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Yesterday, he was busy with the company’s affairs till late. So, after Si Huang came back from the morning exercise, he looked a little tired.

Yu Xi didn’t want to disturb him like this, but he still needed to be notified of the news he just got.

“Look at this before you go to the studio.” Yu Xi handed the tablet to Si Huang.

Si Huang squinted his eyes and glanced at the headline displayed on the tablet——[“The Emperor’s Path” new actor Si Huang brought money into the group to bully others and has an arrogant and domineering personality!] [His Majesty in the entertainment industry is a newcomer. Where will the best actor and actress go?] [For several days, Si Huang invited the director and Tie Lao for dinner] and [Si Huang seen with a mysterious man! Hooking shoulders and backs, the feelings are not ordinary!]

These entertainment reports were also interesting, no one made a sound before, and they appeared together in tacit understanding within a day.

“Du Qiang called me just now and said that there were already reporters gathered on the set.” Seeing that he had finished reading, Yu Xi asked, “What do you mean to do? Don’t come out and respond, or?”

“What are you doing here? You don’t understand, I’ll handle it myself.” Si Huang slowly slid the tablet and saw a few blurry photos inside. It was the other day when she invited Director Liu and the others to have dinner with Grandma Yu and the others, and when he helped Qin Fan just yesterday. These photos were from Xiangyuan Garden.

Looking back on yesterday, it was probably because the meeting with Dou Wenqing was too unexpected, that he didn’t notice that there were hidden paparazzi clicking candid photos nearby.

Fortunately, Qin Fan’s face was not photographed secretly, only his tall and sturdy body could be seen in the blur. He was not someone who was exposed to the media, so they would definitely not recognize who this person was.

As for his arrogant and domineering personality, it stemmed from a Weibo posted by Yan Yan, expressing grievances that she was bullied by Si Huang in the crew, and forced out of the cast of “The Emperor’s Path”.

“It’s so pitiful.” Si Huang’s slender fingers landed on the picture of Yan Yan displayed on the tablet screen, and he said pitifully, but his tone did not show the slightest sympathy, “She doesn’t know that she is already a chess piece that was discarded by others. If you get hit again and again, there will be no chance to turn over again.”

She knew the circle too well.

Once you lose your star’s aura and your reputation is completely stinky, the final result will only be being frozen by the company, and then your last bit of value being dug out – sell your body at a low price.

Yu Xi looked at him suspiciously, not understanding the meaning of his words.

When the two arrived on the set.

Even though Yu Xi had already prepared, he was still made to freeze by the wolf-like reporters.

On the other hand, Si Huang got out of the car with a calm face. Facing the reporters who pushed each other and refused to move forward, he said lightly, “I’m not running, you don’t need to worry. Sir, please don’t push the woman in front of you.” The locked male reporter’s expression froze, and the gazes around him forced him to dare not move any more. As for the female reporter who had been pushed by him before, she showed a grateful look at Si Huang, squeezed the microphone in her hand, and thought to herself that she would never ask Si Huang any questions that would embarrass Si Huang.

Si Huang’s gentlemanly demeanor was favored by most female reporters and repelled the male reporters.

“I will only answer your four questions, please leave after asking, so as not to affect the progress of the crew.” Si Huang stood in front of the reporters, his tone was gentle and graceful, without showing any timidity.

Affected by her, Yu Xi also calmed down, and carefully observed Si Huang’s next reaction in order to cope with this situation in the future.

“Ha! You said that there are only four questions. Do you really think that you are His Majesty the Emperor?” A tall and thin man with a national character face sneered.

Si Huang looked down at him, “It’s not for you, but in the eyes of my knights, yes.”

Everyone didn’t expect him to answer like this, and the scene was silent for a while.

Si Huang said: “This is the first question. You still have three opportunities.”

“Don’t think that you can be domineering if you are a handsome young master. In the entertainment industry, it is not just because of your background that you can go smoothly.” It was the tall and thin man with the national character face who was maliciously sarcastic again.

