all?” Director Liu looked at Si Huang during the meal time.

Si Huang put down the lunch box and shook her head: “Not worried.”

Director Liu couldn’t find any falsehood on her face and sighed in his heart: Evil! On the surface, he pouted, “It’s boring.” He walked away with his head held high.

Si Huang just started to eat.

There were two reasons why she was not worried. First, she had the strength to prove her right to the world, and she was confident that Grandma Yu would definitely help her. Second…

[Your Majesty! His Majesty! You are amazing! Obviously so many people are scolding you, but the black has not risen much, instead the little pink is like riding a rocket! 】Recently Five Treasure was very active, [It turns out that arrogance can still be liked, Wujue Young Master used to be so stupid, but His Majesty is awesome! Why doesn’t Your Majesty be a little more arrogant!]

Si Huang ate slowly without speaking.

That’s the second reason she was not worried.

With Five Treasure as a cheat, she understood that no matter how fiercely she was scolded online, very few people really hated her, but because of this exposure, more people had become her fans.

In fact, this was also what Si Huang expected.

People on the Internet were not fools, they did not completely listen to the words of entertainment news articles, they also checked the information by themselves, and they also had their own opinions. Those hurricanes of insults were everywhere, too many of them like to hurt people, but that was just the bad aspect of human nature. When you see someone scolding others, you go to mix in. After venting your boredom, you turn around and forget it. How could it be true? How could they have a strong disgust for Si Huang, a person they had never known before?

Si Huang could see all this clearly, but when this calm appearance fell into the eyes of others, it became a symbol of stability and strength, which made the women scream with excitement and at the same time feel pity.

A group called ‘His Majesty’s Knights’ had been established on the Internet. Unlike the Knights on the outside, they operated in secret, putting on small vests to attack the masses for Si Huang.

The spread of this trend made Director Liu and others stunned. A few days later, he patted Si Huang’s shoulder earnestly and said, “Boy, you’re popular!”

It was not that Si Huang wasn’t popular before, but he was still within the vision of Director Liu and these people. Who would have thought that in less than half a month, Si Huang would monopolize the headlines of several major entertainment gossip, spread all over the Internet, and even some seniors who had been famous for a long time would fall behind her.

This kind of popularity, if Director Liu and the others did not know the truth, they would almost have suspected that Fenghua Entertainment was hyping things up for their eldest son.

“This kind of method to become red really can’t be copied casually.” Director Liu stared at Si Huang as if looking at a monster, “I don’t know how you have such a psychological quality, in the face of this kind of public opinion storm, being able to keep a normal heart.” More importantly, others were not Si Huang’s age, if they had her age, they did not have her appearance, if they had her appearance, they certainly did not have her acting skills, let alone her courage when facing entertainment reporters. In other words, it was simply her one-man show, showing her charm to the fullest. Director Liu, who had watched the video at the beginning, couldn’t help but say in his heart: Happy!

Si Huang shook her head, “This kind of red is false and unreal.”

Director Liu twitched the corner of his mouth and swallowed the reminder he was about to say, “Are you really only sixteen years old?”

Si Huang smiled lightly, “I’ll be seventeen in a few months.”

Director Liu no longer commented on her age, “Since you yourself know that this kind of redness is false and unreal, but if you are careful, it will be irreversible.”

It was only seven o’clock in the afternoon when she finished her workload and returned to the hotel, and it was then that Yu Xi came to the door.

“These are the latest jobs, do you want to choose one or two?”

Director Liu had said correctly that Si Huang’s popularity is not fake. Just recently, Yu Xi had received a lot of calls and faxes, all of which were acting or endorsement jobs for Si Huang.

Si Huang took the four scripts over, “That’s it?”

Yu Xi shook his head, “There are more, but I picked these first.” Seeing that Si Huang didn’t say anything and looked at him, he lowered his voice, “Except for these four, I don’t think there is any benefit to taking the rest. It will only lower your worth. Do you need to check it again yourself?”