Regarding what he said, Si Huang couldn’t be clearer. The entertainment industry was not all about the background. This group of major news agencies that manipulated public opinion were the real local snakes. He didn’t know how many star idols had been played by them. As the culprits, they were still complacent, feeling that they could manipulate the gods and goddesses who were high on weekdays and master the ups and downs of the entire entertainment industry.

Si Huang glanced at the other reporters indifferently, “Are you sure you want me to continue answering his questions? I said that you only have three questions left.”

The other reporters never saw him in the limelight alone, throwing questions one after another, and the result was too messy to hear what he was saying. The reporters discussed with each other for a while and concluded a few questions to be asked by reporters from the largest news agencies in the portal.

“Right now, it is widely rumored in the circle that you are arrogant and domineering. Relying on your status as a young master of Fenghua Entertainment, you intend to follow the unspoken rules with the idol Yan Yan. But the other party refused to obey, so you used your power to drive Yan Yan out of the “The Emperor’s Path” crew!”

Si Huang raised her eyebrows and smiled at the male reporter who was asking the question in front of her, “Do you think I like Yan Yan’s beauty?” His expression was light after getting off the car, and his eyelids were half-drooping lazily. At this moment, he opened his eyes and smiled, it was as if the peach blossoms greeted the spring breeze. The beauty that rushed to the face made the male reporters stunned for a moment, and they instinctively came up with an answer in their minds: How could it be possible!

“And why Yan Yan lost her role and was kicked out of the “The Emperor’s Path” crew was because of her poor acting skills and because she was not qualified.”

“How can you say that when she belongs to your company? Isn’t it too much to say that?” One person interrupted.

Si Huang glanced at the camera that was facing her, with a sharp look in her eyes, which made her beautiful and delicate facial features look even more flamboyant and eye-catching, “I’m saying it again, I’m not signing a contract with Fenghua Entertainment, but the company I founded that is Fenghuang Entertainment, and Yan Yan has no relationship with me.” After a while, “This is the third question, you still have the last chance.”

The question that people almost blurted out was forced back.

As a result, it was a female reporter who asked the last question, with an unselfish face, as she asked Si Huang unceremoniously: “According to the photos that have been exposed in the past few days, you and the director and the “The Emperor’s Path” crew have been very harmonious behind the scenes. The old Tie and his wife have a very close relationship with you, and you have the intention to curry favor, which makes people wonder if you joined the crew based on your relationship.”

Si Huang chuckled, “You don’t have to be too envious.”

The female reporter was stunned.

Others were no better.

Si Huang: “The issue of joining the group by relationship has already been resolved before, and I think you all know it. However, you are still holding on to this issue, so let’s just assume that. Since you know that I joined the group by relationship, it’s impossible to drive me out, so I won’t answer this question again in the future.” Looking at the dumb faces in front of her, he smiled politely and gracefully: “As a related household, you must be very friendly. You must be curious about my acting skills, so please look forward to the broadcast day after the filming of “The Emperor’s Path” is completed, and contribute to our ratings, thank you.”

Reporters: “…”

This answer was completely unreasonable.

A group of female reporters pursued Si Huang’s face, recalling her arrogant, domineering and elegant gentleman’s demeanor, they roared inwardly: Do you want to be so handsome! Don’t be so arrogant! It is simply not necessary!

Si Huang led Yu Xi to the studio, and a reporter tried to stop him after they recovered but was tripped by Si Huang unintentionally.

The reporter with the national character face stared at him angrily, and Si Huang bent down and stretched out his hand towards him, “Why are you so careless.” Then he turned his head to the other reporters with a joking smile, “The four questions are enough for you to use your writing skills, so don’t make any further progress. I have a background.”

The reporters, “…”

The male reporter with the national character on the ground didn’t hold Si Huang’s hand, but slapped it away with his backhand, and stood up with a cold snort.

Si Huang seemed to have long predicted that he would do this, so he withdrew his hand after he was photographed, and then left without looking back.

The male reporter froze in place, his face ashen.

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