“No need.” Si Huang smiled: “I will continue to trouble you in the future.” He also showed a relaxed smile, and his eyes shone with light.

Of these four, three were acting jobs and one was an advertising endorsement. Two of the three scripts were idol dramas and one was a short movie, and the advertising endorsement was for a well-known brand, RB. This brand specialized in clothing for teenagers between the ages of 16 and 25. The previous spokesperson was Le Xian, a popular domestic artist.

Si Huang glanced at it, took out two of the scripts and handed them to Yu Xi.

After seeing his choice, Yu Xi was surprised: “You would rather choose this short movie than an idol drama with a famous director?”

Si Huang: “Since you chose this short movie that is not by a famous director, you should also see it’s worth.”

“Are you sure?”

Si Huang put the remaining two idol drama scripts on the table beside him and took up the milk to drink.

Yu Xi understood what she meant. “Actually, I chose this short movie not only because I thought it was interesting, but also because the person who wrote it was my neighbor’s roommate.”

“Xu Wanjun?” Si Huang raised his head.

Yu Xi: “Yes. What’s wrong?”

Si Huang: “Nothing.” So, this is the reason why Xu Wanjun and Yu Xi had a good relationship in her previous life.

In her previous life, the two of them were very strict about protecting their personal life, so they did not spread the origin of their relationship.

After Yu Xi determined that Si Huang’s meaning would not change, he took the script back to his room and called Xu Wanjun to report the good news.

The night was getting dark, and it was already 8:30 in the evening after Si Huang finished dealing with the stock market and the company. She got up and poured another glass of milk and came back to swipe her Weibo.

During this period of time, the number of her Weibo fans continued to grow. At a glance, she found that there was another 99+ notifications. She didn’t click to see it, so she naturally missed an ID of ‘Indus V, waiting for you to live in’, his big V fan.

Far away in a military area in another area.

A tall man with a sturdy upper body, wearing grey slacks, sat cross-legged on the bed.

He should have just taken a shower, as the crystal water droplets stained his honey-colored skin, six-pack abs, sexy mermaid lines, strong biceps, and the line feeling that combined strength and beauty was definitely not because of a gym or deliberately borrowing foreign objects to practice. The exaggeration that came out was the beauty formed by long-term good habits and exercise. Just looking at this figure was enough to make any woman scream, and he looked sexy and wild.

Not to mention the man’s handsome and stern face, his wet hair was casually pushed back, revealing his frowning face.

Qin Fan stared at the Weibo address belonging to Si Huang in his mobile phone, and quietly used the big V account he just got ‘Indus V, Waiting for you to live in’ to leave a private message for Si Huang.

Indus V, Waiting for you to live in: “Hello, I believe in your innocence, don’t be defeated by public opinion, I will always watch over you.”

This private message was sent out like a stone in the sea without getting even a little response.

There was a trace of inexplicable loss in Qin Fan’s heart, but he also breathed a sigh of relief.

He exited his Weibo account and turned to look through the folders stored in his mobile phone – “Teach You How to Capture a Man’s Heart”, “Acting Cute Is a Profound Knowledge”, “Emoji Makes You More Cute” and “A Complete Collection of Internet Terms”.

This was all passed to him by Guo Chengxiong, together with the big V account. The ID name of the big V was also obtained by Guo Chengxiong, in his words: “Master, if you want your male god to notice you in the vast ocean of fans, you must have a name full of connotations, look how good this is, it is poetic and artistic, literary and full of a sense of secret love! That’s all I can do, rest everything depends on your own efforts! By the way, when you send a message to the male god, remember to write more words and use emojis, this will allow you to hide more deeply, and it will also increase the chance that the male god will pay attention to you.”

Qin Fan first ignored the document “Teach You How to Capture a Man’s Heart”, and secretly scolded Guo Chengxiong for not doing things well. His finger touched the delete button but then he hesitated halfway, and finally left it alone.

In his rare spare time, Qin Fan decided to read the next e-book first.

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